A well-dressed bed



I was quiet yesterday. We were busy working on a little creative project at home. It was an instant production with Xeng Zulueta doing my makeup. She brought Felicity Son to play with my curls. Then I coerced photographer Dix Perez to do the shots. It was a near impossibility to put this together but it all worked out. The creativity among my friends… just oozing! I love it. I can’t wait to share the final product.

Meanwhile, we put up our tree this weekend. We’ve been using the same artificial tree from our first Christmas together 9 years ago. I’m thinking of changing it one day. But the ornaments will always stay. And no, I will not buy a real tree (for safety reasons).


I bought these tin toys when I was pregnant with our first child, Sophia. I got sets of a train, a rocking horse, airplane (to symbolize my dad) and a boat. They are very special. Of course I didn’t know I was going to have 3 daughters. LOL. I tell the kids these symbolize their future life full of exciting travels.


I have a couple of these beautiful breakable-metallic vintage-looking Santas. My mom gave them to me.


Lily got this from her ballet teacher, Abby, last year. It goes well with the vintage feel.


Every year I think of re-doing our tree to make it more designer-looking. But I am so attached to our ornaments. And the kids love the stories behind each. So I think we’re not going the polished designer-look ever. Our tree will be home-made and naive-looking forever. Just like us.


Our bed has better outfits than we do. I'm happy with how my new line turned out. #daphne #linens #sm #ourhome
I got the newest style of Daphne Linens the other day. It now has my new logo and packaging. I love this style. It’s called Flair. I was thinking of Scandinavian crafts and ikat prints. And this is how our designers at the factory translated the inspiration. It turned out well with the deep blue, grey and white. Pardon the shameless plug, but if there’s a must-have for the new year, it should be new bed linens. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Think about it.


Stella, iPad, Cobonpue & the new Daphne Linens.
This is how it looks like at my home. I included the little add-on accessories like the bolster pillow, breakfast pillow, two pillow shams and Euro shams.


Daphne Linens are in SM Homeworld and Our Home. And only the ones with my name and logo fall under my brand. The rest… not.


Our bed changed outfits today. Here's a Daphne Linens from last year.
This morning we changed our sheets and used Daphne Linens from last year. This is called Couture. It has the loveliest ruching patterns. It comes in beige which is like the colour of clouds.


The husband’s comment this morning. “We have too many bed linens. We should edit.” But I know he’s just saying that because the linen closet is bigger than his. And our bed is better dressed than we are.