UST Architecture



I’ve never been busier in my whole life. And I love it. Everyday my creativity is challenged. And there are days when I actually convert those creative juices into tangible products. I feel exhilarated. The past week was insane. Traveled to China. Got back and prioritized my eldest daughter’s theatre activity at school. Planned my booth at World Bex. Juggled my two younger daughters’ play activities. This week is pretty much the same minus the musical theatre. We are approaching exam week. My World Bex booth needs to be finalized. The two young ones will have pre-school moving up day programmes. I’m getting back into my first medium – video production. So excited about that. In the middle of it all I managed to get a facial at Belo and a new haircut at Alex Carbonell’s Studio Fix salon.

So while all this is happening, I added more by accepting the invitation to give a talk to UST Architecture students. This will be different. It’s interview-type. Not the usual talk for two hours. I’m looking forward to this. And hopefully I can make sense and impart some wisdom or at least useful information.

I love the promotional material the UST Architecture students made. (Don’t mind the photochopping. Not their fault. It’s a file photo).


UST Architecture invite


Daphne Oseña-Paez will Bare It All from Ian Dung on Vimeo.


Hair day



I’m due to see Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix soon. My hair is so long. My curls are still alive but they’ve settled in to nice light waves. It has been a wonderful few months of Soft Set. It was the perfect hair for me. It was looked like beach curls. I’m still contemplating on whether I should maintain the length and the curls… or do something drastic. Let’s see. These things, though I carefully plan for them, usually happen on a whim. So it’ll all depend on how our meeting and consultation will go. Hair is serious business for me now. Haha.


Day 6 of my Soft Set digital perm. Happy happy.
My Soft Set digital perm from Studio Fix.


New from Evita Peroni
Even on not so good days, the waves always fell nicely. All I needed were pretty clamps like this from Evita Peroni.


Maintenance has been easy. I tried a lot of shampoos and conditioners. This set, so far, is my favourite. It has a bit of argan oil in it. And you all know how much I love argan oil. This is lightly scented. It almost smells like baby cologne, Denenes or something nostalgic like that. This is available at Studio Fix in Greenbelt 5.


Working on blogposts about Shanghai. I love that city. Very very charming. Missing it lots.

Have a great Monday!


Vito Selma’s Delilah



This morning I woke up to this video. Vito Selma oozes with creativity and inspiration with everything he does – industrial design, photography, cinema and even instagram.

This is one of his new designs. Delilah. A stunning rocking chair. It’ll be available at KISH.

I think this would be perfect for my next Unicef Auction for Action, Vito. It’s perfect for children and the child in all of us. Wish I had this when I was nursing my babies. This is so beautiful! And the film, lovely.




DELILAH from vitoselma on Vimeo.

Like the ebb and flow of the tides, the act of coming and going reverberates in our most basal instincts as human beings. We go forth, only to go back- to a favorite song, a frayed shirt, a well-loved meal. Back and forth, back and forth.

A rocking chair, a silent testimony to countless babies being nursed to sleep, coming and going between wakefulness and slumber. A rocking chair, tucked into a corner, unused, all but forgotten. A rocking chair, refashioned. Back and forth, back and forth, we go.

Vito Selma



Anthropologie wishes



I was browsing through Anthropologie’s new catalog and ended up making a wish list. Their catalogs and website do that to me. It’s fun to pretend that life is one big Anthropologie shop window. Everything is always so lovely and pretty with a little quirk. These prints are so cute.


anth-shutter ridge2
Yonina Mini Dress, Parquet Pullover, AG Neon Stevie Ankle Pants, Split-Shade Purse


Air-Born Cardigan


anth-shutter ridge wedge
Shutter Ridge Wedges


anth-brimming borders
Brimming Borders Mini DressBrimming Borders Mini SkirtKarina PulloverDaybook Mini Satchel




The curious mind



Daphne Osena-Paez
When I became a National Geographic brand ambassador, no one was more thrilled about it than my daughters. Sophia was just 7 then; Lily was 5. They took the message to heart. That in order to change the world and make it a better place, you must “Live Curious”. And that they are. We are a factory of questions in this household. And I don’t have the answers to everything. Luckily we have books, trips, movies, shows and the park.


The Mind Museum
During the NatGeo launch, the kids discovered the Mind Museum. They have been watching out for its opening since. I have been watching its construction at the Fort. It looks like a landmark building. Gorgeous architecture. I haven’t been inside yet. Hopefully soon.


Excited about the Mind Museum
Dear Mind Museum, Sophia and Lily (and Stella) are your biggest fans. We can’t wait to see what you have in there. Please have some cool summer programs for kids. And don’t be too expensive so that more children, rich or poor, can afford to see the museum and be captivated by science.


She loves science and exploration so much, Soph’s asked for a science themed 7th birthday party.


Hosted the groundbreaking of Bonifacio High Street Central
A couple of years ago, I hosted the groundbreaking of Bonifacio High Street Central, which included the Mind Museum. Now these plans have come to fruition. It’s wonderful to have another place in Metro Manila where kids and families can go – a place that informs, challenges and entertains.


The kids can’t wait to see this new Mind Museum. I hope the kids enjoy it as much as they enjoyed the Ontario Science Centre which was built over 40 years ago in Toronto. To see some of our photos from that trip, click “More…”