Titanic 100 years ago today



My 9-year old daughter Sophia woke me up this morning and reminded me that today was the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s sinking. She has read every Titanic fact book we’ve found and remains fascinated with every single detail about the ship. I wish we could bring them to Singapore to see the Titanic exhibit this summer, but that’s not going to happen. Last night, at our dinner party my friend Raymond Lee, a film maker, reminded me to watch James Cameron’s Titanic again. Despite the cheese factor, it remains one of my favourite films. I want to see it in 3D.

Tonight, HISTORY™ premiers its documentary, TITANIC: MYSTERY SOLVED at 8pm. Here’s the press release. (Gentle reminder that also tonight at 9:30pm, my new show Cocktales airs on AksyonTV. Hope you can catch that too.)


Titanic Art Card


As the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s sinking approaches, a team of scientists, engineers, archaeologists and imaging experts have joined forces to answer one of the most haunting questions surrounding the legendary disaster: Just how did the “unsinkable” ship break apart and plunge into the icy waters of the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912?

TITANIC: MYSTERY SOLVED, premiering Sunday, April 15 at 8pm on HISTORY, will document this most recent mission, unveiling astonishing pieces of never-before-seen wreckage and presenting the expedition’s unexpected findings as well as definitive answers.


In 2010, HISTORY joined the world’s top underwater experts in this most recent expedition to the wreck site, one that completed the most thorough and exhaustive study of the wreck ever made. The undertaking, which included the leadership participation of RMS Titanic, Inc., the salvor in possession of the wreck site, yielded unprecedented new discoveries and the first comprehensive map of Titanic’s watery grave – the entire fifteen square-mile patch of ocean floor where Titanic came to rest – helping to solve the century-old puzzle of what went wrong and to determine who or what was responsible.


TITANIC: MYSTERY SOLVED tells the exclusive story of this expedition. In addition to the mapping of the entire site, the special will also reveal for the first time the complete picture of the breakup and sinking by use of a virtual hangar. Applying the techniques of a space shuttle or aircraft accident investigation (mapping the site and reassembling the pieces in a hangar), the team of experts will create a virtual holographic reconstruction of the wreck site in a hangar. No other anniversary show has the exclusive story of this unique expedition and its startling revelations.


In the twenty-five years since the wreck was located, no one has ever explored and mapped the entire site – none has had all the keys to understanding what could have truly happened on that fateful night – as nearly half the area remained unseen and unknown, and significant portions of the ship, which could reveal how it broke, were missing. Now, after 100 years, every inch of the entire site is finally known, and every piece of the ship documented exactly where it landed on the ocean floor a century ago.


In TITANIC: MYSTERY SOLVED, viewers see newly discovered pieces of the ship for the first time, follow the expedition’s new finds, and will come to learn the definitive story of how the ship broke apart. The event special will answer the biggest questions about Titanic: did she have a fatal flaw, and if so, who or what was responsible? By the end of TITANIC: MYSTERY SOLVED viewers will finally know the whole story, finally laying the Titanic to rest.


While other anniversary programs tout best-guess theories and land-based speculation, TITANIC: MYSTERY SOLVED presents new findings based on real-world hard evidence gathered on-site to deconstruct the disaster and show exactly how the ship broke apart. From this analysis, we’ll find out who or what was at fault and who or what has been blamed unfairly.


This will be the definitive story of the tragic sinking of Titanic.




TITANIC: MYSTERY SOLVED will premiere April 15, 8pm on HISTORY
(SkyCable Ch 25; Cablelink Ch44; Dream Ch 30; Destiny Cable Ch 57)

Repeat airings:
16 April (Mon): 1am, 9am, 8pm
17 April (Tues): 2pm, 11pm
18 April (Wed): 7pm
20 April (Fri): 10pm
21 April (Sat): 2pm
23 April (Mon): 2pm
28 April (Sat): 7pm
29 April (Sun): 3am, 10am



Still on Cath Kidston



I’m embarrassed to admit how many Cath Kidston bags I have. But every time I look at their new catalog, I always find a need for a new one. Last season was about my Spot Overnight Bag, the same ones as Kate Middleton’s. Now I’m going a bit nuts about this Fold Out bag.


I’m in love with this Spot Large Fold Out bag.


It’s the perfect bag for the pool and beach. Or for a day out shopping. It can fold in to be a tote bag. Then it folds out to be a deeper tote with shoulder straps.


I’ve suprised myself and my family the past couple of weeks. I’ve been cooking more frequently. Yesterday was freakishly productive. I baked cupcakes with the girls. Then while they were in the park, I made quiche from scratch – including the crust. I wish I had these pretty kitchen thingys. I’m also eyeing Cath Kidston’s English Rose Small Oilcloth Tablecloth. But I’m still trying to figure out how to get it to Manila. Balikbayan box perhaps.


Something has changed within me. I now wear sneakers more often. Even the kids noticed. So now I want those Mini Dot Plimsolls (aka sneakers)


I need my Cath Kidston fix this season. My readers in the US and the UK are lucky. You can easily shop online for Cath Kidston bags and other items here.






I love it when my friend Carlo Tadiar, editor in chief of Metro Home magazine, invites us to dinner at his house. He always hosts the most interesting dinner parties with the most engaging guests. Unlike most hosts (myself included), Carlo doesn’t have his food catered. He cooks everything himself. I always leave with a beautiful impression of a life of good taste and great style.

On Easter night, we had dinner at Carlo’s place. He had outdone himself again. The food was perfect – gazpacho, braised pork ribs, steamed fish, perfectly cooked shrimps and my favourite, “sosyal” na pinakbet.  Unfortunately I don’t have good food photos because I was too focused on eating. Here are some of the photos I managed to take.


Carlo’s living room with flash. I don’t like flash. So the rest of the photos are of the low-light, no-flash kinds. Pardon my unsteady hands. Blame it on the wine.


Carlo and me without flash


I saw this wall grow from being empty to the way it is now. And he says, he’s still not fished filling it up.


I love his throw pillows.


In my dream life I would want a wall full of curiosities like this. But it would be a battle with Patrick. He doesn’t like objects.


Carlo’s collection of photographs. Each has story. I love how stylishly undecorated his house is. Everything speaks of his own personal taste and not of a professional decorator’s. Never mind the fact that he is the Editor of a home design mag.


After dinner talks with writer and ballet instructor Cherish Garcia, furniture designer Gabby Lichauco, Ito Kish of Kish, Patrick.


SC Vizcarra’s Rita Nazareno and stylist Michael Salientes.


Carlo, fresh from the kitchen.


Another part of his collection – naked Ken doll.


I love bar carts. I’m still looking for the perfect one for our house.


I loved the way he filled this table with… stuff! It was perfectly cluttered. When I texted Carlo a question about the method to his way of decorating, he said “Wala lang.” (Just nothing.)


Matte porcelain little lamb (or is it a deer?).


Beside the lamb, a bunch of glass terrariums. One of them had three birds perched on its rim.


A garden gnome and brass lamp base.


I will never look at candy jars the same way again.





I’m over it



Last Easter weekend, while enjoying our relaxing staycation, I had to deal with some minor drama at home. I discovered a puddle of water forming in the corner of our tiny lanai. It turned out that one of the air-conditioners had a leak. Then I saw that one of my old trunks, filled with memories and sentimental mumbo jumbo, was inadvertently moved to the lanai by my husband. And the puddle of water seeped into my wooden baul.


Here’s the antique trunk.


And snippets of my life from the time I moved to the Philippines to before I got married. I had photos and slides from my work in Guimaras and Mexico, old Metro magazines where my first published article and columns came out, and tons of letters from friends and family. The only thing that could console me was a cup of Earl Grey tea. And solitude for about an hour.


Good thing my box of negatives survived the water damage. They were all untouched inside this paper box. Seeing old negatives again actually made me smile. Gosh, how I loved film! My camera back then was a point and shoot Rollei and Rollei Prego.


This was the worst casualty. A pile of old letters and cards, mostly from my friends in Canada and my family. I bit back some tears. But when I saw that some old black and white photos of my parents survived unscathed, I got over it. It’s better to lose the letters than the old photos, in my opinion.


My life flashed before my eyes. An old road trip to Pennsylvania with my  mom and brother. This was at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg. An original black and white print from the time I was one year old. My old ABSCBN News and KBP Press cards, which reminded me that I actually was a news reporter in Malacanang. I also went through a few weeks of covering police/crime stories with a Tulfo Brother (aka Erwin)! The old Metro Weddings magazine that published my bridal diary. After this, they offered me Editor in Chief. I did it for a couple of years. That’s where Ingrid – The Baghag and I met.


Black and white photos that Patrick took of me at the set of The World Tonight. I was the weathergirl back when Angelo Castro Jr. and Loren Legarda used to be the anchors. One of the news managers asked me to cut my hair short to make me look more serious. I had a 45 second appearance every night . The World Tonight was the top rating newscast in its time slot back then. Other reporters wanted my job. Even though 99% of the time, I said the same thing – “scattered rain showers and thunderstorms.” I took the job seriously, but my heart was never in it. I really just wanted to tell stories. So I learned how to write, shoot and edit my own vignettes – Video Postcard. Seeing this brought back memories of my hungry years in the newsroom. Yesterday, Patrick and I attended the necrological services for Angelo at ABS-CBN. It was deep, meaningful and personal. I’m not sure I have the words for it now.


One of the albums that survived – my scuba trip to Palau in 1997. I remembered how much I loved scuba diving. That was the main reason I first decided to move to Manila. I was diving practically every weekend. Diving made me so happy then. Until eventually I found reason to be happy on land. Oh to be young and angsty.


I have two of these small albums that didn’t quite make it. All the photos got stuck together. This one was from the time there was a major snow storm in Toronto in 1999. By the way while I was going through and talking about my photo albums, Lily blurted out, “What’s an album, mommy?” Thank goodness we have digital files now. I am finally appreciating the digital age.


Every time I went home, it was difficult to say goodbye. #family
Every time I went home to my parents in Toronto, it was so difficult to say goodbye. My sister Hanni did this for me.


These photos didn't make it. But the loss wasn't as great as I had thought. Whew.
These photos didn’t make it. I don’t even know what images they once held.


Minor damage in this old magazine from 2002. Patrick wrote about surviving his “abduction” by the Taliban (or was it random bandits) when they went to Kabul, Afghanistan via the Khyber Pass in 2001. This one’s for keeps. For our daughters.


I thought about whether on not I should even share this little mishap of mine. I know some of you lived through worse water damage – Ondoy, Sendong, hurricanes, tsunamis. And I am so sorry for that. My damage is minor.

This came at the strangest time in my life though. It was Easter week. While I was going about my quiet life at home, I got distracted by a useless but harmful storm that got me sad for a day. It took some perspective and silence to get over it.

Then a day before Easter, this happens. It was a different kind of sadness. It was more of a cleansing. I took it as a sign that maybe I should unload physically and mentally. That I shouldn’t think too much and just live life to the fullest every single day.  That even though I lost some old letters and photos, I continue to make new memories every day. That I am grateful for all the people whom I loved and loved me in those old photos and letters are still here with me in my life now. My sisters consoled me via WhatsApp. My dad texted me from Ilocos. Patrick and the kids rushed me so we could spend the rest of the day laughing and playing at the pool.

I’m over it.



My first episode of Cocktales



Here are some snippets from my shoot last week.


The show is named after Vic Agustin’s long running column, Cocktales, which can now be found in the Interaksyon portal.  This is Cita Revilla’s first talk show, though she may look very familiar to many. Cita comes from the famous and beautiful family of the Revilla sisters.


My first episode with Vic and Cita. I wore K & Company and the necklace I made for myself (rock crystal and white gold).


We had BIR Commissioner Kim Henares. It’s tax time!


I wore the dress Hindy Tantoco made for me last year when I went to the LV opening. I wore my own jewelry.


These diva lights are the best.


They give this twinkly ring-effect around the eyes.


Hope you have a good day today!