Thank yous



Thank you Dexter Matilla for interviewing me about my gadgets. It appears in this month’s issue of Tweak magazine. I have yet to get my hands on a copy.


Thank you BC Magazine. I love you guys so much! And thanks for loving me back. They mentioned my blog in this month’s issue of BC Mag. It says “Aside from being a mom and credible TV host, Daphne Osena Paez is also one of the country’s most trusted bloggers. Her engaging site tackles everything from stories about her three daughters, beauty tips, travel advice and more.”


Thank you Metro magazine. LONG OVERDUE thanks. This feature came out last year. They did this huge production photo shoot that was like a real party. I had won Most Stylish Female Celebrity TV Host in Star Studio Awards then that’s why I got invited to this shoot of epic proportions. (I suddenly got reminded of this because it was during this event that Randy Ortiz talked to me about a potential project with another group. And now, that project is about to happen! Thanks Randy.)


It was Thanksgiving Day yesterday (the real Thanksgiving, LOL) in Canada. My sister Hanni hosted lunch. Mom baked the turkey for over 6 hours. We were on FaceTime while they were waiting for the turkey. This is one of the hundred things I miss about being at home, my mom’s turkey. It sucks having two homes so far away from each other. I had a rough day yesterday. I allowed a hater to bother me. But thanks to my family, they reminded me that “our cup runneth over.” And none of it had to do with my public life. So thank you for the real things in my life. The ones that matter most … love, good health, peace, liking each other in our happy family.


And in keeping with Thanksgiving, this is certainly something to be grateful for. My best friend Mary’s grandfather is the oldest man alive in Canada. Mohammad Mohyeddin is 105 years old. I remember meeting him in Montreal when Mary, her sister Kathy and I did a road trip one weekend when we were in university. This is a family that truly values respect, education, togetherness and tradition. Really amazing. Some words of wisdom…

Always drink pure water, eat food that comes from the ground — not from a package — and chew carefully, he says. Actually, Mohyeddin is pretty specific about the food part: Don’t eat pickles or anything else brined in salt. Sausages are out too. Eat fruits and vegetables. He always eats an apple before breakfast. He doesn’t drink or smoke, and has no problem lecturing a stranger on quitting tobacco.

Exercise. Choose a spouse who will be a true companion. And take care of family first. “It’s the love of them that gives me power to live,” he says, gesturing to the clan crowded around him. — Toronto Star

Please read the rest of the article and watch this.



That stunning house



Here are snapshots of that house we showed in Urban Zone last Friday October 7, 2011. I handed my camera over to my segment producer Stanley Castro. I forgot to tell him that he must have steady hands because I don’t like using flash. Oh well, you get the gist. It’s a stunning house with a neo-industrial feel and elements of tropical architecture and mid-century lines. When I walked in I thought, this would be perfect for Dwell magazine.


Not your typical front yard. Instead, a lap pool. Meet Architect Luigi Bernardo.  This house design was very much a collaboration between Luigi and the owners.


Upon entering, you’ll see the dining table and kitchen right away. I love this kitchen. Very industrial/commercial. The owner used to be a chef, of the real kind, meaning he went to chef school in Switzerland. This is no “show kitchen.” It’s really their kitchen.


The house is long sideways. They re-used wood whenever they could. The floor is low maintenance – stone slabs from Pakistan.


Accordion-type folded steel stairs that appear to be floating.


Initially the architect and owners wanted an all-glass window. But they needed more wall space for their art collection.


The second floor. Being essentially a glass house, the owner thought they needed some sort of protection and privacy from the street. So they came up with this lattice-work screen on the bedroom hallway.


The screen is made of wood and veneer. Some parts were reinforced by steel, but they weren’t visible. Luigi said he took inspiration from a wall paper pattern.


View of the steps from the second floor. Most of the art came from Blanc Gallery.


I love this extra hallway upstairs. It serves like a track that goes around the living room. It’s initial purpose was to provide shade for the glass doors below. I love the idea of making it another hallway.


You may contact Luigi Bernardo through +639178003919.



Thank you, Kol



I’m crushed.

I posted this story just three days ago. Today I got the news that Kol Rustia died early this morning.

Kol was born with Trisomy 13, a fatal genetic syndrome and was diagnosed to live three months. Against all odds, Kol turned 14 last May. His dad, Jeff, was planning this awesome benefit to raise funds for The Kol Hope Foundation for Children, to support children with disabilities through Easter Seals Canada and the Hospital for Sick Kids. The Kol Hope Foundation supports children born with chromosome disorders and Trisomy-related disabilities.

Kol lived every single day of his life on life support. He breathed through oxygen. He was fed through a g-tube. He couldn’t walk or talk. But his smile and his will to live has become a source of hope and love for other children like him and their families. Kol was and is very much loved by everyone around him – most especially his dad, Jeff.

The Kol Hope Foundation hopes to give kids with Trisomy-related disabilities a chance to go to summer camps and provide them with basic needs such as wheelchairs and respite care. The Kol Hope Fund at Hospital for Sick Kids supports the genetics department and the valuable work they do in investigating the mysteries of genetic disorders and ultimately finding effective treatments and cures.

Jeff, our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. Kol was born an angel. And we borrowed him all these years. You showed him so much love. So much. Now he is in heaven, with no pain or suffering. And just like his beautiful life full of meaning, Kol was called by God called on Thanksgiving weekend. A precious gift.

Friends, please visit The Kol Hope Foundation.

Esquire Philippines



“Esquire Philippines promises to be a men’s magazine that is intelligent, stylish, and compelling with a sense of wit. Filipino men can look forward to sections about the latest cultural trends, style, women, and private musings of prestigious personalities. Setting Esquire apart from other glossies are cleverly crafted columns, impressive feature stories and brilliant fiction written by today’s most notable names in literature.” – Summit Media, Press Release October 2011.


Last Thursday, Patrick and I attended the launch of Esquire Philippines magazine. We rarely go out together to these huge functions, but this time we did because he likes Esquire, and the editors are good friends of ours. I made the effort – got my hair done and bought a new dress.


Patrick and Erwin Romulo, Esquire Philippines’ editor in chief.


I was reminded of the strange but sweet gift Erwin sent me during my last birthday. I hadn’t seen or heard from him in years. Then this comes to my house. Didn’t even know he knew our address. An Eraserheads CD signed by Buddy, my “favourite” among the group.


Typical scene at home before we leave for formals. The kids watch me and check out my outfit. Stella being the 2year old loves to mimic everything – she’s in her mynah bird stage, echoing everything we say. She also loves to copy whatever I’m doing. Here, she grabbed her shoes the same time I put mine on.


The lobby of the Peninsula was filled with awesome people.


John Lapus was interviewing Liz Uy.


With Carlo Tadiar, editor in chief of Metro Home. I love Carlo! Super enjoyed working with him when I was once a magazine editor myself. Carlo dresses so well on a daily basis. No fail.


Strange phenomenon. “Who are you wearing?” You pay so much for your dress, then you dish out free advertising. It doesn’t make sense.


“What about your jewelry?” Another funny question. “These are mine. I bought them.”


I wore a dress by Givenchy. Yes, it has feathers on the cuff. My shoes are 6-year old Louboutin pumps. And the jewellery, you’ve seen them before.


Can I just say, I’ve never seen the Peninsula this jam-packed with people. It was wonderful as a gauge for success even though it felt like we were in a 90’s rave.


Jerome Gomez, one of my darling friends from way back when I first joined ABS-CBN as a young hungry journalist wanna-be. Jerome is Esquire’s managing editor.


We were surrounded by beautiful stars and powerful people. The highlight of my evening was meeting Yes editor in chief Joan Maglipon. I respect this woman so much.


Esquire Philippines is available in newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide for P195.




Thank you Mega Magazine



September came and went and I didn’t get the chance to thank Mega Magazine for including me in their list of 100 Filipinos in fashion, beauty & culture who have inspired, influenced and innovated.




Thank you Jacqui Halili Co-Salonga. And thank you Mega Magazine.

And if I could take this time to push some causes further, please, everyone click this link to see how you can help stop severe acute malnutrition among children through Unicef.