Mind Museum



A couple of weeks ago, we went to the Mind Museum. Finally. We were given All-Day Passes by Tara from Sunlife of Canada, one of the museum’s sponsors.

We all had a great time – grandparents, us and the kids. The exhibits were very well-curated. The architecture was impressive (I do have some minor observations regarding safety). It’s a great thing to have in our city. I think every family should get a chance to experience the Mind Museum.

Congratulations to the curators and designers of the Mind Museum. And yay to the private companies who sponsored this.


My dad. At the Mind Museum.
My dad at the Mind Museum, taken by iPhone & Instagram.


This is what it looked like inside. There was this impressive spine-like tunnel. Architecture and design by Ed Calma.


Stella, my two-year old bundle of energy, enjoyed everything. Kids are allowed to touch everything except the dioramas.


Learning about conserving water for practical things like toilet flushing.


I love the trellis design over the escalators.


More of the spine/bone tunnel thing.


Here’s the entrance to the tunnel. If I may suggest to Ed Calma, please put safety handrails for kids and elderly. I realize it may ruin the design. But I’m all for safety. My mom had a difficult time with these steps.


The upper floor had an engaging display of “how things work”. Everything was hands-on. Soph and Lily figured out how to create moving drawings.




Stella, copying Lily.


Curious mind.


This was nice. The kids loved this space. Soph was checking her heart beat.


The digital microscope with a whole slew of different objects and insects. I remember when microscopes were quite rare.


This is what a tiny bee looks like, projected on the monitor.


I loved this one. A revolving globe that can be programmed to show different phenomena – like patterns of past earthquakes, tsunamis, climate change, volcanic erruptions. It is so freaky. Especially since we’re right in the middle of all the action. Yikes.


No fear.


The kids loved this part – digging for dinosaur bones and fossils.


They didn’t want to leave. (I banged my head three times in this area).


This section was bout outer space. We watched a film in this dome-like structure. There were pillows on the floor. It was comfortable but just be careful because your head is, in effect, in front and almost touching someone else’s shoes, and we’re talking soles. The movie was very good but it scared Stella (it was age-inappropriate).


We loved the hands-on displays on the second floor – like this big letter press. The kids enjoyed discovering what it was like before printers and typewriters.


A few of the pieces were under repair.


The outdoor playground is awesome. Shouldn’t be missed. The kids played just before sunset, it was too hot in the afternoon. Really fun and impressive playground.


On a side note, thank goodness for my many random white shirt dresses. They are the most comfortable things to wear this summer.


This playground rocks! Whoever designed this should get an award. And please give me some pointers because I’m supposed to be supervising the design of our village park. And playgrounds are very very important in my life… and in many others’, I hope.


For more information check www.mindmuseum.org



Me and my OM-D



As I’ve written and shown a few times, my relationship with Olympus continues. As brand ambassador of the Olympus PEN (have you seen the buses with my poster?), it was a natural progression to be given the OM-D EM 5 system camera and also be its local brand ambassador. For this campaign, I was featured not as the model, but as one of the photographers. It’s a huge honour, considering I am not a professional photographer. I just like taking pictures.

Check out the video campaign –



Press Release –

Paving the way for a new and better style of high performance, compact digital cameras, Olympus’ OM-D definitely packs in the punch with its roster of highly-impressive features starting with its 16.05 megapixel, new Live MOS Sensor and TruePic VI image processing engine for high-image quality and high sensitivity; an electronic viewfinder with high image quality and high functionality allowing real-time checking of various shooting conditions; the world’s first 5-axis image stabilization to compensate for camera shake of any kind for both still photo and movie shooting; the world’s fastest FAST AF autofocusing system with 3D tracking for improved moving object tracking performance; and last but not the least, a compact, lightweight body in the tradition of the popular OM series. Made of magnesium alloy and enhanced with the same dust-, splash-proof capabilities that are already proved with the brand’s E-5 camera.

Does this sound too technical for you? Well, let’s see how the OMD fares with these photography fans and current OMD ambassadors, here are some snippets from the brand’s online campaign.


Olympus OM-D


Daphne Osena-Paez, Blogger, TV Host, Mother

“I really like the OMD system because it’s so powerful and compact, it does everything that I want my camera to do and it’s so lightweight. To top it all off, it’s also weatherproof and since it’s such a precious little camera so even if I’m out and it rains or it snows, I don’t have to worry about the moisture seeping in, it’s such a powerful little camera and I like that.” Being one of the country’s most well-loved lifestyle hosts, Daphne adds that the OMD is a great everyday camera. Whether she’s at a shoot for one of her segments or off to another exciting event, her OMD can easily fit in her bag allowing her to be able to take great photos anytime, anywhere which she then shares it to her readers at daphne.ph.

“I love to take photos of my children, because I have three children, and they’re growing up so fast, I really like to get up close and capture their everyday adventures. I also like shooting interiors and architecture, and of course, when I’m traveling I like to shoot buildings, landscapes, and portraits,” she shares.

Nancy Castiliogne, Stock Broker, Model, Mother

“The OMD system is something that is very new, and I’m excited about it because of the art filter, I think it’s going to be easier for me to use rather than the usual DSLR,” says celebrity mom, Nancy on what she initially thought of Olympus’ newest baby. After several weeks of tinkering with her new gadget, Nancy shares that she’s “very impressed” with the OMD so far, citing that her favorite features are definitely the art filters and the zoomable lens. “The OMD is also weather-proof which is very cool, because I have kids, and I can’t take care of my things properly so this camera can really fit my lifestyle and personality.”

Just like Daphne, Nancy puts high priority in being a mom, saying that she makes it a point to take pictures and document her kids growing up, “I get to capture all of their “moments” and milestones. My children are my main focus with my camera, kids grow up so fast and I want to capture everything that I can, this camera also has HD video capability so I can take videos of them aside from stills.”

Jake Versoza, Fashion Photographer

When asked about the things that he liked about the new OMD, top lensman Jake Versoza had this to say, “When I got the camera the first thing that I liked is how it looks, because it looks like the typical film camera, I was nostalgic because I grew up using my dad’s film camera. It’s compact so I can take it with me anywhere. The viewfinder is kinda big, and it’s my first time to use the touchscreen interface. For me it’s easier to navigate through the photos and the image quality, I’ve already checked my shots through the computer, and I can say that the image quality of the OMD is comparable to the image quality of the DSLRs that I use.”

Aside from being a sought-after advertising and editorial photographer, Jake shares that he also likes doing street photography on the side, adding that the OMD makes for a great personal camera, even as a backup camera for his many DSLRs.

Like Daphne and Nancy, Jake was also impressed with the OMD’s art filters, with the grainy setting being his favorite. “I also like that you can already see how the effect is going to be as opposed to other cameras wherein you have to edit your photos first, with this camera you’d get the results agad.”

Gideon Ferrer, Landscape Photographer

“I think the OMD is a very capable camera. The model I’ve been using is the EM5, although I’ve been using a full-system DLSR before; I’ve switched to a smaller one because of the weight and I think the quality of the photos is comparable to DSLRs,” shares photographer Gid Ferrer.

As he usually takes photos of landscapes and seascapes, Gid shares that the OMD is perfect for his travels because it’s easier to pack and is definitely not a pain on the back. This handy camera is also weather-sealed so it really caters to Gid’s field of photography, “I usually shoot by the sea, and I usually get sea sprayed because of it.”

Mango Red, Wedding Photographer

Mango Red’s unique style of pre-nuptial and wedding photography is highly sought-after by couples here and abroad, thus, they make for great ambassadors to test drive the OMD in the Philippines. “The Olympus camera is fast, versatile, the colors are very nice and you can easily tote it around anywhere.”

Aside from being a great everyday camera, Mango Red share’s that it’s also great for wedding photography, their specialty, which is a mixture of different types of photography like photo journalism, still photography, portraiture, and fine arts.

“The Olympus is a perfect fit for wedding photography because we want to stay at the sidelines for portraiture, we try to be invisible, with its compact size, the OMD gives you the ability to be stealthy. Since it’s also versatile, the focusing is fast, and the colors are nice and vivid, and the dynamic range is almost comparable to film, we have a leeway to edit and play around with the colors and tones of different lighting situations in our shoots.”

Fully satisfied with the OMD, Mango Red shares that the quality of the OMD’s photos are actually comparable to a full-system camera. Another thing that they like about the OMD is its enhanced live view feature, “We’re live view shooters because it does a lot for our compositional techniques so we always shoot in live view and because of the new technologies now, we can comfortably shoot in live view. And for us, the “what you see, what you get” feature does a lot for our workflow.”



Anthropologie wishes



It’s that time of the month again. Anthropologie wishes. Their new catalog is out. Click on the links to take you there.


I’m in love with this Sunblaze Lace Skirt. $148


And this lovely Flared Anabelle Dress. $198


And this is Anthropologie’s way of wearing arm candy. I especially love the Pulp Stone Bracelet. Only $18.


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Design and Photography



Heima event
This looks very promising. Design Discussions hosted by creative group Heima. It’s free, but best to pre-register.


UZ in Heima
Heima is that cute and quirky design shop in LRI Building Makati. Go visit if you need some inspiration.


Busted by Johann Espiritu


Photography 1
I took Johann’s Photography1 short course at Silverlens Galleries a few years ago. Great experience. For schedules of new classes, please check with Silverlens. Johann’s also giving a lecture on June 9th on Portraits as Documents.