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My friend Alicia Sy recommended this weekend fair at 10a Alabama in Quezon City. It happens seasonally. This was on Nov 10-11. They usually do crafters fairs three times a year. But I gather last weekend was so successful they will have another one before Christmas.

I don’t get excited by bazaars. Except maybe the one in Ayala Alabang. I’m hoping the particular seller of native trays is there again this year. And the seller of white cotton sleepwear. But that’s a different story. It seems these days it’s all about pop-up stores, trunk shows and these one of a kind fairs.

Here, the artists and crafters themselves man their own booths.

It’s lovely. Etsy heaven. I’m thinking Malugay, CubaoX and Williamsburg. And yes, very (female) hipster.


10a Alabama


The house is the permanent showroom of Resurrection.


This cupboard! With working hinges and drawers that slide easily. Side note, I love all the louvres and brise soleil in this old house.


Remember when milk used to come in bottles?


Old computer casing, repurposed.


This side table with drawers looks vintage but is a new design. Made of old wood.


Another side table. This one is vintage. The group had the top and one of the drawers painted. It actually has a matching table painted reverse, but that has been sold.


How cool is that work table?! It’s huge. I would get it and even use it as a kitchen island except that we don’t have space for an island.


Books with pen and ink drawings of Philippine landmarks by architecture grads.


Pardon the sweaty look. The girl in black shorts was the one who drew the books.


Support the hand makers.


Greek and Latin wooden letters. Old wood. I was looking for ? but they didn’t have it. Too bad, ?ß? would have been cool.


Vinyl record bag and book ends, anyone?


The crafts all had an Etsy vibe. Food inspired fashion accessories made of polymer clay.


When Lily saw these hand stitched cat ears hair clips she said, “I need this!” And she really does need it. The kids love doing improv theatre before going to bed. Usually Sophia narrates while Lily and Stella act. They wrote a play about cats. So the cat ears are perfect for them. This is the woman who sewed the ear clips.


Stella had an idea.


She got her ears. Then Soph got hers too. All hand made.


Screen printed cards and fabric. This group offers screen printing workshops in Malugay St. Makati.


Soph bought a hand-stitched Totoro plush toy from these girls.


Decorative washi tapes from Hey Kessy.


Cute bakers twine that I’ll never ever need. But why do I want them?


Erasers turned into hand-carved stamps by mansillianasunday. Very clever.


Packaging ideas from Hey Kessy.


I fell in love with her work. Check out Rubber Ducky Stamp Co.


Beautiful carved and etched rubber stamps. I am reminded of my deep 1 cm cut in my left fore finger from 5th grade, etching class. I stabbed myself with an etching knife while trying to make a rubber stamp. Ugh.


Hand carved stamps in wood, rubber and soap stone. From India, Philippines & China. #stamps #carved #handmade #woodblock #rubberstamps #handicraft #hobby #paper #etsy #etching @heimastore #10aAlabama #craft  #shanghai #china #india #philippines
I bought the bird stamp from Rubber Ducky. And here she is with the rest of her stamp cousins I got from around the world (India and China).


This woman makes miniature rooms out of paper and other materials.


From Junk Studio, book lockets. My daughters loved these. Stella chose “Where The Wild Things Are” and Lily chose “Madeline”.


The book locket artist.


It was a crazy lovely time with my three little kittens. We went home with so many handmade purchases. Even our yayas were inspired. This week they’d been crafting at home.


I was the happiest! Got this 1973 bar cart in very good condition. The top shelf even comes off as a serving tray. OMG! I felt like hopping and skipping.



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  • Lyn

    Ms. Daphne was wondering which alabang bazaar would be worthwhile to explore for somebody from out of the country? Thanks a bunch!

    • Anonymous

      ayala alabang. i dont really go. i just have a specific booth i’m looking for. i don’t have the sched. maybe someone here will post.

      • http://twitter.com/y_so_difficult c.c

        i think it’s Nov 30-Dec 2, 9am-9pm

  • http://www.currystrumpet.com/ Deepa

    I love the bar cart, great find! I’d also love to know where I can get the illustrated books/notebooks with the pen-and-ink Philippine landmarks.

    • Anonymous

      I lost the card of the artist. but just check FB page of Alabama. link provided.

      • http://www.facebook.com/paolo.v.angeles Paolo-Pablo Angeles

        Ms. Dahpne,

        Thank you very much for sharing our Notebooks! We hope to see you again soon. Thanks also for letting me try your Olmpus camera, love it! Here’s our FB Page http://www.facebook.com/twothirtysixty

        Arch. Pablo

    • http://www.facebook.com/paolo.v.angeles Paolo-Pablo Angeles

      Hi Deepa,

      You may contact Arch. Kathrina Mitra (the artist of the Philippine Landmark Notebooks) thru her FB Page http://www.facebook.com/notes/23060/how-to-order/286205321480288

      Thank you very much.
      -Arch. Paolo Angeles

  • Anonymous

    I love going to bazaars. I am a bit of a regular at the sunday antique market in Toronto. It’s so easy to get carried away and buy every cute thing. I am currently obsessed with British period dramas so I have to restrain myself every time I come across a pretty tea cup or silverware. The notebooks are really nice and your daughters are so cute and adorable.

    • Anonymous

      we used to drive out to smaller towns on weekends. lots of yard sales. beautiful items. bigger fairs also in st jacobs, st catharines, and i forgot the names of the random small towns. i miss it.

  • http://twitter.com/deanzky deanzky

    who’s the bar cart supplier form the bazaar? need one and maybe id get lucky too. hehe thanks!

    • Anonymous

      it’s vintage. one of a kind. from 10a Alabama

  • http://craftmatesetc.blogspot.ca/ Craftmates

    Such great talents. Ooooh, I love that bar cart!

  • http://dontaskmetosmile.wordpress.com/ dontaskmetosmile

    That’s my cousin in the picture with you! Her friend drew makes the notebooks and she makes those corner bookmarks! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    your girls are all lovely! nice to see that they also love handmade, charming pieces! i’m sure they’ll develop great taste as yours 🙂

    more power!


  • AliciaSy

    It really was a great find! I was laughing as I read your post as many of the same items that you photographed, I did as well when I was there- the gate, magnolia bottles, cupboard, notebooks twine, and tape etc. Great minds! haha! I am glad to find fairs and bazaars like these. I remember many years ago I used to get so excited for bazaar season then soon every bazaar was the same and overpowered by commercial items. While those bazaars have their place too, I really enjoy finding the one off makers. This fit that bill perfectly. Shame I wasn’t able to make it to Balik Bukid last Saturday.

    • Anonymous

      I saw in the Balik Bukid poster that a lot of the crafters from 10A were also there. Read about Resurrection before but because it’s in a different area code from my far away suburb, I never made the effort. This was such a cute event. I hope it never gets commercial. It makes a big diff that everything hand made (artisanal).

      I got some tape and that pretty rubber stamp. Hoping to stamp some paper for gift wrapping. Minor detail – who has time to do all these crafts? haha.

  • Karen Mira

    Huhuhuhuh. I would have went to this fair if I knew about it. Was this event advertised? Thanks for posting the pics although my heart broke (due to envy) while looking at each of them. ahahahhaha!

  • patsy

    Love going to Alabama. Great finds always. :^)

  • http://www.facebook.com/laquotia Olive Uy

    thank you so much for the feature Ms. Daphne! I’m the girl who made the cat ears. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      hi olive. whats your website? pls post it here