The new LV site



Confession. I lost sleep over this last night. I meant to do just a quick post about the new Louis Vuitton website but I ended up traveling through every page of it. They had me at the “Travel to India” part. Incredibly beautiful. Each shot captured the golden light of India. I especially loved the shots in Amber Fort. It brought me back.


Louis Vuitton




Louis Vuitton has launched a brand new digital platform which reveals as never before the many dimensions of the House in an exciting, ever-changing format of exceptional richness and visual appeal. As the spearhead of an innovative and integrated digital strategy, the new not only offers users unprecedented opportunities to stay connected with Louis Vuitton, but also to share their discoveries with their friends via their favourite social networks.

The pioneer of the art of travel, Louis Vuitton has made the new a journey in itself, for which the transformed home page, with its moving cloud of images ready to be accessed in a click, is an enticing point of departure.

From here, visitors can explore five main sections, foremost among them NEW, NOW, Louis Vuitton’s exclusive on-line magazine, which will be constantly enriched with up-to-the-minute news and features, all illustrated in a sophisticated way. The entire content, which includes disruptive articles and angles about the House, interviews with international personalities who are friends of Louis Vuitton and reportages on House events, can be viewed in full-screen format, while prominent internet innovators recommend their own favourite destinations on the web in a special section entitled “Digital Discoveries”.

The JOURNEYS section offers rich and varied corporate content, from history to craftsmanship, artistic collaborations to store architecture, the Core Values advertising campaign to surprise encounters. Users can click on a chequerboard of images, loosely inspired by the historic Damier canvas, to access each item of interest, while this section also includes a link to the Amble website, Louis Vuitton’s digital companion.

COLLECTIONS presents the entire product range in a completely new way, thanks to immersive moving images and offering for the first time multiple search possibilities – by category, line, colour or collection – as well as feature-rich fact sheets and 360° images for each product, renewing the online shopping experience. Individual product pages are accompanied by various links to different sections, for example about savoir-faire, enabling users to discover the fine craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton in just a few clicks.

The STORES section provides comprehensive, at-a-glance information on Louis Vuitton stores worldwide, including – in addition to directions and opening hours – details of the services and product lines offered by each store, as well as news of upcoming events.

Last but not least, MY LV is the visitor’s own dedicated personalised space, through which he or she can access favourite content, including bookmarked news and wish lists, and information on past purchases, further reinforcing the personal and intimate connection with Louis Vuitton.



Louis Vuitton was the first luxury brand to develop a fully integrated digital communication strategy, titled “The Art of Travel by Louis Vuitton.” It all began with the launch an official Facebook fan page and an official Twitter account in June 2009. Today, the digital initiatives have expanded, with 6 international Twitter accounts with over 452 thousand followers, a Foursquare account with over 154 thousand friends, and a dedicated YouTube channel.

The Facebook page has become the official online destination for all things Louis Vuitton, and the commitment to only feature pure editorial content has attracted over 4 million international fans to date. In October 2009, Louis Vuitton was proud to have been the very first luxury brand to broadcast its fashion show live on Facebook. Last year, this experience was enhanced with exclusive 360° views of each style that walked down the S/S 2011 runway and with an exclusive interactive backstage access at the F/W 2011-12 show.

This year Louis Vuitton has gone even further and has launched their first iPhone application Amble, which focuses on the Louis Vuitton travel experience. The free application helps users document their travels and discover new hotspots around the world, combining user generated content with the savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton.



The Olympus PEN campaign



Olympus ad


I seriously love my Olympus PEN EP-3.

I loved it even before they asked me to endorse the brand.

Best. Camera. Ever.

Put it in your wishlist…




Ely Buendia’s house on UZ



Here are some outtakes from the Urban Zone feature of Ely Buendia’s house. Ofcourse, Murphy’s law. I forgot to charge my Olympus PEN, so my battery ran out after 6 shots. Most of the photos are from my iPhone. This is the first time Ely agreed to have his house shown on television. It has appeared in Homestyle magazine last year. And it is currently featured in Dwell Asia magazine. But TV… just me. I have to say a big thank you to Shawn Yao for helping me make this happen.

Ely designed his house himself. A frustrated architect, he taught himself by reading books on modern, industrial and brutalist architecture. He’s a big fan of Le Corbusier. His architect friend Mia Guererro helped him realize his concepts from drawings to plans to actual construction. Mia says there are parallels between Ely’s house, Le Corbusier’s idea of modern architecture and our bahay kubo. More on that later after the jump.



1997 MTV Music Award. I interviewed the E-heads for this in 1997. I produced the story for Teddy Boy Locsin’s Assignment in ABS-CBN.


His Man on the Moon is prominently displayed on this red shelf.


The red shelf slides sideways – it can be used to hide either the door to his son’s bedroom or the stairs.


Click “More…” to see the rest of Ely Buendia’s house.



25th PMPC Star Awards for Television



I was invited to be a presenter at the 25th PMPC Star Awards at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre at Resorts World last Tuesday. I had to cut my Cebu trip short just to make in in time. But because of flight delays and all, I ended up not being able to get my hair and makeup done. I also didn’t have time to visit designers for a long dress. So I just winged it. I did my own makeup and I wore a dress from a couple of years ago.


Richard, Dawn, Shamcey, Piolo
The hosts of the evening were Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, Shamcey Supsup and Piolo Pascual.


Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga sang the opening number.


Boy, KC, Toni
Boy Abunda, KC Concepcion, Toni Gonzaga for The Buzz.


Nora Aunor at the PMPC Star Awards
Nora Aunor presented Boy Abunda with his Hall of Famer Award.


Star Awards
It has been a while since my last Star Awards.  I’ve won three Best Lifestyle Show Host Awards, in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Funny though that the program doesn’t list the 2004 win. I distinctly remember winning that because I was there and we tied with Charlene Gonzales. Oh well.


Star Awards 2011
This time Urban Zone was nominated again as Best Lifestyle Show and so was I, as Best Lifestyle Show Host. I wasn’t expecting to win against the big network shows. And we didn’t. Oh well. Haha. But Trip Na Trip did – as Best Travel Show and Best Travel Show Host. So because I was the only one from Bayan Productions that was there, I accepted the award for Kat De Castro. Photo by Enrico DC.


Star Awards 2011
I had to go a up second time. This was for Best Travel Show Host. It wasn’t really my moment and I wish Kat & Uma were there. But I was very happy for them. Photo by Enrico DC.


Star Awards 2011
I co-presented the awards for Best News Program, Best Male News Anchor and Best Female News Anchor with Kimpee De Leon. Photo by Enrico DC.


What I wore to Star Awards
And this is what my dress looked like from behind. I wore this early last year for my birthday party. It’s by Dolce & Gabbana. The black ruffle is supposed to be pouffy but I was sitting for more than 3 hours waiting to present my bit so they’re a bit flattened. Wore them with black Louboutin pumps and my own jewellery. Earrings are rubies and opals. The bracelet is that ruby and pearl tassel that I love to wear over and over.


Thank you, PMPC for the sweet nomination and invitation. Special thanks to Jun Lalin who is always so nice to me whenever we see each other. He escorted me in to the theatre. I arrived by myself. He sat me in a very nice and comfortable spot with the ABS-CBN talents Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford. All the great veteran stars were there – Nora Aunor, Susan Roces, Helen Gamboa, Kuya Germs. I have to say that though I wasn’t in my element, it was a very pleasant evening and I enjoyed being with my colleagues in television.




Links of London USA
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Spots, Stripes and Flowers



I was in Cebu last Monday for Urban Zone. We were the guests of Radisson Blu. It was an intense overnight trip. I shot three show spiels and one house all in a day. Then I flew back the next morning. As always, I loved being in Cebu. Wish we had a home there.


Stripes & spots today. #cathkidston
This was me going home, rushing to see my family. Unfortunately, our plane was stuck in the air and couldn’t land in the congested NAIA runway. So that delayed everything. Plus, the stress.


Because some have already asked thru Twitter, I shall answer now. My striped dress, I have a few of these, is from Muji. This is my uniform when I don’t want to think about what to wear. Shoes are Pedro Garcia cork platforms. My day bag was an LV Speedy. And my that cute spot carry on is a Cath Kidston Spot Overnight Bag. This is the one Cath Kidston sent me a couple of months ago. Same one as Kate Middleton’s.


Cath Kidston
Last week, I did a styling gig for Metro Home magazine. I brought out my Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Teapot. It was the perfect table accessory. It prettified the table so well. I can’t wait for the issue to come out.


And because they’re my sponsor, Cath Kidston“>here.