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I think a lot of shoe lovers would relate with me. Not all shoes are created equal. I have a lot of beautiful pairs that are just that – beautiful… but not meant for walking. I call them my TV shoes. Sometimes while breaking-in new shoes I would individually wrap each toe in band-aids inside to avoid callouses in the corners of my toes. I have found, though, that there seems to be a correlation between the price of shoes and the comfort level. Quality really matters.

But enough about shoes. This is about my new finds. A few weeks ago, Burlington/BioFresh sent me some product samples. It took me a while to try them. I had a few of these products from an imported brand before. They were not cheap. So I saved them for special shoes only. Now that I found a more affordable option, I have them pretty much in most of my shoes.


Burlington Sofigel Forefoot Pads. These are great for high heels and wedges. They sort of add this “brake” mechanism so your feet don’t slide forward. It also relieves pressure from the balls of the feet. These are P200 only. All these products are available at their new online store.


Burlington Sofigel Heel Shields, P200. These are for the back of the heel. Because of it’s anti-slipping function, this is a good way to put pumps in place.


Various Burlington Sofigel products, all P200. Available here.


Also within the Burlington company is another brand called BioFresh. These are products with anti-microbial properties.


Biofresh Flex Gel Heel Protector with Vitamin E. “FlexGel” is an exclusive technology of the Burlington group for their Biofresh products. It is made of soft, stretchable gel-like material that acts like second skin. It absorbs shock and relieves pressure. It is hypoallergenic and treated with anti-microbial material to help eliminate bad odor. This is good for those with cracked heels as it is enriched with Vitamin E to help moisturize and repair dry skin. Available in most department stores nationwide. Or inquire through their website.


BioFresh FlexGel Toe Protector, P200. These are for those with corns, like a toe ring to reduce friction between toes. All FlexGel products are treated with anti-microbial properties.


BioFresh FlexGel Comfortable Insole, P280. This is good for those who stand and walk for long periods. It helps relieve forefoot pressure and heel pain. Look at how soft the product is.


I love toddlers’ toes. Well, I love baby toes better. But toddler toes are equally adorable. There comes a time in a parent’s life though, that you realize your toddler’s toes start smelling like little adults’ feet. Stella and Lily wear the cutest sneakers for play. But these things can look like heaven and smell like hell. We do wash them regularly. But now I’ve been sprinkling BioFresh Foot Powder, P100 in them before and after each wear.


I also use the BioFresh Foot Spray, P130 to keep their little shoe cabinet smelling prettier. For adults, these can be sprayed directly on feet. For my kiddies though, I haven’t tried. So I just spray the shoes and the cabinet.


Burlington and BioFresh have expanded beyond just socks. They have personal products for men, women and kids – like underwear, shirts and towels. BioFresh treated products “eliminate 99,9% odour-causing microbes and stay effective after more than 50 washings as tested in American laboratories.” Here’s the link to BioFresh womens products and towels.


Like I said, these products are available in most department stores. But in keeping with the times, BioFresh recently launched its online shop. This is perfect for those of you who would rather have these small items delivered to your home rather than making a trip to a department store just for a pair of socks. No searching, no parking, no long lines. It’ll also save you the hassle of searching for those foot protectors. Just go directly to their site here.

There’s FREE DELIVERY (in the Philippines) with a minimum order worth P800.

For a limited time, from now until October 7, all my readers get 15% off all BioFresh and Burlington purchases online. Just key in DAPHNE15 at the coupon code upon checkout.



Kara Ross in Celestina Maynila




Kara Ross, a luxury accessories company based in New York, has a few items showing currently in Celestina Greenbelt 5 until October 16. The line includes fine jewellery, gemstone collections and boutique jewellery as well as exotic skin handbags and belts.



Kara Ross in Celestina Greenbelt 5


Fine jewellery and accessories


Fore more info, check out Celestina in Facebook.


Death and life



There was a baby born onboard a PAL flight from Manila to San Francisco yesterday. It’s one of those amazing events that makes everyone smile (after gasping and wondering why a 35-week pregnant woman had to travel long haul). It was even more special to me because my friend from childhood, Agnes Casas Kirkhart, was one of the nurses who helped deliver the baby. Agnes is an OR Nurse at Kaiser. There were no doctors on board. So Agnes stepped up and helped deliver the baby boy. She’s a hero!

You know how they say, things happen for a reason? This is one of those stories. I was with Agnes (her nickname is Chiqui) just last week due to an unfortunate situation – the passing of her dad, Gen. Dominico Casas (PAF). I am very close friends with Chiqui’s brother, Jojo Casas who is the only sibling based in Manila. She and her other brother Julius, my brother’s barkada, were in Manila for a week. I cannot imagine the sorrow of flying hundreds of miles to witness the burial of a loved one. It must be dreadful. But such is the reality of living far away and having aging parents. Sigh.


Funeral of Gen. Casas at the Libingan ng mga Bayani


The Casas family during the military march to their father’s resting place.


We all grew up together in what I still believe was one of the best places to raise a child in the 70’s – Nichols Air Base. For this reason, I feel most attached to my Air Force family than I do with any other group, club or school in Manila. We are there for each other during births, deaths, anniversaries, balikbayan reunions and for no specific reason but just to hang out.


My friends since childhood, Jonathan de Leon, Julius Casas, Mel Lerma and her dad Gen Roger Asuncion (also my dad’s super close friend).


A bittersweet reunion of our barkada. Here, the Casas siblings – Jojo, Julius and Agnes (Chiqui) – with Maiza Mueco.


Days after the funeral, Chiqui went back to San Francisco with her children. Apparently it had been very stressful logistically as well. They had to reschedule flights, not to mention spend extra money on this. Julius decided to cut his Manila stay short and join Chiqui on this flight to assist her with her two young children. Stress and sorrow. I can’t imagine.

Then onboard the flight, Chiqui is called to duty. A baby is born. And the story ends with a smile. Amazing. I’m still smiling up to now.

After the siblings went back to the US, Jojo’s status update read, “Come to think of it Julius and Chiqui went home during one of the saddest moments in our lives, the passing away of our dad…then went back to their second home helping to bring new life…stories that will live on. Thank you Lord for bringing them safely home.”


Here’s the story in ABC News. It’s really lovely.




Jinkee Pacquiao for Belo Nutraceuticals



I couldn’t say no to this lunch event in honour of Jinkee Pacquiao. I haven’t gone out to any event in months – except those I’m directly involved in. But this time I made the effort. It was lunch and I’d be home before the kids got home from school.

Dr Vicki Belo herself invited me. I had been going to Belo religiously for the past three years – every two weeks to get a facial/cleaning. Recently I finally tried a fancy treatment. Nothing surgical or invasive. And nothing on my face. I just wanted to get rid of the fatty stuff in my upper back – aka the wings. No matter what kind of exercise I do, my wings seemed to grow. So I went for the newest machine Tite FX, the “most innovative non- invasive body contouring and fat killing machine in the world. It uses Electroporation High Voltage “HV” Pulse for permanent destruction of fat cells. It’s combined with radio frequency that provides précised optimal heating of the skin for tightening and body shaping.” I have done five out of the recommended six sessions and let me tell you… it really works! I don’t know where my fat went or how it disappeared, but it is noticeably flatter and tighter. Let me know if you want to know more about it and I’ll write…

This story is about our Jinkee and why she appears to be glowing.


Jinkee, introducing her endorsement of Belo Nutraceuticals. I didn’t actually get to meet her, but she did say hi to me as she was walking towards the stage. And yes, she looks exactly like she does in the billboards.


L-R Dr Belo, me, Johnny Litton, Cristalle Henares and Phoemela Baranda. Dr Belo and Cristalle were totally hands-on with everything. And this photo makes me look 5 months pregnant. I swear, it’s just the dress.


Like I said, hands on. She did the rounds and made sure every one was okay. (Note, the valet stand for my white blazer. Nice touch by Red at Shangrila Makati).


Jinkee Pacquiao. They raffled off products and boxing gloves signed by Jinkee and Manny Pacquiao. I didn’t win… I never do.


Armed with confidence, and the expertise of the Belo Authority, Jinkee Pacquiao now looks and feels like a knock-out.  With Belo Nutraceuticals,  Jinkee Pacquiao is now FEARLESS.

A breakthrough product from the Belo Authority, Belo Nutraceuticals provides the key benefits of whitening and anti-aging in one pill. It has a patented formulation that has gone through extensive testing and study to ensure its professional grade quality, safety, and efficacy.

Belo Nutraceuticals is infused with 250 mg of compacted glutathione that fights dark spots to whiten your skin, and collagen that lifts skin from within as it provides strength, elasticity, and resilience.

Source: Press Kit



Since I do not use any whitening products, I’m cutting and pasting some FAQs from the press kit.

What exactly is glutathione and why is it important?
Glutathione is a tripeptide of amino acid present in our human cells. It is considered as the master antioxidant because it is the most potent antioxidant in the body. The highest concentration (26.58% of glutathione in the body is found in the liver because it is where it is needed most. It is also involved in various reactions, such as detoxification, destruction of free radicals, and strengthening immune health. It is also clinically proven to whiten the skin.

How does glutathione whiten the skin?
Glutathione whitens the skin in 3 ways:
a. Interferes melanin production
b. Changing dark melanins (eumelanin) to light melanins (pheomelanin)
c. Replacement of skin tissue to excrete melanin

When is the best time to take Belo Nutraceuticals Glutathione + Collagen?
It is recommended to take it in the morning, with or without meal because glutathione levels are lowest and oxidative stress is highest during daytime.

Would it cause hyperacidity when we take this capsule without food intake?
No, because the Vitamin C present in the capsule is in the form of ascorbate. Ascorbates are known to be less acidic than other types of Vitamin C and provide better absorption than ascorbic acid alone.

Are there any side effects associated with Belo Nutraceuticals Glutathione + Collagen?
No. There are no known negative side effects associated on this product.

Can lactating or pregnant women take this product?
No.  We don’t recommend lactating or pregnant women to take this product.

What is the average daily dosage of glutathione? What happens if I take a very high dosage?
The average daily dosage of glutathione is 100mg to 1000mg per day. Based on studies, if you take in above these recommended dosage, it could affect the body’s own production of glutathione.

Belo Nutraceuticals: Glutathione+Collagen is available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, and other leading drugstores nationwide.   It comes in three sizes.   The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day, with or without meals

For more info check the Belo Nutraceuticals website.



“Contemporary Asian” architecture



My mind isn’t completely here always. Lately I’ve been forgetting to bring my cameras to my UZ shoots, like during this house feature that aired on September 16. All photos are from my iPhone4. Oops.

This is a story of an old house in a residential part of Quezon City. It was a 70’s-period modern house. The owners (Araneta family) had been living in it for seven years. They needed something new and wanted something more current and relevant to their needs. So they hired Victor Cham to build a brand new house on the same property.


Side entrance. The house is barely a year old. The fish are still small.


They were working with a limited space. This is by the perimeter wall. The architected created a little lanai in this corridor to allow air into the home.


The living room is in an enclosed area, separate from the dining and kitchen. Lots of open windows and grills (for security) allow for the free flow of air as you can see by the curtain blowing in the wind.


Those two doors led to the same area – the stairwell and the secondary kitchen.


Really sorry for the blurry photos. The main kitchen (yes, most Filipino homes have two or three kitchens) has an open plan. They used mosaic-“type” tiles as backsplash. Lots of artificial light on top and below each cupboard.


They opted for low maintenance tiled floors. As you can see, windows everywhere for easy flow of wind.


A leaf shaped wash basin on a hardwood ledge.


This guest powder room was situated under the stairs. I should have taken a photo of the ceiling. It had nice hard wood.


The Mr. of the house specifically asked for a game room to house is old billiard table. The ledge/bay window was a nice touch. The wall panels looked like expensive veneers but actually they were just ply wood with a bit of stain applied to look like wood grain.


On the second floor, architect Cham pointed out the details of the ceiling. It was painted in red and it had a geometric wave pattern.


And yes, I was wearing a K&Company dress. Layered bracelets and cuffs. My old charm necklace with another strass necklace. The shoes, they’re over a year old. Sorry I’m so vague with my shoes. I have to be fair to my existing sponsors (not that I have any shoe sponsors, its just.. you know).