Six years…



Six years and still making them. Hand-painted medals from Europe, set in 14k gold made in the Philippines.


Christmas pendantsOur Lady of Mt CarmelR1354796R1354802


Dropping off these medals in Accessory Lab, 2/F Power Plant, Rockwell this weekend.






I am very excited about this. For some reason, I am invited to meet Yves Carcelle, chairman & CEO of Louis Vuitton. I could only think it’s because of this blog, for my traditional media (my TV show) doesn’t merit invites to meet CEOs of luxury brands. This is a great opportunity to meet the man who led Louis Vuitton since 1990; and who, according to FT, “is credited with having made Louis Vuitton one of the most profitable and ubiquitous luxury goods brand.”


In other news… I went to the St. James Bazaar in Ayala Alabang over the weekend. Now I can’t say I’m a fan of bazaars. I have not been to a bazaar in the past two years. I just sort of missed it, so I went to St. James. It was so much fun. Filled with lots of new products from creative entrepreneurs. The only things I bought though, were hand woven basketry by the Mangyan tribe and this card wallet. It says it’s “Italian Leather.” But it was only P700. I hope it holds up for a few months.


I bought it because of the rows of card pockets on both sides. This is exactly what I need to hold my discount cards, shopping points cards and other IDs.


This old Fino card holder has served me well. I’m overdue for a change.


P1010671I also got this gift to self. Not at the bazaar, but at the Kate Spade shop in Rockwell. I’ve been using a green wallet for many years. I heard from someone that green wallets give good luck. Should I be nervous about going with a gold wallet? I figured, gold will probably attract more gold? I liked the size and shape and I’m all about the zipper. All the better to hold my stuff in.


I got my first Christmas gift over the weekend. Isabel Gatuslao gave me the prettiest present. I normally open presents on Christmas Eve, so I don’t know what’s inside. Doesn’t matter, really, because the packaging alone is so pretty! I love the Crane’s gift tag. She bought them in National Book Store. But the wrapping paper – she designed it herself. So lovely! I love artichoke. To look at and to eat. You have to read her story on why artichoke. Isabel had to have a minimum order of sheets printed in order to meet the printer’s policy. So she ended up selling rolls of these beautiful artichoke wrapping paper in Kish at P250/10.

233 N. Garcia St., Bel-Air
Makati City 1209
t: 02.896.8366



Thinking of India



I’ve been thinking a lot about India lately. The end of the year is approaching and I’m thinking of taking a trip back next year with Patrick. I would skip the Taj Mahal and probably only do one night in Delhi. If I ever get back there, I’d like to explore Rajasthan and stay in Jaipur until I see everything. I was so smitten by Jaipur. Watching Louis Vuitton’s video of India really made me want to go back.


Gift from a reader
Funny, I received a gift from a sweet reader whom I’ve actually never met. Michelle Patel sent a novel set in India. This is the second time she’s sent me something. Last year she gave me Indian woodblocks when she read about my obsession with woodblock prints. This photo shows a bed cover from Anokhi where I only had 20 minutes to shop so I hoarded whatever I could. This is the kind of woodblock print I so love. Michelle, thank you so much! I will read this book soon. I’m still nursing the Steve Jobs biography. Halfway through and stopped – real life had to take over. Will resume reading soon.


I am reminded of that day in Agra when I wore my woodblock print dress. It’s actually a kurta, traditionally worn with soft pants. I just wore a slip underneath.


Agra Fort is so stunning. All that red sandstone and massive architecture from the 1500s.


Click “More” to see the rest of the photos from Agra, India…



Comfit shoes



Wearing K&Company dress & Comfit shoes. #urbanzone #radissonblu
I posted this on Instagram last week. Taken during an Urban Zone shoot at the Radisson Blu in Cebu. I wore a beaded K&Company tweed dress with the cutest stacked heel purple shoes. I got a gazillion questions about the shoes.


The brand is called Comfit. They sent me a couple of samples to try. I wore the purple Gwen from the Comfit Gold line. I just loved the shape and the colour. The prices are more than reasonable. I’ll be writing more as I get more information on the brand.



Gwen also comes in fucshia pink.



This is the Allegra and it comes in a couple of colours as well. Here it is in brown.


You can find Comfit at these locations –
3rd Floor, The Block at SM City North EDSA (02 921 8230)
3rd Floor, 50th Ave. Robinsons Galleria (0927 974 7673)

Comfit shoes also available in all Michael Antonio branches in:
2nd Floor, Archaeology Section, Powerplant Mall (02 846 9850)
3rd Floor, Newport Mall, Resortsworld (02 846 8128)
3rd Floor, TriNoma (0927 864 1416)
2nd Floor, The Annex at SM City North EDSA (02 355 3081)

Like Comfit in Facebook and follow @comfitshoe in Twitter for more information.




American Eye Center Femtosecond Laser Surgery



I hosted American Eye Center‘s launch of the newest treatment for cataracts. It’s so new, it’s the most advanced all-laser procedure — the first of its kind in Asia!

Apparently in the past, cataract removal procedures were mistakenly referred to as “laser eye surgery.” But true laser-assisted cataract surgery has never been available to patients until now and in Asia, only at American Eye Center with the machine called Alcon LenSx femtosecond laser surgery. The old way of removing cataracts required small incisions using fine surgical blades and an implant of a multifocal intraocular lens. That process was called “phacoemulsification” or “small-incision cataract surgery.” But true cataract-removal laser eye surgery has only been available now.

I know you’re thinking this is not really relevant to you now. But listen up… we will all eventually develop cataracts because of aging. There’s no escaping this. So it’s good to know what’s out there. Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the Philippines, with an estimated half a million Filipinos blind or having some degree of visual impairment.

It felt really great I was also thinking that if my grandparents were still alive, I would give this surgery as a Christmas gift. I have to talk to my parents about the condition of their eyes. Something to consider… the gift of sight.


With me on stage were Dr Benjamin Cabrera, President of the Philippine Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and Chief Operating Officer of the American Eye Center and Dr Richard C. Kho, one of the country’s leading cataract surgeons and neuro-opthalmologist, also the head of the Cataract and Refractive Surgery Service at the Philippine General Hospital.


The AEC gave free Alcon LenSx femtosecond laser surgery to some members of the Philippine Veterans group. It was very touching to witness the awarding of the gift of sight to the elderly. The causes of the Philippine veterans are close to my heart as my dad is also a veteran.


Dr. Cesar Ramon G. Espiritu, who specializes in Cornea, External Disease treatment at AEC, performed the Alcon LenSx femtosecond laser surgery – LIVE, during the launch. We all watched from a glass window at the reception area. Dr Espiritu is a world renowned eye surgeon. He gets invited to perform live surgery in eye conventions abroad, like Hong Kong, Singapore, the US and in Europe.


“The Alcon LenSX femtosecond laser differs from the traditional methods of cataract surgery by the absence of the blade. By using very short yet intense bursts of near-infrared light, the Alcon LenSX femtosecond laser technology is able to create extremely precise subsurface cuts without manual intervention The blades used to create the small incisions in the eye have been completely replaced by this laser, making the incisions more precise and predictable. In addition, the circular opening that is created in the human lens in order to access the cataract (called a capsulotomy) which was traditionally performed by human hands has now been replaced by the femtosecond laser, making the capsulotomies more architecturally round and centered.” – AEC Press Release


Dr Cabrera and Dr Kho explains that the femtosecond laser has replaced many of the steps in the cataract surgery that were previously performed by human hands, i.e., resulting in less surgical error and better predictability of outcomes. Results are more precise than any other previous or current methods of cataract surgery.


This is the 79-year old gentleman who underwent the LIVE femtosecond laser surgery. The surgery in one eye took about 10-15 minutes. Then five minutes after they were done, he was up and about. The retired Army general said it was pain-free and he was able to see the pretty ladies in the front row. It was really amazing. His vision was restored back to perfect!


Me and the AEC doctors. The American Eye Center is backed by a team of Associated Eye Specialists, the most experienced and longest-running EyeMD group practice in the country, which comprises 17 doctors with various subspecialties. AEC also boasts a staff of highly qualified optometrists, nurses and counselors to provide patients with personalized quality eye care.


This video is quite touching. I’m one of the thousands of people that American Eye Center helped. I got my Lasik surgery in 2005 and up to now, my vision is still perfect.


American Eye Center has two branches – at the Level 5, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza, and at the Level 4 of Greenbelt 5, Makati City. For inquiries, call 636-0762 or 729-EYES (3937) or visit, follow @eyetweets in Twitter.