Carpal tunnel syndrome
Me today.

I started feeling discomfort on my right wrist two days ago. I pushed it. I continued to work on the computer with bad posture (lying down). Then today it was just unbearable. I couldn’t even use my phone. So I got a splint. Next, I will see my cousin, an orthopedic surgeon.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A lot of people get this. My mom got it years ago from her work. She said her doctor injected her with something (I have yet to find out) and the pain never came back. I’ve heard of people who had to get surgery. I’m not at that point, I don’t think.

By the way, I’m typing with my left fingers. It’s so hard because I type really fast with both hands. I learned typing the right way in high school. Do they still even teach typing in school these days?

I will rest from blogging. I should. Give me a few days. Please follow me in Twitter in the meantime – DaphneOP and please join me in Facebook as well by clicking “Like” here.

Maybe this is good timing. In a few days, I will go live with my new site. So we’ll be in transition. I need you all to stay with me, through Twitter and Facebook. I expect some hiccups along the way. But it’ll be a better site. Promise.

Thanks and please pray for my right wrist. I need it back to normal. Take care you all.

Staycation at the Sofitel



A couple of weeks ago we stayed at Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. We didn’t go anywhere far or exciting this summer. Though the kids’ activities were action-packed, we couldn’t let this summer go by without a little treat so we went for a staycation instead of a trip. The universe conspired and we ended up at the Sofitel Prestige Suite for three days. It was wonderful.


View from the entrance to the room.


The living and dining areas.


Same area, reverse shot. Can you see my kids checking everything out? They do this type of inspection everytime we enter a hotel room.


View from one of our windows. I lost count of how many windows and balconies there were. Our room was really long.


I wear a lot of blue and white stripes. I was so pleased with our room.


So were the kids. They couldn’t believe how big it was. The two “littles” danced.


Lily checked out the amenities. The bathtub was big. The kids loved it.


I loved the toiletries. For three days we all smelled like Hermes.


Our bathroom had two back to back lavatories.


Lily claimed the rights to the “office.”


I loved the idea of having a little home office like this – adjacent to the master bedroom and facing a view of the bay.


Lily’s drawing. Check out the personalized stationery!


Of course we hit the pool right away.


I have fond memories about the Philippine Plaza pool. It was a landmark then. It’s still spectacular now. Lots of kid-friendly parts. But there were very deep parts too (I’m so not used to deep pools anymore). The slides were not for kids below 12. It’s pretty trecherous. Exciting for big kids.


Lily's way of relaxing
Lily loves doing this. Chillax.


She looks so grown up
Sophia loved the idea of being so close to the sea.


They were wishing there was a beach. (Soph’s multicoloured nail lacquer was badly in need of a re-do.)


Lily and Stella


Good thing there was a sandbox.


Stella took long naps. Here, she just woke up and took off her clothes.


Warning, this photo is guaranteed contagious. After her siesta. Yawn…


The hotel is so beautiful at night. We took long walks and even swam at night.


The kids played in the playground and stayed up way past their bedtime.


Beautiful architecture, inside and out.


Best view of fireworks from our room. There just happened to be an event at their tent.


Patrick and my favourite part was our access to Club Millesime, their executive lounge. Everything was free.


It had been newly renovated.




Great memories were made again.



Ronac Art Center

Last week, I finally got to visit Ronac Art Center in Ortigas.

Urban Zone was invited by Uratex. I interviewed the Bigboy Cheng.

We featured Uratex products on the second floor show room. This is their highest-end mattress. It has a layer of gel on top.

It was nice to see my favourite Daphne bedlinens being used at the Uratex showroom.

The third floor housed Bigboy’s playground. It reminded me of his own house, I visited 4 years ago.

This is the playground. It has a professional basketball court. Some PBA teams practice here. But it can be used for other purposes like concerts or parties.

The second floor has this really cool art gallery called Secret Fresh. Currently on display are the works of Nemo Aguila.

Check out Nemo’s work. Very talented and witty pop art.

Denmark Alejandro, my spiels director and segment producer. I love how they play with my camera without my knowledge. LOL.

Go Denmark Go.

Even at the stairwell.

At the Fresh shop on the ground floor.

More pop art toys.

Then we ran into Gerald Anderson and I had to say hi. It’s funny when TV people meet in person for the first time, it’s like we have this “thing” that we act like we’ve already known each other for a while. It’s a professional courtesy thing. (But deep inside I was like…)

Cute or what? He was very charming. He watches UZ.

This building pays homage to Uratex. The spiral staircase reminded me of Frank Gehry’s AGO. But Bigboy tells me it represents the spring of a mattress while the facade represents the foam. It was stunning and well done!

So Denmark went on with his photo shoot. LOL.

I’m not wearing a hat. It’s just a silk headband from Evita Peroni. I liked that it was a bit sculptural.

I love the way this K&Company dress fits. It also comes in light blue. I chose the grey one.

We were there from lunch to late afternoon. It was a bit too hot. But I loved the way the shadows created those lines on the wall. Best time to go to Ronac is after 6pm.

Floors are made of teak wood.

You’ll never run out of camera angles in this place.

Even the elevator was something else, fully lined with teak wood. I wish it was airconditioned though because it did really feel like a sauna. Haha.

This Volkswagen van will soon be a food cart/restaurant.

I tell stories in the end of the show – about what I’m wearing or stuff that I have. We used to do this in my old show, F. So far it’s getting good reviews. People are nosy. Haha. Anyway here I am, showing the daisy pendant I designed after my daughter Stella Margarita’s name. It’s made of spessartite and diamonds. My dress is from K&Company.

This was my last shoot. I love the prints by JP Cuison. I now own a Rizal Borg sculpture by him! Yay! Now, to own one of those prints… haha. So here I am talking about the outfit etc – dress from K&Company, cuff was a gift from Janina Dizon. Can you see my ring? I designed that. Will post a tighter shot soon. It’s a stunning mandarin garnet with tsavorites. My shoes? I got from a random store. Then I talked about my Kor Delta water bottle. I would not normally gush about water bottles, LOL. But this is really awesome. It should win a design award. The spout alone is so smooth, it makes drinking so comfortable. You can get them here.

RONAC Art Center Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
Secret Fresh on Facebook

Urban Zone: Resort-living, literally

Urban Zone has moved to Fridays. Same late timeslot as our original Sunday airing. Still in ABSCBN Channel 2. We aired this interesting house last Friday June 3, at almost 2am (technically Saturday morning) unfortunately. It was very late because of the season finale of a drama series. We won’t normally be on that late.

This is the house of a French couple who decided to make Manila their home. They have 12 kids. Instead of building a big house, they a placed a huge pool in the middle of their property and surrounded it with a few pavillions and cabins. It was almost like a resort.

French family in Manila with 12 kids
Interviewing the owner of the home.

French family in Manila with 12 kids
The gazebo with a base that’s actually a bar. There are “stools” underwater.

French family in Manila with 12 kids
View from the “lanai.” (Though the entire place is one big lanai).

French family in Manila with 12 kids
The living room.

French family in Manila with 12 kids
View from above the kids’ cabins.

French family in Manila with 12 kids
Bedroom of the 12 year old twins. One wanted an elephant safari theme while the other twin wanted giraffe safari in the adjacent bedroom.

French family in Manila with 12 kids
Outdoor shower.

French family in Manila with 12 kids
She wanted an outdoor shower 24/7. There is no other option except to bathe in the dramatic stone tub. The bathroom has no glass door or any partition. Even when it rains this bathroom is completely open.

French family in Manila with 12 kids
I. Love. Her. Kitchen. They own a furniture company called Costa Del Sul. She designed this kitchen and as you can see, it’s a real kitchen. Not just a “show kitchen.” (My microphone is on my back, by the way. I’m not that hunchbacked. Hee hee.)

French family in Manila with 12 kids
I love how personal their space is. Not over-designed. Filled with significant pieces from their past.

French family in Manila with 12 kids
The dining area.

French family in Manila with 12 kids
All over the house you see furniture from their brand Costa Del Sul. They use recycled wood. Coincidentally, I had bought my desk, kids’ beds and other shelves from them in 2008 and just found out when I met them at their home.

Thank you


Auction for Action closed yesterday at 4pm.

We raised    P 1,489,159

This surpassed everyone’s expectations two- and three-fold. But I honestly knew in my heart we would break P1M.

Thank you…

To all the artists and designers, my friends, who generously donated their work and their time. Not everyone was comfortable with the idea of an auction but they put themselves out there, in order to raise funds and awareness about UNICEF’s programs. 

To all of you who spread the word. Friends in media, fellow bloggers and all of you who retweeted our campaign.

To those of you who bid and showed support – not only to UNICEF’s programs for children, but also to the artists and designers – thank you for moving Philippine art and design.

To UNICEF for trusting me on this huge initiative. It was a first time for all of us. Thank you for supporting my wishes to do this.

Now, on to do real work.

Please join  to learn more about how you can help and be involved.

Again, a heartfelt Thank you!