Cath Kidston for the home



I received a parcel from Cath Kidson UK a few days ago. I love gifts that come in the mail. Especially from overseas. And it was so great that UPS delivery didn’t charge me anything extra. The last time I received a gift from Cath Kidston, the little old lady at the post office charged me close to PHP3,000 which is 75% of the value of the item. I didn’t argue then, was too tired. Our postal service and customs tax system is ___!


I shrieked when I opened the parcel. They sent me Spray Flowers Tea Set for Four! Perfect for me and my three daughters! (And yes, that day I was using my old Cowboy print bag).


This china teapot is just the thing for those afternoons I need a dose of earl grey. I’m mainly a coffee girl and I don’t like those fancy green tea with pearls thats all the rage now. But I do love Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea in the afternoons. The design features Cath Kidston’s pretty Spray Flowers print, part of a beautiful range which also includes a cake stand and milk jug. Holds up to 6 cups of tea. You can see this and the rest of the range here.


The set comes with four cups and saucers too.


And lookie, they sent me the newest Cath Kidston catalog as well. So many adorable things for the home! And very affordable. I’m basing my Christmas shopping list on this.


You can check out the magazine online as well. There’s a new bag – the fold over.


Click click to see all Cath Kidston Bags. Ooh, there’s my new Spray Flowers set of 4 tea cups and saucers. Can’t wait to use it.


If you have questions about ordering Cath Kidston online and having it delivered to the Philippines, read this. I suggest you send it via a third-party shipper like Johnny Air Cargo. If those with experience with third-party shipping would like to share tips, please feel free to post in the comments section.


Click this banner below to take you to Cath Kidston’s online shop in USD prices.
Cath Kidston



Burlington / BioFresh




There are five days left at the Burlington BioFresh special sale.

For a limited time, from now until October 7, all my readers get 15% off all BioFresh, Burlington and Puma purchases at their website. Just key in DAPHNE15 at the coupon code upon checkout .

There’s FREE DELIVERY (in the Philippines) with a minimum order worth P800. They also deliver overseas (but not free).


For more info, please refer to my earlier post.



Urban Zone: Hotelish



Here are some photos of the house we featured last September 30th. It is owned by a young couple – both of them doctors. They asked their architect and design consultant to give them a home that felt like they were at a posh hotel after a long day’s work.


The frontage had a slope, reflected in the landscaping and sunken garage.


At the main door with the architect, Romeo Marcelo.


At the foyer with design consultant Tanya Lichauco who worked on designing the interior during the construction phase.


Tanya chose neutral colours for the living room


Pretty home accessories.


At the kitchen.


The stairs were placed right at the front of the house and further enhanced by this antique mirror on the walls. Loving all the repetitive lines.


The daughter’s bedroom. Tanya used artwork painted by the grandmother.


Urban Zone, every Friday night after SOCO on ABSCBN. For TFC schedules please consult your TV guide listing.




Thank you Lucy





From Lucy Torres-Gomez’ column today October 2, 2011 –

Last Christmas I got Juliana one of Daphne’s pretty pastel-colored chairs. I got her the color pink, and after her “oooh”s and “aaah”s (she wanted it the first time she laid eyes on it in a magazine feature) she immediately stationed it beside her desk, with half a dozen of her favorite art and coloring books on top. One lazy Sunday afternoon, she pulled down the heavy shades in our room and re-positioned the chair against the wall by her side of the bed. On it, in lieu of her stack of hardbound books, she placed her little white night lamp, a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul for Kids (she loves reading a few stories every night), and her “Where’s Wally” pamphlet (which is like the imported version of Larry Alcala’s “Slice of Life” artwork that I loved so much as a child). Norah Jones was playing on the CD player and after Juliana fluffed up all her pillows, she turned on the night lamp to softly brighten up the almost dark room (it was raining and the sun was already setting). Snuggling under the sheets she said, “Mama, we are in Paris.”

Read Lucy’s full column at the Philippine Star here.


I ran into Lucy Torres-Gomez at the lobby of Shangri-la Hotel last week. I hadn’t seen her in a while. While waiting for our cars, she told me this story about Juliana and her chair. I thought it was so lovely.

Today, I found out through Jockeylynn at Twitter that she wrote about Juliana’s Daphne chair in her column.

Lucy is one of my most favourite people. She is so incredibly nice. I don’t remember now how we first met – most definitely it was because of our TV work. But we always refer to our old connection – our Tita Ador Gatchalian. She is Lucy’s ninang and the best friend of her mom in Ormoc. Tita Ador is my dad’s second cousin and very close to our family.

It was my first time to see Lucy after she had become a Congresswoman. Thank you Lucy!!



P.S. Note to everyone, all original Daphne Furniture must have a brass seal with my brand’s name on it. This chair is only sold through Rustan’s and soon I will release it in another outlet (yet to be announced). No brass plate = fake. Sorry I have to keep saying that.