Daphne Home Scents for Bench giveaway



Finally! We’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. But I had some computer drama – spilled coffee on my laptop. I’ll spare you the gory details. For now, it’s all good news.

We are giving away 15 bottles of Daphne Home Scents for Bench™ through this blog.

All you have to do is follow the steps in my Rafflecopter app which you can find in my Facebook page.

Because these are glass bottles, I won’t be able to send them to you buy courier. So all the winners will have to pick up the bottles at a Makati location. I hope this is ok with you.


Rafflecopter will randomly select FIVE winners. Each of the five winners will get all three Daphne Home Scents.


Option 1: Like my Daphne.ph Facebook page. Once in my Facebook page, click the Giveaway button. It’ll bring you to my Rafflecopter widget. Just follow the steps there.

Option 2: I used to be able to post the widget directly here in my blog. But Rafflecopter “improved” their services and now I can’t post it. Haha. You can also try by clicking this: Daphne Home Scent for Bench giveaway via Rafflecopter. But honestly, the Option 1 with Facebook app is much easier.

Raffle is on now til July 31, 2012. All winners will be contacted by email or Facebook. Winners will be announced by August 2, 2012. Good luck!



For a complete list of Bench and Dimensione stores that carry my home scents, click here. For Middle East stores, stocks will be available by August 2012. For US stores, we are still finalizing documents needed since air fresheners (such as reed diffusers) are carefully regulated there. Nonetheless, once we have all the necessary docs, Daphne Home Scents may also be offered in the US.


Stella is 3



With my baby Stella.
Happy 3rd birthday Stella Margarita.


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’d know that I’m the biggest birthday party procrastinator. This year wasn’t different. I hosted a simple joint birthday party for Lily and Stella over the weekend. Lily turned 6 on Sunday. I owe her a birthday story.

Today is Stella’s 3rd birthday. And before I get totally buried under all the delayed posts, here’s my little birthday post for the youngest one.

I wrote this when Stella turned one year old.

My friends ask me what it’s like to have three children. I never know how to answer. Yes it’s harder in the sense that you have to be in three places at one time. It’s hard to imagine if you only have one kid. But it’s true that the heart just grows bigger and bigger; and there’s more than enough love to go around.

I thought life was already perfect when we had two daughters. We renovated our house. Gave them their dream bedroom with two single beds with perfect canopies. Everything was set for the next ten years, at least, in terms of growing up in the house. Til one heartbeat rocked our world.

Stella, my petite and gentle rabbit, born a Leo. You are the great equalizer of this home. Because of you, we all have a place and purpose in this family. You are awesome in everything you do. My only kid with eight teeth before turning one. And the earliest one to walk. I don’t even want you to wear shoes yet, and you’re trying to walk. Baby rabbit, like I always tell your Ates, please do not grow up too fast. This family has a lot of adventures. But we also like to take things slow. I smell your toes every night. I inhale your breath every morning. I know one day they will smell differently. You’re my gentle rabbit. And to say I love you is an understatement.


by Real Kids Photography


Life was already perfect. And then it got even more perfect. The best gift came. Another daughter… whose name also had to be a flower but also a star. The love overflowed. And she fit right into our home and our hearts.


by Real Kids Photography
Stella Margarita was born just two days after Lily’s birthday. I was already having contractions on then, but Stella hung on and chose her own special day.


Me and Stella
Stella and I in Batangas when she was 5 months old.


Stella, I can’t believe you are now three years old. This morning you proudly showed me your age in three fingers. But the fourth finger kept popping up so you used your other hand to hold it down. You have this unique position in the family of being everybody’s baby. We, your parents and Ates, are responsible for taking care of you for the rest of your life. It’s funny that though you’re the smallest, you seem to be the one who has the loudest voice, literally and figuratively.

I want you to know that since the day you were born, you have been addicted to mommy’s skin – particularly the crack in my elbow/arm which you fondly call “kili-kili”. Haha. I know this is your way of finding comfort and security. Know that I want to always be with you to be your protector and source of comfort. I love seeing you dance and play with your big sisters every night before bed. I’m sorry that we skipped nursery rhymes and kiddie songs. But you seem to have done a great job mastering Call Me Maybe, Dancing Queen, Edge of Glory and your first favourite Single Ladies. You are my daily reminder of what is truly important, most especially when you look at me and say, “Mommy, play with me.”

Stelly Belly, my ube monster, don’t grow up too fast. Allow me savour every single day of your preschool life – your tight hugs, your crazy curls, your dominant teeth and the many striped dimples across your cheeks when you smile.

Happy third birthday, Stella.  



My site’s first real print ad



UZ Daphne Print Ad



My site got its first print ad, and it’s a full page! Thank you to SLIVERS magazine.

About my buzz words or whatever you call blurbs these days – I thought of them while stuck in the middle of traffic. Then I texted it to Isabel Gatuslao who did the layout.

This was an older photo taken by Marty Ilagan. Xeng Zulueta did my makeup here. I love this chair, it’s an art piece by Ling Quisumbing at Manila Contemporary.

My team and I are in the finishing touches of our Urban Zone® webisode. I hope I can put it up by next week.



Sophia’s travel bucket list



My post on Sophia’s Toy Stories got a lot of feedback from you. I think it struck a chord in many  of us. Thanks for sharing your stories in the comment section.

Here’s something from the same child who said, “It’s my childhood. Don’t give it away.” A major travel bucket list. Places to go before she’s married. Because… does no one travel after they’re married? Haha.


Sophia's travel bucket list
I shared this on Instagram before but it only showed the top half then.


My kids are fascinated with maps & the globe
Even as a toddler she’s always been fascinated by the world around her. It started with monuments, then maps, then she learned how to read. And it became unlimited. Here, she was 7 years old, telling little Lily about the world.


She not only wants to travel. She plans to save the world.


Spinning the globe
The globe was one of her favourite toys.


Be still, mother earth. #Prayersforjapan
And when the Japan earthquake happened, she did this.


Niagara Falls
She has seen a teeny part of the world. Here’s a picture from one of our trips to Niagara Falls.


Peterborough Lift Lock
She’s the appreciator of wide open spaces. Whether in Canada…


Or just an hour away from our house.


I love Ontario's sky
I recently had to give a list of my Perfect 10 destinations. I had some trouble filling it up. Could it be because I’m already married? Just kidding. And so I just borrowed from Sophia’s. I will share my list once the link is up. I have to add that the reason she has this mindset is because I shared with her the story of her Lola, my mom. My mom did a lot of traveling before she married my dad. She always told us to “see the world first, before you get married.” I’m glad I did.


How about you? Where are the places you want to go to? And what’s your deadline?



Mon Jasmin Noir



04 MJN Eau Exquise and Scintillating Body Lotion
Mon Jasmin Noir, L’Eau Exquise is the new eau de toilette from Bulgari, inspired by the enchantment of the splendid Italian-style gardens of the Renaissance – specifically, the Boboli Gardens in Florence, where the de Medici family brought jasmine to Italy for the very first time.

Transcending the boundaries of space and time, those same flowers are now captured in an original and luminous new perfume, whose essence suggests fragrant cascades of jasmine shimmering in the sun like nature’s own embroidery. Its transparent notes evoke the freshness of verdant labyrinths of greenery, while its vibrant chords echo the effervescent vitality of gushing fountains.


05 MJN Eau Exquise creative pack shot


Pink Pomelo releases the first pungent note, then merges with fresh Green Almond to form the first chord, a whiff of velvety lightness that leads to the unmistakable heart of the perfume. Here the inviting notes of Grandiflorum Jasmine combine with Sambac Jasmine White Tea – a floral infusion graced by a hint of tea – as if melting into a warm, intimate embrace. The soft nuances of Delightful Woods and intense accents of White Musks add a final touch of roundess and addictiveness.


All images and words from Bulgari press kit from LuxAsia.