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At a recent dinner party my friends and I discussed food and produce. My friend only eats and cooks free-range chicken. I should really do this because I’ve read too much about how commercially grown chicken has too much hormones and anti-biotics.

Then I asked my other friend about fish. He has a fish farm. I asked why all of a sudden, there’s too much Dory fillet in the frozen section of the supermarket. I don’t even know what dory fish looks like (Pangasius) nor where they come from. And why are they relatively cheap. So then he went on and told me about the possible risks of Dory and of farmed Tilapia. He says pick red tilapia over the regular black ones. So now I’m conscious and more paranoid.

I’m not here to discredit the aquaculture and poultry industries. For the record, I eat meat, poultry and fish. I try to make healthy choices for me and my family but we are not totally organic-eaters either. I buy local vegetables – onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, pechay etc. even if imported ones are bigger an cheaper. I wish all grocery stores identified where their produce comes from. Isn’t that mandatory? We avoid processed food (no bright red hotdogs and no instant noodles) except for the occasional corned beef and SPAM (bad!) and choose slow food 94% of the time (yes, 6% of the time I buy fried chicken in fast food restaurants). No one’s vegetarian here. I’d say we’re a normal average family in terms of food choices.

While I have yet to discover a healthy choice of chicken and fish, I’m glad I found organic beef. My friends Tom and Tanya Favis sent us some steaks to try at home. And since trying it, we are now converts. The Farm Organics is available at The Landmark Supermarket Makati and Trinoma, and Rustan’s Makati, Forbes Park San Antonio, Edsa Shangri-la, Shopwise Libis and Echomarket.


photo (1)
Quite the unusual gift from Tom and Tanya Favis. They wanted me to try organic beef from their farm.


It was tender and perfect!


This is their Rib-eye. They also have New York and Tenderloin. Plus the regular cuts like cubes, mechado, nilaga, sukiyaki, ground beef and more.


The Farm Organics also has a gourmet line that includes ready-to-eat roast beef.


Here’s what it looks like when you take home the Ready-To-Eat Organic Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy. This is available at Landmark Makati, Landmark Trinoma and The Farm BF Homes Paranaque. For delivery, call 403-9130.


photo (2)
And here’s the local pasture where the cows are raised with no antibiotics and no added growth hormones. The Farm Organics beef “contains more Vitamin E and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which supports our immune system and helps fight cancer. Both the Omega-3 fats and CLA in grass-fed beef actually reduce the risk of heart disease.”


The farm Organics _Flyer_0518


For more information like The Farm Organics on Facebook.



Badaphne makes the headlines!



I am floored!

Angelica Panganiban spoofed again me as “Badaphne” in her comedy show Banana Split. And ABS-CBN News puts it on their front page! How cool is that?

I love it!!! Thanks guys!


Badaphne of Uban Zone is in the front page of ABS-CBN News – with Lady Gaga and Chief Justice Corona!


Spoof UZ


Watch the video here.



Ayala Malls





Have you signed up for Ayala Malls’ new online shopping promo site called A-Deals? I’ve done it since last month. It’s interesting to see their promos online before I hit the malls. Just a note to the A-Deals people, I forgot my password. Haha. So I only get the updates but right now I can’t enter. Help!

Signing up is free and easy. Just click on the A-Deals ad on the right side of my blog. Or click here.


You can get the chance to win a P10,000 shopping spree.



Anthropologie clearance sale



It only happens twice a year. Anthropologie Clearance Sale.


Rose & Gold Slip Dress


Trianon wedges
Trianon Wedges


Banho bathmat
Banho bathmat


Anthropologie Clearance Sale Twice a year, twice as big, online & in stores.



Balik Bukid



I remember many of you loved my entry on Fun Farm at Santa Elena. It really is a lovely place for kids an kids at heart. My friend Hindy Tantoco manages this place with her family. I adore their lifestyle in Santa Elena. It’s what many of us dream of – fresh air, organic produce, lots of open space for children. I love that they are able to share this beautiful place with many people. And on May 27th, we can all discover the simple joys of country living in Santa Elena.


After we went to Fun Farm with my kids’ friends, we convinced Stella’s preschool to do their field trip here.


Simple joys.


BBukid Flyer


On May 27, Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate, a golf course and residential community in Laguna, is opening its gates to host its first Balik Bukid Country Fair. They’re preparing a lot of activities for the family – holistic fun, recreation and entertainment. I hope they have fresh guyabano juice from Holy Carabao because it was really good the last time I was there.


Activities include saddling up a horse, horseback riding, fishing, feeding the cows, climbing trees, and chasing chickens.


And carabao-cart rides


Obstacle 1
They’ve added more thrilling activities like off-road biking, interactive trekking, an outdoor obstacle course, rope courses, a big trampoline, a sprinkler playground, and other bukid games. Photo from Balik Bukid.


Cow Sled Ride
Photo from Balik Bukid.


The teepee. Photo from Balik Bukid.


The 1st Balik Bukid Country Fair will also feature local craftsmen and hip designers selling earth-friendly creations for apparel, accessories and home decor. And to cap off the country-style festivity, guest artists will be serenading families with acoustic vibes. There will also be healthy and organic cuisines.

For more information, kindly visit our Facebook fanpage at You can you reach Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate by taking Cabuyao exit along SLEX.