The RAMP Crossings




On May 22 at the SMX Convention Center, watch as The Ramp, Mundo and The Ramp Kids, the in-house cult fashion brands of style-setting store, Crossings, further cement their sartorial standing with a sophomore show at Philippine Fashion Week. To be directed by Robby Carmona and styled by Daryl Chang and Andre Chang, the show promises to veer from safe and traditional ready-to-wear pairings. The Ramp will feature a visual melange of prints and patterns in playful and sophisticated silhouettes to create a Mixology of Style. Creative Director, Mario Barrientos and designer Macel Pangan, worked with paisleys, Zebra prints and cleverly contrasted these with sleek lines, peplums, flirty cutouts and thigh-high hemlines. For Mundo, double knit tops and cotton ensembles are awash in pastel and stripes, producing an effortlessly chic, weekend vacation look.

Take a sneak peek at the Fall / Holiday Collection of The Ramp Crossings’ with this teaser video created by Melvin Mojica, Jujiin Samonte and Paulo Castro.

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I didn’t forget Mother’s Day. I was just busy living it instead of writing about it. We had a huge weekend. So happy that my parents are here. It made mother’s day feel even more special with my Mom around. In keeping with my love for old photos, here are some more…


Mom in Hong Kong
Mom as a stewardess for PAL, back when it was fantastic in the 60’s.


She represented Philippine Air Lines at an aviation convention in Hong Kong
She’s so lovely


My 1 year old birthday party.
Mom and me at my birthday party.


My mom in Manila Bay
Mom and I think it’s me (or my brother) in Manila Bay.


Stella and me
Stella and me by the same bay.


Happy mother’s day to my amazing mom, Rose, who taught me everything I know about being a mother and complete woman.

– how to make each child feel like she is the best and favourite because each child should feel that confident;
– how to support each child in choosing what she thinks she wants to do while a mother secretly hopes and prays the child will succeed in that chosen field/task;
– how to cook each kid’s favourite food and that a sprinkle of brown sugar always makes spaghetti and lasagna taste better;
– how to listen to three (in her case four) voices at the same time and pretend you hear them all;
– how to make your home beautiful and comfortable for all members of the family even if there’s clutter (to this day, we love going to my parents’ house);
– how to love and respect a husband so daughters will know how it is to be loved well and hopefully choose a good partner in the future;
– that it’s important for a mama to look and feel her best because it helps her become a better person and better mom;
– that a woman should have/earn her own money;
– that a woman should see the world before she gets married;
– that it’s better to order food than stress out over cooking party food (but she baked our birthday cakes and made apple pie from scratch anyway);
– that moms must find some quiet time to meditate and talk to God.


There are more lessons. Up to this day, I’m still learning from her. Amazing woman. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

My dad’s 50 years of flying



It’s going to be a huge day. My dad is celebrating his 50th anniversary at the Philippine Air Force Flying School in Fernando Air Base, Lipa, Batangas.

A milestone. The members of the Class of 1962 will be there with their families – all of us proud and honouring our dads who’ve had very interesting flying careers. But of course in my eyes, I will only be seeing my dad’s face marching among the many graduates of the Air Force. He is our hero, our star, our Superman. He flew. And he had superpowers.

Through the fifty years of his being a military pilot, he survived it not only with flying colours but with dignity and honour. I am proud to say that my dad is an honest man. I feel like I have to say it because this is a paragraph with the word “military” in it.

I will be emotional tomorrow. That’s a given. I’m a daddy’s girl.

But that’s not the only reason there will be tears. I am reminded of the dark period when my dad was a victim of a harsh system and an unfair judgement. His is a story you would never have heard about because his name wasn’t big enough to be of public interest. (Except now, his name is in Carlos Celdran’s Livin’ La Vida Imelda). My dad’s case wasn’t a scandal. It was an effect of 1986 but it wasn’t about politics. It was simply an administrative fiasco that had a huge effect in our lives. Like, we lost our country overnight. My dad lost his rank at the peak of his career. And from what I saw, he lost the sparkle in his eyes.

But my dad’s strength of character was unwavering. During the many years of feeling exiled in a foreign land, all he wanted was to go home and finish serving his country. He fought for his rights. It was complicated. A few people helped. In 1997, he accomplished his task. And I was beside him though the journey. He got what he wanted and deserved – his clean name with a clean conscience and even cleaner, empty pockets.

My dad officially retired from the Air Force with the rank of full Colonel with a humble plot of land he paid off during his career. No luxury vehicles. No mansion. Like I said… honest. And happy.


Dad, Air Force
In the early days of his active service in the military, my dad was a rescue pilot.


Dad, Air Force
He then flew as a helicopter pilot assigned to President Diosdado Macapagal. And he eventually stayed on in the presidential wing as helicopter pilot of President Ferdinand Marcos from the 60’s to 1983.


Dad, Air Force
Here’s one of his “superhero” photos taken in a rural area. I love old photographs.


Dad, Air Force
Another photo from the 1960’s. His military career was focused on flying helicopters. At one point he was the comptroller of 700th Special Mission Wing (Presidential). It was the 1970’s then, and they were acquiring many new aircrafts. Very exciting times for the young pilots.


My dad in a helicopter used in Korean War
This is the Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw. It is now in the PAF Museum near Resorts World.


Presidential Pilots with IRM & FM in Baguio
The presidential pilots with First Lady Imelda Marcos and President Marcos.


First Lady inaugurating the Puma (helicopter)
This was in the early 80’s. First Lady Imelda Marcos inaugurating the new PUMA helicopter.


My dad and Sammy Davis Jr
Dad got to fly heads of states and royalty (seriously). And other famous visitors like Sammy Davis Jr. In the background, Elvira Manahan.


Dad, Air Force
Dad as a civilian pilot in Canada.


Dad, Air Force
This photo brings us back to 1962, on the day when a young man from Quezon Province achieved his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. He did that… and more.


Some of the dads didn’t make it out of the Air Force. Mine did.

And he got the sparkle back in his eyes.

That’s a big gift. Thank you God.






I had this interesting conversation with some of my girlfriends about beauty maintenance. We all have our own routines – creams, treatments, facials. I would say there’s no formula for perfectly youthful skin. Each person is different. But a little help from dermatologists and special creams can definitely help. At some point though, you’ll have to either blame or thank your genes.

Since I moved to the Philippines in the mid-90’s I had gotten into the habit of being very conscious about skin care. I don’t know if its because of my line of work (on-cam) or if its because I’m in Manila and 90% of the women here have beautiful skin (peer pressure). In my 20’s, I went to a dermatologist at least once a month. I did the very basic – cleaning to remove whiteheads and blackheads. No bells and whistles. No facial massages. But I also abused my skin quite a lot. I was in the beach almost every weekend, scuba diving and all-out sun-tanning. The 30’s was all about oil-control for me. I didn’t want to break out anymore. So my doctor would let me use a toner with some clindamycin and other things. To keep the fine lines in check, I used a mild anti-aging moisturizer when needed. I was also very religious about eye cream.

Now my routine is a bit more sophisticated, but still unobtrusive. Here’s a complete list of things I do and products I use:


Mother's Day DPF


1. I go to Belo Medical Group once every two weeks. Religiously. I’ve been doing this for almost four years. They currently have this great Mother’s Day package. Please consider getting something from Belo for your Mom.

2. In Belo, I get a basic facial – cleaning, steam, facial massage every two weeks.

3. Then I get a quick Power Peel on my face and neck (at Belo). This is like a vacuum suction tube with a sandpaper-like edge. It gently exfoliates my skin. There is no downtime. I usually fall asleep at this part because it’s so relaxing.

Today was "love myself day" - had a Belo facial. I love the new Greenbelt branch.
Belo Greenbelt’s very chic waiting area


4. A few months ago I started to try Belo’s Sculptor Plus. I figured, I’ve been so good with the food that I eat. I exercise whenever I can (not much). But no matter what, my arms are always on the big side. Even when I was skinny, my arms were big. I think that’s the part I blame genetics. The Sculptor machine doesn’t hurt. It has these light pulses that initially shock you but then you get used to it. I’ve been doing it on my upper arms. They feel and look more firm now. (I refuse to exercise my triceps again because I blame that for making them larger than they were.  All those stupid weights I lifted when I was younger… once I stopped, my muscles turned to flab.) And no, I will not have liposuction. Simply because I’m too scared.

5. I have also tried six rounds of TiteFX on my wings once a week. Or what we crassly call back fat. TiteFX is more freaky than the Sculptor. But I hear it is also more potent. This one is a machine that feels warm and has a bit of a suction-effect. Then once your skin gets suctioned, what feels like a light electrical strobe shocks you in a ticklish way. It’s non-invasive. And it promises to melt surface fat and make skin tighter. It worked on the wing part… I wish they would do it all over my tummy as well. Haha.

6. At home, I use different types of eye cream – Olay, Estee Lauder, Chanel. I actually mix up my products. Sometimes I skip the eye cream and use those potent serums under my eye area. I find that I don’t need so much anti-aging stuff on my cheeks because I’m prone to break outs and I have nice skin anyway. Don’t hate me for saying that. Objectively, my skin’s been tested and scrutinized. I’m happy that I have little to almost invisible pores. Could be my derma commitment, could be my genes.

Got a quick hair treatment at Studio Fix w Alex Carbonel to revive shine. Happy.
One of my many hair treatments with Alex Carbonell


7. Hair care is also a big thing for me. Every couple of weeks I get a treatment at Alex Carbonell’s Studio Fix. I used to only need it once a month. But I found that after I did my Soft Set curls and hair colour, my hair got a bit dry. Nothing that a little conditioning treatment can’t address. My latest treatment was Kerastase Chronologiste – this mixture that had “caviar” pearls that burst into luxurious oils. It felt sooooo soft and smooth. It actually has been a week (and I wash my hair everyday) and my hair still feels and looks soft and shiny. I’m going to have to talk to Alex about this because I think I am addicted and dependent on this. Haha. (In case you are wondering what happened to my Soft Set, I had the curls cut off. They were still so beautiful except that my hair got way too long and heavy. And you know, summer heat and all. But I do miss my curled hair.)


Barre3 commitment

8. I recently signed up for one year of Barre 3 at The Spa. I have to be very careful and get clearance first from my doctor. My neck has been acting up for-like-ever. But the thing with Barre 3 is you can adjust the movements in accordance to your safety level. At my best I can do this twice a week.

Today was a parasol day. #India
Me, my parasol, sunnies and India.


9. I really do use a parasol if I have to walk under the sun even if it’s just crossing the parking lot from car to door. I really believe the sun can cause a lot of damage on the skin.

10. I try to squeeze in a pedicure in between shoots or while getting a hair treatment. No time for fancy foot spas. Just straightforward pedicure and nail polish. I do my own finger nails when the rest of the family is sleeping


With all these things I do you’re probably wondering when I have time for anything else. The Belo treatments take a total of 1.5 hours every two weeks. So it’s really not much time lost. And I consider it an investment. And my well-deserved alone time. Because I truly believe that when a woman looks and feels her best and she’s doing everything she loves doing – work, mothering and/or romance – the world will be a happier place. Don’t you agree?

Share your maintenance routine with me…






I love The Mind Museum even more



Amazed. The Managing Director of the Mind Museum read my blogpost and replied –


Blas edited



Good to know they will incorporate some of my suggestions for a safer place for kids and elderly.


A beautiful space like the Mind Museum should be enjoyed by all ages. Like Stella, who’s 2, and my Dad who is 71.


Can’t wait to see what else they’ve got planned in the future.


Thank you Mr. Manny Blas!