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Isabelle redecorated her apartment again
This is my SIL’s apartment in New York. I love how she has her linens in a glass cabinet like this. I had wanted to do this because we have glass cabinets like that. However we have too many linens; and displaying them this way would just eat up precious wall space. Perhaps in the future country house.


Goodbye baby's crib. You've served us well. 3 daughters. 9 years! #milestone
Today was a big day. Patrick dismantled the crib and packed it away. This marks Stella’s official non-baby stage (long overdue, but she’s the youngest so we extended). This wooden crib served us well – three babies, nine years. I got teary eyed.


Stella, iPad, Cobonpue & the new Daphne Linens.
Patrick said, “Can we have our room back the way it was?” He’s actually the one who is serious about the sleeping business. He’s always been finicky about sheets. Lucky for us, there’s Daphne Linens. My team in Linens Direct is working on a new series of Daphne Linens. This is the latest one. It’s called Flair. I love it. They’re in Our Home and SM Homeworld.


Embroidered. 300 threadcount, long staple cotton.


As a treat, I’ll be giving away a set of these Daphne Linens (fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases and a duvet cover) to one reader.


You can join through rafflecopter below. You know the spiel. Just follow all the steps. You can join once a day to increase your chances of being chosen. Winner will be chosen at random by rafflecopter. Contest is open now until Friday, February 3rd. I’ll announce winner on Friday night.

Open to anyone WORLDWIDE! I will send it to you either by courier or slowboat (depends on cost of courier). Haha.


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Olympus at Photoworld Asia



cha reyes invites


January 28, 2012 – Press Release

Olympus introduces the 3rd generation PEN compact system cameras (Micro Four-Thirds) at the Photoworld Asia 2012.  A body-painting activity was conducted by Ms. Cha Reyes, renowned body painter for GMA7’s TV series like Joaquin Bordado, Mulawin and Gagambino while photo enthusiasts shoot the models for their portfolios.  A show and tell was conducted by Olympus Tech-Specialist Mr. Jaime Cumagun, that the small but mighty E-P3 could trump the other brands by its blazing fast-autofocus and how legacy lenses could be brought to life just by the help of a simple adapter. Sample PEN units are also on display at the booth for everyone to test and sample the World’s Fastest Autofocus Camera.


Photo by OlyClub member, Mike de Vera using Olympus E-P3


Photo by OlyClub member, Mike de Vera using Olympus E-P3


Olympus is now distributed by RedDot Philippines exclusively and as an introductory offer for Photoworld Asia, they will be giving a special discount until January 31, 2012 only. The prices are competitively priced even when compared abroad.
Olympus E-P3 with 14-42 kit lens — SRP P 44,750
Olympus E-PL3 with 14-42 kit lens — SRP P 32,750
Olympus E-PM1 with 14-42 kit lens—- SRP P 27,750
Note: Offer is only until January 31, 2012 and can only in Photoworld Asia






Winners of K Palette




Here are the six winners of the K Palette liners.

Congratulations, please check your email. I’ll be waiting for your replies.


kpalette winners




Fun Farm at Santa Elena



This was always a problem for my friends and me – there’s not much to do for small kids in the city. We don’t have amazing parks or open spaces where they can run freely. Everything is mall-based. We’ve pretty much exhausted that. We’re members of a club where the kids get to do their sports and “cultural” activities. But I don’t want them growing up thinking life is one big country club. That’s why we got this. But it’ll take a while to build a little cottage there.

I’m so glad there’s Fun Farm at Santa Elena. This lovely place was created by Hindy Tantoco and her family – so their little kids could enjoy being around farm animals and doing things that we used to do as kids. We spent a whole day here with some friends. I’m posting a lot of photos here, so make sure you click “More…” to see all the activities and find out how to get there.


Soph, Lily and the pony ride – they must have gone around 10 times in different combinations (Sophia and Stella, Lily and Stella, plus their friends).


Stella and the teepee jungle gym.


Feeding the bunnies. The most popular activity for my girls.


They’re begging to have a pet bunny. But when Soph was two, her pet bunny died and it was traumatic!


They also fed guinea pigs.


But the bunnies were the favourites.


Carabao ride


I did everything they did.


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New from Real Living



I can’t tell you enough how many times I’ve been asked to show “not only big and rich” homes in UZ. For some reason UZ got that reputation of showing only huge homes. Untrue. We just showed homes with strong design statements – whether big or small, old or new, expensive or affordable. Everything just seems magnified on television — including my weight.

I’m so glad the Real Living team, headed by Rachel Medina, sent me these magazines. UZ became RL’s media partner in the promotion and publicity of their ultimate makeover series. I’m so glad there’s a group like them who does these wonderful makeovers. I’ve done it a few times in my shows. Let me tell you, it was never easy. We’ve had an interior designer walk out on us the day of the shoot because of her frustration with suppliers. Yes, walk out! I ended up “designing” the space myself. And once in F, I actually had to paint the walls of one room myself. It wasn’t a problem, really. Except that it was already 2AM because we wasted 3 hours in a police precinct because my car (I was driving) was hit from behind. Oh such drama. Now, I can laugh about all that.

I look forward to more partnerships and activities with the Real Living team. They’re such a creative bunch. Here are their current publications – sold at all major bookstores and magazine stands.


Real Living
Those asking about small spaces, get this book! They show great ideas for even the smallest living spaces. A lot of the condos sprouting up all over the city have really small spaces. So the key is really to maximize the use of space, show the illusion of a bigger size, have furniture and built-ins that do double duty.


Real Living
This one is about beautiful homes. Salivate…


Real Living
And their current Jan-Feb issue. Lots of great ideas here.