Care Divas



My friend Ito Kish has always been trying to find ways to give back and make this world better. Last Christmas he held an impromptu 2-for-1 sale of his fabulous items all for the benefit of flood victims in Mindanao. I snapped up two of his fish bowls. They now belong to me and Ingrid. It was a fantastic way to help.

This season he is raising funds for the Black Pencil Project, an organization that buys school supplies for children in need in the Philippines. So to add fun to this campaign, Kish sponsored one night of CareDivas, a fun and funny musical. All proceeds from the sale of tickets on April 27th will go to the Black Pencil Project.




PRESS RELEASE – After a highly successfully opening last February 2011, Care Divas continued to perform for raving audiences in encore performances during the months of April, May, June, July and December. Due to insistent public demand, PETA is once again mounting the play, this time bringing it to the heart of Makati.

Liza Magtoto’s CARE DIVAS – a disarmingly funny and candid musical drama telling the stories of five Filipino transgender migrant workers who immigrated to Israel to work as health care providers for the elderly and who in their spare time, perform as drag queens. While desperate to make ends meet in another country, they also struggle to search for freedom and acceptance. Directed by PDI’s BRAVO Director of the Year, Maribel Legarda and scored by award-winning composer and singer Vincent de Jesus.


roderick melvin
Roderick Paulate and Melvin Lee


Black Pencil Project in Mindoro


For a night, have fun with the Divas and help out the kids!

Tickets(seats are numbered)
Lower orchestra center Php 1,100.00
Lower orchestra left & right Php 1,000.00
Upper orchestra center Php 1,000.00
Upper orchestra left & right Php 800.00
Balcony center Php 700.00
Balcony left & right Php 500.00

Tickets are available at Ticket world. Tel 891-9999/916 340-3919/921 564-2108 or



My pieces



Here are some photos taken from last month’s building and construction expo. I showed new Daphne Furniture® and displayed some of the Daphne Linens in the wardrobe. The linens are regularly sold at SM Homeworld and Our Home. And the furniture line will be sold in my new retail partner. I’ll be on site today to check the stocks. And if everything proceeds as planned, I’ll let you know the details.

All photos by Terry Uy.


I developed the wall paper print with The Purpose Store. They can do any print you care to design. Unit A-10 Makati Home Depot, 2248 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, Tel 478-9047 and 623-4455.


Daphne for Linens Direct available at SM Homeworld and Our Home.


The wardrobe was meant for little girls. I went for grey with a powdery pink tint inside the closets.


New colours.



Little champions



Crazy-amazing things are happening to me.

At the same time it’s beginning to feel like real work. In a good way. But I still insist on my non-negotiables – being there with the kids during their chosen activities. I just want to be around them. Yesterday though, I had to tape Cocktales. So Sophia had a substitute take her to voice and theatre. I mothered via remote-control and iPhone. It wasn’t so bad. I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

In between the shoot and a work-related event, I had a couple of hours to kill. So I went home (for just half an hour) and hugged the three rabbits. Then I went to the launch of Samsung Smart TV. There I realized that I am not the only mother struggling with balancing. In my table were very successful women all aiming for the same things I am… work-life balance. There was even a top executive dad who admitted he needed lots of time with his kids. It was a nice feeling.


Needed hugs so I went home and got 3 doses. Then back to work. #motherhood
In between work, I went home and got 3 doses of the best hugs in the world.


Baby #ballet will still be part of my life for the next 3 years. Cute.
We were late during the first day of Lily’s ballet class. I vow to be a bit more organized.


Today is going to be one of those days again. Lily’s ballet lessons, admin stuff for school, first day of delivery of Daphne Furniture in its new home. I’m already planning the next round of summer activities. We’re doing swimming and ice skating. These activities are as much a commitment by the parents as it is by the child. I am amazed at parents who have committed their kids to sports or arts – to the extent that their kids excel and progress. It is not easy making it to practice and sessions on time.

To all parents, not just moms, I found this video via my sister Hanni who also struggles with making breakfast, sending her boys to Tae Kwon Do and making it to the GO Train to get downtown in time for work. To my Mom and Dad who gave me all the lessons and events I wanted to do growing up – ballet, tennis, art, painting, swimming, yearbook camp – plus my brother and sisters’ activities – rowing, camping, trumpet, violin, soccer, tennis. Even though none of us ended up excelling in any of these fields, we learned the greatest lessons. That of giving our own kids the confidence to try and learn new things and hopefully find their own passions.

Watch this –




That F day



I meant to post this in the morning but my life took over and I forgot to press “publish”. I’m having a crazy week. Like I mentioned, April is all about new beginnings for me. I started a new job with the TV5 network, specifically a talkshow in AksyonTV. This week my collaboration with a big retail chain finally comes together after months of planning. We shoot the campaign in a few days. I can’t tell you how excited I am. And the re-release of Daphne Furniture® in my new retail partner is happening now as I type. I will announce when ready. Sigh.

My real life takes precedence over whatever work I’m trying to accomplish though. My kids started their summer activities. And any parent can tell you that summer activities and schedules are insane! Last year I had them all in a summer camp in one place. They did their singing, ballet, swimming and theatre while I ran the treadmill. None of that is happening this season. My kids and I have decided to step up the singing and theatre game by signing up in a more serious place. Unfortunately, little Stella isn’t included in the plans. So I have to find the time to get her some swimming lessons. Let’s not talk about the heat yet…

Anyway, here are some things of beauty. Photos and outtakes from our F reunion. Hard to believe it’s been three weeks. I can’t share the official photos yet until they’re published in print.

All photos taken using Olympus PEN EP3


I will never get tired of Jewelmer south sea pearls. Look at the rings we got to wear that day. Some styles I can identify – Lautitia Effloro, Margherita and Rosone.


Amanda’s Jimmy Choos were a gift from her husband, David. They’re so beautiful.


I wore Jewelmer’s Lautitia Ostrea ring.


MAC Cosmetics hair and makeup team groomed us all day.


One of my favourite photographers, Jake Versoza.


The four F girls and our shoes.


More Jewelmer candies worn by me and Cher.



Germ Killer raffle



In 2010, my three daughters caught a nasty virus that got them down for a week. It was the dreadful Hand Foot and Mouth Disease or HFMD. My eldest caught it in her school and the two young ones caught it from her immediately. I freaked when the doctor told me the illness because I immediately associated it with Foot & Mouth Disease of cattle and pigs. But the two are totally different and unrelated. Turns out HFMD is not uncommon among children under 5. And sometimes adults can get it. I didn’t.


Hand Foot Mouth Disease
These were the spots on Stella’s hand


Hand Foot Mouth Disease
She had them all over her feet too. Some were like blisters.


My kids HFMD started as a fever then these strange red spots showed up on the soles of their feet and palms of their hands. They also got spots around their mouth and some sores inside their mouth. It was horrible. They couldn’t eat. There was no cure for it except hydration, rest and if needed fever and pain relief medicines. I was very conscious about stopping the spread of this virus so I alerted my kids schools immediately so other parents wouldn’t send their kids to school if they had those spots and sores (a lot of HFMD cases go unidentified).


Lily's nails. Caused by HFMD
My friends warned me that their kids lost their nails after a few weeks or months. It happened to mine. Here’s what Lily’s nails looked like months after she got HFMD. Some nails fell off but eventually grew back normally. Very strange.


Whenever we go through a cycle of viral illness at home, I get so tense about cleaning and disinfecting. I’m a serial handwasher and I force my girls to be as well. But they are kids and can’t control what and where they touch. Aside from handwashing, I have my regular schedule for disinfecting my home.


GK Surface (500ml)
I’m currently trying some products from my new blog sponsor, Germ Killer. This range of disinfectants doesn’t use harsh and flammable alcohol as its main ingredient. Germ Killer uses a water-based formulation safe on all surfaces and not hazardous to people. It claims to be effective against gram-positive (sore throat) and gram-negative bacteria (salmonella, E. coli), MRSA (skin infections), viruses such as H1N1, HFMD, mould and mildew.


GK Air
GK Air


GK Brochure
GK Surface cleans and disinfects in one step. This is the most convenient of the range as it doesn’t require any dilution. It can be used on stove tops, tiles and even fabric.


GK Brochure2
GK Concentrate is for heavy duty cleaning, soaking of kitchen sponges and soaps, mopping floors and cleaning toys (no second rinse required).



Germ Killer is now available in Ace Hardware, Ace Express, Handyman, Wilcon and Citihardware branches. For the month of April they are giving out samples at Baby and Beyond. For more information check out their Facebook page. We are also doing a raffle/givewaway through this blog. It’s open to anyone with a Philippine address.


Germ Killer will be giving away three full sets like this. It contains the full range of Germ Killer disinfectants – Air, Surface and Concentrate. Also in the package are various sponges and wipe cloths from Arix. Raffle is open to anyone with a Philippine address. GK will send the prizes to you.


Just follow these easy steps from Rafflecopter. You will get a greater chance of winning if you tweet about the contest once a day. But it only if you do it through this Rafflecopter widget. Good luck!!!


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