The Urban Zone story



Here’s something my old UZ team (Manny Segunto, Denmark Alejandro and Maila Cuevas) made for me. I know a lot of you miss Urban Zone on television. So I will try to show you some fresh new webisodes of awesome house tours here in I hope you stay tuned for those…

I’ve missed UZ and I know you Urbanistas are still wanting… This one is for you.




Host & Producer: Daphne Osena Paez
Segment Producers: Denmark Alejandro & Manny Segunto
Researcher: Maila Cuevas
Videographer of interviews: Paolo Ruiz
Location of interviews: Marriott Hotel Manila
Clothing sponsor: K&Company



F Reunion in Instagram



Separation anxiety. I miss the girls already. This kind of on and off screen chemistry can’t be manufactured by any TV producer. Ours was organic. There’s no formula. It was always real.

Yesterday was really special. I have to thank Ginger Conejero for taking interest in our get-together. We ended up in ANC Mornings, and TV Patrol even carried our story on the 6 o’clock news.

Here are some instagram photos taken by Jewelmer’s Mia Macapagal…








The F Girls! First time all 4 of us are together!
This one is a photo from Cher’s camera. I had to capture it via iPhone and post it on my @DaphneOP



F girls at ANC Mornings



We had a big day yesterday. Huge. Our private little F reunion turned out to be quite an event. Ginger Conejero of ANC read my tweets about our get together and she invited us to ANC Mornings. It was the first time all four of us got together ever. Cher and Amanda didn’t have an overlap period during the show. So it was a really special day – to have us all in one place, one couch again. Here’s the uploaded video on You Tube. Please share it with your friends.



I will post behind the scene photos of our special day. But I will have to sleep this off tonight. I’m coming down with a nasty cough. And I didn’t sleep the night before because I was anticipating the reunion.

For now, a big thank you to the following –

Sofitel Philippine Plaza for hosting the F photoshoot
Jewelmer for providing us with luxurious south sea pearls during the interview and the shoot, thank you Mia Macapagal
MAC Cosmetics Team for doing our hair and makeup at ANC and at the photoshoot
Jake Versoza, our amazing photographer
Millet Arzaga, our stylist
Hindy Weber-Tantoco, Rajo Laurel, Louis Claparols, Joey Samson and Richie Ortega for providing us with gowns for the photoshoot


My twitter was filled with sweet and nostalgic tweets about F. I’m curious, what’s your favourite memory of F?



Our first F reunion



Tomorrow is going to be epic! For the first time ever, the four F girls will be together! Cher Calvin, Angel Aquino, Amanda Griffin and me. We’ve never been together. In 2003, Cher left for the US at the same time I had just given birth to my first daughter. We had a 2-month period of having guest-F girls until we found the perfect one in Amanda. So the four of us have never actually been together in a show and in real life. Tomorrow is going to be the first!

This is something that just happened organically. Last January, Cher told me she was coming to town. Her exact words, “Reunion?” So then I asked Amanda if she could fly in this time (she lives overseas with her husband and adorable son). We didn’t have the resources to produce our own reunion show. But we basically just wanted to celebrate life and be together. So I figured, why not get a photographer and have our photos done. I secured a booking with photographer and makeup artist two months ago. A few days ago, they backed out on me – apparently they were double booked or had a better offer.

I wasn’t going to let everything fall apart. Within minutes, I made some calls. And now our reunion is going to be a beautiful private celebration. We start the day with a live appearance at Mornings @ANC at 9:30am. Please tune in to the show as it will be the only time we’re making an appearance. I have to thank these luxury brands for supporting the F reunion – Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Jewelmer, MAC makeup. And a big thanks to stylist Millet Arzaga and photographer Jake Versoza.

Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day of friendship, fashion, food, fun and all things F!


F pictorial at the MRT station, 2000
This was a classic – MRT in the early 2000’s


Back stage
This was the reunion campaign Angel, Cher and I did for a beauty brand.


We used to be so silly
I remember doing this at Enchanted Kingdom and laughing our heads off after every pose. Angel’s daughter Iana was with us. Now she’s in college.


F did a Survivor episode in Palawan
This was one of the most unforgettable experiences. We did a real “survivor” episode before any local show did such immersion programs. We had to go fishing, or else, no lunch.


by Xander Angeles
We shot this in Punta Fuego – Angel, me and Amanda.


F girls in Baguio
One of our trips to Baguio.


My favourite F trip — that one week we spent in Mactan Shangri-la. It was so relaxing. These were my carefree “me” days. Now, I can’t go anywhere for that long.


The same Cebu trip. Can I just say that I want my tan back? These were my beach bum days. I used to go scuba-diving every weekend!


the F girls
This was at a Studio 23 event in Baywalk.


Angel and me
Angel and me at a Studio 23 shoot.


India episode, F
I’m sure the girls will get a good laugh out of this photo. We did an all-India episode minus the traveling part. So we shot at a local Indian temple. But our researchers lost some details. The designer (I think it was Michele Sison) created ethnic-inspired outfits. The temple leaders were aghast at the lack of covering – bare arms, bare back, exposed shoulders. So the temple ladies came to us and covered us up with their shawls. Lesson learned.


Our first major cover.


Please watch Mornings @ANC tomorrow March 28, 2012 at 9:30am – all F girls together again.



Our Taal Vista Hotel weekend



A couple of weekends ago, we were guests of the Taal Vista Hotel. We had two rooms with the most wonderful view of the lake and the volcano. I really like that just an hour away from Manila, we can escape intense summer heat. I have to admit though that most of our Tagaytay trips have revolved around the other side of the ridge – Antonio’s, Sonya’s, and anywhere in Alfonso, Cavite. In the many years of staying here, I sort of took the Taal lake for granted, skipping it for a more serene and quiet experience at the farm-side. It was a pleasant surprise to see that Taal Vista Hotel still has the best view and it has whatever it is you’re looking for – whether it’s a busy park or your own quiet corner.


The hotel sent over some nice welcome treats.


My parents loved the tropical fruits.


We had two adjacent rooms.


Sophia brought her telescope, a gift from my brother’s family.


It was a good night. Not too cloudy. And the moon was full. It was magnificent. I was in awe. We could see all the little craters in the moon.


The next morning, she sat out at the balcony and read her book quietly. Then she was at it again – her telescope.


Click “More…”  to see the rest of our Tagaytay weekend.