Things I love…


Here is something new I’m trying out – and I hope I can sustain – on a weekly basis. When we were working on this new website, I specifically asked Isabel to come up with a template for this kind of collage. Not only did she design one, she actually spent a whole afternoon teaching me how to do this. She created this first collage for me (but I played with the sizing). And from here on, I’ll be flying solo. Good luck to me.

So for this first list, I don’t really have a theme. It’s just a hodge podge of beautiful things – stuff that I own and love, and others that I wish to own.


1. My new plastic water bottle from Kor Aura 2. The Benji Reyes chair I fell in love-at-first-sight with, which is now in our bedroom, Eena Chair 3. The camera that I use, when I’m not using my Leica D-Lux3, Ricoh GRD3. This compact camera doesn’t have a zoom but more than makes up for it by having a beautiful prime lens.  4. Handpainted medallion of Our Blessed Mother set with white topaz in 14 carat gold, now in Accessory Lab, Power Plant Mall 5. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m always in wedges in real life and on TV, and this Dorset wedge from Anthropologie isn’t helping my addiction  6. I’m feeling ikat prints and I really want this Patsy dress from Cath Kidston, on sale for $46.00   7. I love this well-priced studded leather bracelet from Accessory Lab in Power Plant Mall, Makati  8. Orly Bon Bon has been my neutral everyday shade because of its subtle purple perfection.


UNICEF Ambassadors



I wanted to share this newsletter from UNICEF. It tells about the wonderful activities of various UNICEF Ambassadors from around the world. You can read about Mia Farrow, Danny Glover, David Beckham and other celebrities and how they affect change for the benefit of children. I’m so pleased to share with you that our efforts here in the Philippines made it to the newsletter.

If you remember, I helped organize Auction For Action – an online fundraiser for the benefit of UNICEF Philippines. We were able to raise over P1.4 million pesos thanks to all the generous donations of Filipino artists and designers. My story is on Page 3 of this news letter. If you click on the photos, and click again, you’ll be able to read the articles bigger. Also in this newsletter are Sarah Jessica Parker, Maggie Cheung and Princess Beatrice, who’s hat she auction and raised $133,000. Needless to say, my parents and husband are PROUD. I am thrilled.





It is always good to know the efforts of UNICEF on a global scale. As ambassadors, we are there to bring issues in the forefront. But UNICEF has very capable and committed people and partners on the ground who work in programs on a more intense basis. Locally, in the past, I have focused my UNICEF work on promoting exclusive breastfeeding for infants from birth to six months, and continued complementary breastfeeding up to 2 years. This means that when a baby is born, all he needs is mom’s breastmilk – no water, no cereal, no supplements – just exclusive breastmilk. When the baby turns six months, only then can he try solid foods and still continue to breastfeed. This year I will be expanding my work to include nutrition, immunization of the young, and primary education – mostly in conflict areas in Mindanao. I hope to share those stories with you through this blog.

Though UNICEF is under the United Nations’ huge umbrella, the organization does not receive funds for its programs. UNICEF relies solely on contributions and donations in the countries they work in. This is why I thought of fundraising through art and design. If you would like to find out how you can help Filipino children thru UNICEF, you can do so by clicking here.


Click here, to donate.

Winner of Mothercare Promo



Thank you for joining the Mothercare Giveaway – a Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy.

The winner was selected by Mothercare Philippines (not by me). I was informed of the selection this morning. And as promised, I’m publishing the winner through my blog at 5PM.

Congratulations to Audrey David Dimarucot!!! Lucky lucky girl!!!


Links of London



This is a huge surprise. Links of London is now an advertiser in my blog. Yay! Those of you who’ve been following/reading me know that I have a “thing” for Links of London. I wear a Sweetie bracelet everyday together with a sterling silver friendship bracelet. I’m happy Links is here in my site.


This is my own Sweetie bracelet. I’m slowly building the charm collection. I didn’t get them all in one blow. I figured, I could just get one charm everytime I travel.


Stella received her own Sweetie bracelet during her Christening. It was a gift from her godfather Trevor, my brother in law. Now my sister is helping me build her charm bracelet. There’s a starfish, because “star” is “stella.” And there’s a little daisy too, daisy means “margarita.” The heart came together with the bracelet.


Well, this is old news. But I thought of posting it here, to report to you that the earrings of Kate Middleton in the photo below are still sold out. (EDIT: Apparently not really sold out, keep on reading).


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s official engagement portrait by Mario Testino. She wore these simple Links of London earrings. They’ve now become iconic pieces; and there’s a waiting list for them around the world. They are called Hope Egg Earrings, an important symbol in Russian culture, traditionally given for birthdays, festivals, etc. The egg represents hope and new life.


Hope Egg earrings with White Topaz. This is the exact identical pair worn by Kate Middleton. Made of sterling silver and white topaz. If you want to put yourself on the waiting list just click on the photo. (EDIT: I just clicked on the photo and they have the earrings in stock right now!)


Hope Egg Earrings in Pink Sapphire. This is a pretty option.



If you really want the same earrings as Kate Middleton’s and cant wait, you can go for this, the sterling silver version without white topaz.


Watch Over Me Moon 18 carat gold ring. I love this ring. Wish list!



Watch Over Me Serenity 18kt Gold Necklace. Another wish list!
Inspired by the magical power of the talisman, the Watch Over Me Collection includes elements from nature and centres around an ancient symbol of protection, the evil eye. Jewelry should always be meaningful and infused with emotion. Watch Over Me is both whimsical yet profoundly symbolic, and bound to bring good fortune! The Serenity necklace in 18kt yellow gold, comprises of the olive branch, white gold pavé diamond set crescent moon, full moon in yellow gold with handset diamonds and sycamore they are all symbols of love, luck and protection. The necklace also incorporates the evil eye set in yellow gold is made of topaz and onyx as the pupil with diamonds set around its circumference. It offers protection and is overlooking, warning away evil. The lucky horseshoe doubles as the clasp fastening.

The Everlasting Postcard. I want this because this is exactly the same quote that Lily tells me everyday. But with this postcard, you can personalize it with your own quote and own handwriting. This a return to an old-fashioned tradition and a unique way to show you care. Liquid silver plate postcard is designed to engrave a personal message, in your own handwriting, that can be kept forever. How to order your postcard: Please click the photo to download and print out the postcard order template, complete all details asked for and specify your message clearly on the template using a fine pen.

The same exact Sweetie bracelet that Stella has, shown in photo at the top.



The iconic Sweetie Bracelet. You can personalize the charms and choose from Links of London’s over 150 charms.



Like this duck charm. The cutest inside joke between Ingrid and me. We both have this as a memento from our last trip to Hong Kong.



Vintage camera charm. Patrick got this charm for me. I’m still in the process of collecting more charms for my charm bracelet.



Friendship Bracelet in navy and pink. Mine was black and baby pink. I recommend getting darker colour thread because just like a real friendship bracelet, this has tendency to get dirty – which is exactly makes it more charming.


Friendship bracelet with skulls. I’m really liking this one too.



Links of London USA
The great news is that Links of London currently has a sale – 50% off select items.  And even better news, currently Links of London is offering free shipping, no minimum. Expires 12.31.11. Code: FREESHIP. Offer applies to US addresses only.





More Kate


I promise this blog is not turning into a Kate Middleton shrine. I’m sure you get enough information and photos of her from every news source. But because their Royal Tour of Canada is wrapping up, I thought of posting some of the recent photos, those that aren’t so formal. All photos courtesty of Heritage Canada Flickr.


At Northwest Territories at Somba K’e Civic. I love how Prince William is holding Catherine’s clutch. Under normal circumstances, I would cringe at a man holding a clutch (Let’s not go there, in the Philippines men still carry their own clutch bags. It screams 70’s gun bag or headed-to-casino-with-cash bag). And I usually find it gross when husbands or boyfriends carry their girlfriend’s bags. Ladies, don’t do that unless you’re injured. Or unless you’re a Duchess planting a tree.


Search and rescue demonstration at Summerside Harbour. I just had to put this in. I love helicopters. There are a few guapo photos of William in his flight suit and helmet. I’m a child of a chopper pilot. The sound of helicopters is music to my ears.


Canadian Rangers event at Blachford Lake. Can’t get any more Canadian than this. I’ve never been on a traditional canoe. But I’ve gone kayaking once – and I probably never will again. My dad and brother took me camping in Algonquin Park, Ontario. They didn’t tell me that we’d canoe to the campsite. It took five hours to get from A to B. I think it’s so cool of William and Catherine to do this demo. It shows their fun side.


With the Canadian Rangers at Blachford Lake. This looks like it could be anywhere in Canada. Side note, this woman has zero body fat. What’s going on? She’s getting too thin I think.


Blachford Lake. Great PR shots, making Prince William and the Duchess look like regular people. I swear I grew up eating on those same exact paper plates at every weekend picnic. Boo on the plastic bag and bottle though.


Kate, showing her athletic side.


At Dalvey-by-the-Sea Resort, watching how lobsters are cooked in the sand.


Cute. And yummy… the lobsters.


And a nice real smile.

There’s really no point to this post. Just more Kate-mania. And finally, just in case you haven’t seen this yet, here is a makeup tutorial by Pixiwoo on how to get the Kate Middleton look. I find it so amusing. It’s pretty easy. And I think its applicable to Filipina faces. I’m just not a big fan of full-on lipgloss. But other than that, it’s a nice everyday look.