Girly-girl stuff



I was organizing my closet the other day and found that I seem to be currently in a camel and beige mood. I told myself that I should wear sequins at least once a week – to keep me cheerful. But that hasn’t really happened. But here are some things keeping me happy…


J.Crew Edie bag from husband’s recent U.S. trip, Zara sequined skirt from last season and other things…


My friend Bryan gave me this lovely can of Kusmi tea. I’m turning into a tea person but only after lunch. I still need my double espresso cappuccino in the morning. This book, Food Rules, is love for two reasons – Michael Pollan’s interesting and silly list, and Maira Kalman’s illustration. I love her.


The Vita Fede people sent me this awesome ring for Christmas. It is more comfortable than it looks. I love it. Very architectural.


Melissa x Jean Paul Gaultier strappy shoes, gifted.


And my gift to self, Smashbox eyeshadow palette. It’s got a good mix of shimmer and bases – all perfect for daily non-occasion use. If you want to use it for going out at night, just use the more intense colours and cream liners. Very nice.


What do you wear to cheer yourself up?