12 candidates for LASIK contest




This took longer than I imagined. There were more than 200 entries (thank goodness not in the 900’s like other contests). I read each one. I took notes and ended up with 33 entries that stood out for some reason (included some that my parents chose). I was careful about choosing a good representation of different needs. Not all were about drama or desperation. Then I took a break and re-read the 33. And now I have the 12 “candidates.”

All your stories deserve a chance at LASIK.  All the entries are touching. I wish I had more than 200 certificates from American Eye Center. But we just have one.

There will be no online voting. Just a manual picking from 12 handwritten names. I will do that in a couple of hours. I need to fix myself to look semi-human before I do the video of the picking. Sorry to the excitement and build-up. But you’ll just have to wait.

Tia – second year medical student, she broke her eyeglasses and her dad had to fix it with a screw driver.

Elsie Quinto – she doesn’t have facebook and had hesitations of joining, but when I changed the mechanics she joined for her 56 year old social worker mother.

Ramon Monteclaro Sawit – now in his 50’s and would like to be able to say “why did I wait so long.” To prove that it’s never too late.

Lara Gozum – single mother of 7year old, wrote a short entry with no drama. She has astigmatism and her prescription goes as high as 875.

Cris Pablico-Alano – new mom to a 6 month old baby, she joined last year’s LASIK giveaway too, now trying her luck again. She wants to be able to breastfeed her baby without having to look for her glasses first.

Che – for her 59 year old father who she promised to help. They are now focusing on helping him get dentures.

Karla F Santos – she’s been wearing glasses since she was 6 y.o. and she has delivered 3 babies via CS while not wearing glasses. She wasn’t even able to see the faces of her babies clearly.

Hazel T – 33 year old mother of a 5 y.o. son.  A recent cancer survivor.

Ria Cabral dela Cruz – for her husband she calls Mr Frugal. He hasn’t changed his eye glasses in over 8 years.

Gerry Torres – works in design and art. Has had many fears including LASIK.  He just conquered his fear of driving and said “why did I wait so long?” Funny stories about contact lenses flying off and getting lost inside his eye. I can relate to everything he said.

Thysz – short entry but said he sees the world in “bokeh” haha.

Kristine Santos – OFW from Libya, now home after losing their work due to conflict in Libya.

I’ll be back in a couple of hours.


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