Excited about… Anthropologie



You guys are the sweetest. Such high hopes for me. When I said I was excited about something, your guesses were out of this world. I hope the real announcement isn’t anti-climactic.


Someone said “New York Fashion Week” — Nope. Last one I’ve been to was in 2005. There were no bloggers yet back then. I got in as TV media from the Philippines.


UZ International Edition — I wish but I was never given budget to do so. The only times I filmed abroad were on my own trips. This is the house of Ridwan Kamil, an Indonesian Architect. The house is framed with a brise-soleil made of thousands of redbull bottles. Well, UZ is on a break now…


Soph wearing the Kimono I made
Clothing line? — Haven’t found the right situation for that yet. Eons ago I made kimono tops for babies and toddlers. Sold them at a bazaar. They did well but I didn’t have the courage to pursue it more than that.


So the excitement is not about any entrepreneurial projects nor is it about travel. I’m just really pleased that my site is now a partner of Anthropologie. It is one of my favourite stores in North America. That place is just full of inspiration. It’s like surfing Pinterest in 3D, you see all the beautiful products in one house. Everything is just so pretty. So having Anthropologie as one of my site sponsors is huge for me.


Shopping at Anthropologie
This is what my family does while I’m shopping at Anthropologie.


Gloria's Garden Rug
There is a famine of beautiful rugs in this country. Until there’s a Daphne® Rugs and Carpets (universe, please hear me), let’s all try to find out how we can get this beautiful Gloria’s Garden Rug shipped over here.


Hand-Crocheted Mini-Dress
I am so into lace and anything textured. K&Company’s current collection is all about lace. I haven’t seen anything like this locally though. Reminds me of the dresses my mom made for me when I was a child. Hand-Crocheted Mini-Dress.


Izmir Measuring Cups
How adorable are these Izmir Measuring Cups?


Patrizia Sofa
This photo actually looks like it was taken in our home. This Patrizia Sofa is perfect – not too pretty or feminine.


My girls adore Alice in Wonderland. So do I. I think we NEED this. One Lump or Two .


Every now and then I’ll be highlighting some products that I love and I’m sure you’ll love them too. Watch out for some possible promos too. The clothing and shoes are irresistible. You will be tempted.

Readers in the US and Canada have it easy with online shopping. I’m sure you’re all used to it by now. Readers in the Philippines may have issues with customs duties because based on my experience locally, couriers and the post office like to randomly guess and most often mark-up the duties and charges. I don’t really have a solution for that except if you find yourself being unfairly billed for customs duties, get all the names of the people involved and email Ruffy Biazon, the Customs Commissioner at commissionerboc2011@yahoo.com. If you want something hassle-free then go with a third-party shipper like Johnny Air Cargo or any other balikbayan box service.

Yay, Anthropologie!



Romantic Taal



I will never get tired of the beauty of Taal Volcano. And to this day, we still don’t have the perfect portrait of it. I love how it looks different depending on the time of day. I think the best view is at Taal Vista Hotel. Must visit again soon. It’s been too long.


Taal Volcano


Taal Volcano


Taal Volcano


Press Release – Taal Vista Hotel: An Evening at the Ridge

Enjoy a night of music and romance as Taal Vista Hotel celebrates Valentines weekend on February 11, 2012 with a special Valentine Dinner-Concert featuring a live performance by NINA and the Classix Band. The 6-course set dinner and concert at the East Wing Ballroom 2 & 3 will begin at 7:00pm. The Valentine Dinner-Concert also entitles guests to a complimentary glass of wine and a long-stemmed rose for the ladies.

Guests who prefer to stay overnight can avail of the Valentine Dinner-Concert with Room Package priced at PhP 9,999 for the Deluxe Room (East Wing) and PhP 8,999 for the Superior Room (West Wing). The package includes buffet breakfast for two, a glass of wine and special raffle.

Room only packages are also available at PhP 5,999 for the Deluxe Room (East Wing) and PhP 4,999 for the Superior Room (West Wing). Inclusive of buffet breakfast for two, a bottle of wine, welcome drinks, 20% discount at Asmara Spa and 10% discount at Café on the Ridge.


tudor 2
Taal Vista Hotel


On February 14, Café on the Ridge celebrates with a special dinner buffet at PhP 988.00 per person with a live violin performance. A wine buffet at PhP 500 per person and a Valentine cocktail selection is also available at the Lobby Lounge.

Taal Vista Hotel is located along Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City. For inquiries, please call +63 (2) 886-4325 or log on to www.taalvistahotel.com.




Styling is everything



Photo by Terry Uy. Styling by Mylene Chung of Photo Kitchen for the design portfolio of Isabel Gatuslao.


Wow. Look at how these creative geniuses see my brand!

Since I’ve been working with Isabel on my brand’s identity, I’ve began to be obsessed with how I do everything. I’m very conscious of how my products, my person and my blog all come together as one image that makes sense. It’s a real fun method of doing things. I’m sure marketing bigwigs have it all figured out. But everything I have in my world developed organically. So I’m just going with my gut here.

When I saw what Isabel, Terry and Mylene did for Isabel’s portfolio, my jaw dropped. It’s like they knew me completely. This one photo totally captures my world. Incidentally, the fabric is my pillowcase from Daphne® for Linens Direct. I love how everything was just strewn across the floor like that. Note to self: Pay attention to styling.


Privilege. To work with my friend's personal collection of charms, mixed with some of mine. #febphotoaday #hand #jewelry
In reality, this Instagram photo is my unstyled world. Complete with a bandaid around my thumb.


I had the privilege of working with a very stylish friend on her personal collection of charms. She bought two of my icons and my cross. I mixed them up with her own charms – each had sentimental value – on my chain. It was a long process. But in the end, when she texted and texted again – “I looooooove it” I knew I did my job right.

Please read more about the process of creating Isabel’s porfolio here.



Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Package Taal Vista Hotel



Last night I was at the surprise birthday party of my friend Angel. It was a lovely night – the setting, the food, the company. I will have to ask her if I can post photos of the event. But let me tell you, it was all elegant and quite romantic. Her new love hosted the party. Halfway through the night we heard a familiar voice singing but we couldn’t figure out who it was. A few seconds later, the curtain started to open and there at the balcony all lit up on a tiny platform was Side A’s Joey Generoso singing Forevermore. How’s that for romantic?

I don’t really have many romantic moments to share. I’m sort of anti-romance – of the commercial sort. But we all have our moments of kilig. Allow me to keep those to myself. Haha. I wonder what your most romantic moments are. Please feel free to share.


Ring in Champagne
Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few days. Here’s a great idea for those planning to propose (and those hoping to get a proposal). Taal Vista Hotel has an entire package planned out for you — including a diamond ring in a champagne flute.


tudor 2
Taal Vista Hotel


Press Release – This Valentines, Taal Vista Hotel rolls out the red carpet to celebrate love and the art of creating the perfect moment by executing the dream proposal for the lucky man. We’ll cover all the bases from the smallest detail to the grandest display of affection.

In celebration of Taal Vista Hotel’s 75th Anniversary, the Hotel unveils its most romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Package which includes a one-carat diamond engagement ring to highlight the Hotel’s Diamond Year.

The first step to forever begins with a hand-delivered invitation for a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two at Taal Vista Hotel. The couple will be chauffeur-driven to Tagaytay where they will be welcomed by General Manager Bernardo Corpus, Jr. Then serenades from a string quartet set the stage for an intimate evening. Award-winning Executive Chef Babes Austria provides the perfect prelude with a sumptuous 6-course candlelit dinner by the fireplace.

After dinner, the moment of truth unfolds as the couple proceeds to the Ridge where a cozy dessert set-up awaits them. The cool weather creates the ideal setting as he prepares to ask the question of a lifetime. A majestic fireworks display will light up the sky in celebration of the engagement.

So start dreaming about this moment and make it a reality this Valentine’s Day.

Contact our Events Specialist for more information on Taal Vista Hotel’s Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Package valid from February 10-14, 2012.

Taal Vista Hotel is located along Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City. For inquiries, please call +63 (2) 886-4325 or log on to www.taalvistahotel.com.






I’m very excited. Things are happening. I can’t wait to get it started…

I took these photos in New York 2010. That’s all I can say for now.


Shopping at Anthropologie
Shopping at Anthropologie


P.S. Thank you for all your kind comments in the earlier post. I’m reading all of them. Thanks so much!