Backstage at Metrowear



Here are some photos from backstage of  last Thursday’s Metrowear Filipiniana show at the Sofitel.


Very relaxed energy. The director was Jackie Aquino.


Makeup artist Pong Niu


The look


With the pros


Martin Bautista and Divine Lee


Rosanna Ocampo and her muse Amina Aranaz, who also showed her accessories in the show.


Rhett Eala and model


More models


Angel Jacob


Accessories designer Nicole Wisenhunt and my designer and good friend Hindy Tantoco.




I don’t have official photos from the show yet. Kind Twitter friends sent me these photos. This is from @Valorie_Marie.


Photo from @mykatok. I love this dress. You can see I’m afraid of tripping…


Tee hee… From @Valorie_Marie


I can’t wait to see more of Hindy’s work. Thanks Hindy!!! It was so much fun.



Win a Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy from Mothercare




Have you joined this contest yet? Anyone can join. Not just mothers. Up for grabs is a Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy with a doubles kit – perfect for toddler siblings. The set is worth P45,000+.

Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy in Green Apple with doubles kit


Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna with their kiddies in a Phil & Ted’s.


Liev Shrieber and Naomi Watts


This is a really awesome giveaway exclusive through my blog. It is open to everyone – whether you’re a parent or not. You can be an aunt, uncle, sibling, friend. Here’s what you have to do –

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Canada weekend



Canada Day started for us last Friday, we’re in a different timezone. Someone in Twitter told me that most Canadians don’t celebrate Canada Day. I don’t know in what planet because every Canadian I know celebrates it somehow. Or at least says happy birthday Canada. It’s’ particularly big this year because the world is watching. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Canada on their first official trip as a couple. More on that in a bit.

There were no parties here, or at least that I know of. I used to celebrate with the Canadian Embassy Manila. Once I got to cut the big maple leaf cake with the Ambassador, Peter Sutherland, his wife and a real RCMP (mountie). Those parties were great – with real Canadian salmon, beer, cheese and all things good.


Canada Day in Manila years ago


So we’ve been having Canadian bacon from my mom. She’s here the whole month of June. She goes back home tomorrow. Every time they come here they know what to bring me – cheese and bacon.


I can now make a really good bloody caesar. Really. Really. Good. I used to have to wait until I reached a Canadian territory before I could order a caesar. Everywhere else they think its a bloody mary. It’s not.


Thanks to Clamato, which Rustan’s carries sometimes, I can make a bloody caesar anytime.


I even have a real taste of home. My brother sends me these bottles of relish. He makes them from his garden.


Now the kids can ice skate. My mom used to be a skate mom when my sisters were in preschool. She would chaperone and help tie the kids’ skates.


She’s getting better each time. More than I can say for myself because I’m terrified of the ice.


I’ve been following the Royal Tour via this iPhone ap. It’s pretty good and detailed. I sent my sister William and Kate’s itinerary. My youngest sister is currently in Quebec City visiting her in-laws. I’m not sure she’ll go see the Royals because really, who goes to these things with the slight chance of seeing them up close? We tried to convince her, or at least I asked her to find a fridge magnet of W+K in French. My BIL Mathieu doesn’t really care, LOL. Not sure if its a guy thing or a Quebec thing. Haha.


I loved loved loved this hat. Great choice, Duchess! She’s really won my heart. Haha. Now I can’t wait to see how they’ll charm the Quebecois. I’m watching that…
Source Canadian Heritage, Canada Day Noon Show.


I’m loving all her fashion choices. This reminds me of a K&Company dress from a couple of years ago. I have it in all colours, except ours is not v-necked.
Source Canadian Heritage, The evening show on Parliament Hill


Here’s a bit of a booboo. This photo was on the iPhone Royal Tour ap for a few minutes. I thought it was cheesy but cute. A bit off, actually. So I wanted to grab the link to post it here. As I was doing all that, the photo disappeared from the site. All that was left was this thumbnail (much expanded now, hence the pixellation). Why did Heritage Canada remove it? Were they asked? Or as Frances Sales, editor in chief of OK magazine thinks, perhaps they will sell the photo to a publication?


How’s your weekend coming along? Anyone else watching Catherine as much as I am?

Googoo&gaga goes to Paris



I first found out about googooandgaga in December 2008. It was AJ and Audrey Dimarucot’s first day in their first bazaar. I had just found out I was pregnant with our third baby, who would be Stella. She was 8 weeks old. No one knew I was pregnant except my husband. But when I saw the googooandgaga booth with their cute graphic onesies, I bought one outfit for our baby. Here’s what I wrote in my blog. “They were so irresistible, I had to buy one… just to keep. Or give away to the first newborn I meet.” I broke tradition and shopped for my teenyweeny yet-unborn child.


With AJ and Audrey Dimarucot of googooandgaga


Amazing things have happened to them since I first blogged about googoo&gaga. Other people discovered them and they went on to bigger things, as I had predicted. Every year, Audrey would send me a Christmas present to say they never forget about how it all started. Sweet people.


Audrey and AJ with their growing family.


Last week  they sent me this very sweet email. I was extremely touched. They didn’t owe me anything, really. If I didn’t “discover” them, someone else would have. But it takes a lot of class and sweetness to say thank you this way. I’ve had the chance to actively help people in their careers and very few have actually said thank you. This is really sweet and amazing:

Hi Daphne,

Before announcing to the world, we just wanted to share that googoo&gaga is going to launch in Paris in July!

You probably already know this as you were the one who referred Ito Kish to our partner there, Angelique Villaraza. She shared with us how accommodating you were when she asked for referrals to help her with her booth design, so thank you so much for that! We loved how the final booth perspectives came out!

We disclosed a Save the Date post on our site a couple weeks back, but will share more information about the Playtime Paris trade fair as we near the actual fair dates. Milestones like this always bring us sentimentally back to how we started in 2008. You “discovered” us in Rockwell and we thought you should be one of the first to know about this huge step we are so excited to be taking!

AJ and Audrey




Googoo&gaga is in Playtime Paris an international tradefair for everything baby, family and maternity related… in Paris!!!


Playtime Paris is an international trade show dedicated to the children’s universe and maternity wear. Each Playtime season in Paris, Tokyo, and New York is set to a new theme that forms the basis and inspiration for the season’s shows. Between crises and recoveries, doubts and hopes, wishes and needs, the necessity of finding new ways to reflect changing ideas and demands has become ever more evident. The “Let’s be adventurous” spirit is the basis for display of the collections, exhibitions and events of this year’s Playtime series. Source


I’m triple proud because I have a connection with three of the key players here. Googooandgaga has partnered with my friend Angelique Villaraza Dominici. Angelique moved to France to complete a Masters in Luxury Brand Management. She told me of her plans to bring Filipino creations/brands to Europe. Our friendship has transcended from social events to real pregnancy and motherhood bonding moments. “When she stumbled upon googoo&gaga two years ago, she felt that its artistic value would make it a great match for Europe, where a large percent of enterprises are still family owned. It was the strong and unique visuals of googoo&gaga that got the brand accepted into Playtime Paris, a trade fair known for its well-edited roster of exhibitors based in the world’s fashion capital.” (Source: Press Kit)


Angelique lives with her husband Michel and 21-month-old Giuliano in the south of France


When this partnership happened, Angelique asked me to recommend someone who could design their booth in Playtime Paris. I said, Ito Kish. Though he’s not an interior designer, Ito’s taste and ability to transform space and create a well edited-environment beats any designer or decorator I’ve seen. That, plus I just introduced Ito to Zinio on iPad and shared with him my love for Milk Deco. Haha. So I knew that Ito would love this challenge of creating something for a playful and childlike environment. So this is how the three teams got together.


This is the booth Ito Kish created for googooandgaga in Paris. You can read about his creative process here.


As part of the googooandgaga catalog for the fair, they are showing the works from their Artist Collaboration Series 1, featuring the works of local artists like Inksurge who did this mushroom dress (which my Stella now owns, yay!).

and Everywhere We Shoot, who did this “paper” shirt for boys.


Congratulations Angelique, the site is beautiful. I spot the Epperson kids, a Dimarucot baby and Lexi’s girl.


Goodluck to googooandgaga and Angelique Dominici!! Playtime Paris starts tomorrow. What an awesome start! I’m so excited for all of you! Yay!




All in a day, June 30


I had a full day yesterday – crazy but fun. I’ll get into a more detailed post later. I’m rushing today to go to my uncle’s funeral (mom’s brother). Death is never easy to understand. One day I will find the words to share the lessons I learned – about how I was touched by an angel almost literally – but it’ll take time and lots of understanding. Thank you in advance for you condolences and prayers.

Now here’s the story about yesterday, based on my iPhone photos. I knew I’d have a full day so I maximized time with the three rabbits in the morning – starting at 5:30. I had an appearance at Rustan’s Makati for my furniture line at 2pm. Then I had to rush over to Sofitel Hotel (Philippine Plaza) to model for Hindy Tantoco at Metro Wear by 5pm. I know, I know… I’m not a model. But hey, how can anyone say no to Hindy. All designers were given one outfit, one model. And she decided to choose a muse instead of a model, so that was me. Believe me, I was hesitant. I used the Rustan’s afternoon event as an excuse not to do it. But we all found a way. I say “we” because I was secretly flattered Hindy chose me over all her lovely friends. More on that later.

Before all the glam events, I had to do the groceries. I’m running out of ideas for snacks and lunch meals for the kids. Hmmm, that sounds like an interesting blog post. Anyway, I like doing the groceries by myself. No distraction. But I always end up going over budget.


photo 2
The price of garlic! Local/native garlic costs twice as much as garlic from Taiwan. Sigh. (I still chose native though).


This beef product doesn't have any label...
And I was a little ticked off that this meat product didn’t have a label about where it’s from, who the manufacturer is or if it’s even real beef. Isn’t there a law? Can anyone clue me in?


Daphne Furniture in Rustans
Then I rushed to go to Rustan’s Makati. Did makeup in the car. Painted my nails in the Rustan’s bathroom.


Daphne Furniture in Rustans
Here’s my set up inspired by the Amalfi coast. Daphne Furniture was used (except for the table). The scene was executed by Astrud Crisologo who is now a buyer for Rustan’s.


Metrowear backstage
Then I rushed over to the Sofitel. No traffic at the time. This is where I got made up by the MAC team.


Metrowear backstage
Hindy sent me to Pong Niu, a senior makeup artist for MAC.


Metrowear backstage
I died and went to MAC heaven.


Hindy's peg
This is the hair peg.


Hindy's peg
This is the makeup peg.


Metrowear backstage
Obviously not a wearable look. But it was a show and I trusted Hindy and Pong.


I was all alone – half scared and half thinking “let’s just have fun.” So I tweeted “Can Marina Benipayo teach me how to walk?” She is the goddess of the ramp! She closes all the shows. No one comes close to the way Marina glides and turns on the runway. I’ve only really met her once – during a shoot for Metro.


Marina Benipayo
Minutes after I tweeted that, THE Marina Benipayo walks in. I had no shame. So I just yelled out her name, “Marina!” Fierce makeup calls for fierce attitude. She ran up to me and said, “OMG Daphne, I didn’t recognize you.” And I was like, “What do you mean? This is my everyday makeup.” Haha. She told me stories about how after shows, she’d rush home to Angeles without washing theatrical makeup like this. And she’d scare off the toll operators. Haha.


Metrowear backstage
Yes, I have a huge head compared to Marina. I have a huge head, period. And so does Jackie O, haha. I asked her to give me some walking tips. She joked and said, “when you reach the end of the runway, do a tumble and then do the splits.” Hilarious. Then she said, “Seriously, if all else fails, just smile.”


Metrowear backstage
Reality was starting to set in. I’m not a model. I’m not a model. I’m just doing Hindy a favour and living out some childhood fantasies. I’m just playing dress up.


How’s that for a full day?

More about the two shows later…