Pois, Belly and Kids



We found the cutest girls’ clothes at this store Pois, Belly & Kids. My friend Rowena owns it. I met her when she was starting to design and retail clothes for pregnancy and nursing – Great Expectations. I wore her clothes during my pregnancy with Lily and Stella. Her new concept store brings together clothes for kids, tweens and pregnant or nursing moms. The designs are refreshing, practical and easy on the pocket.








I usually have to struggle with my girls when it comes to fashion. They do love girly girl clothes. But sometimes they get in a mood I don’t understand. Especially the older one. She is very particular about her look. Lily likes anything pink and pretty. Stella also needs pretty and prefers purple.

With this batch, all three girls loved everything! Sophia and Lily are wearing Pois Belly & Kids during Philippe’s birthday party here.


Pois Belly & Kids BOUTIQUES:
TriNoma: Ground Floor near Activity Center
Glorietta 3: Level 3 Kids Zone
SM Megamall: Level 5 The Atrium
SM Mall Of Asia: Ground Floor in front of Kids Universe
SM City Cebu: Level 2, North Wing
SM City Iloilo: Upper Ground Floor

GREAT KIDS for girls is also available inside the ff dept. stores:
The Landmark TriNoma
The Landmark Makati
Robinson’s Galleria
Robinson’s Midtown Ermita
Robinson’s Filinvest Festival Mall Alabang
Robinson’s at Ayala Abreeza Davao
ICM Mall Bohol

POIS for teens and tweens is also available inside the ff dept. stores:
The Landmark TriNoma
Robinson’s Galleria
Robinson’s Davao
ICM Mall Bohol

BELLY MATERNITY is also available inside the ff dept. store:
The Landmark Trinoma




Philippe’s vintage circus party



We were guests at our friend Pleshy Wee’s son’s 10th birthday party last week. It was so beautifully planned, I wanted to share with you the details. Pleshy had been working on this party for many months (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was over a year). All I remember many many months ago was she asked me to save the date in June.

Pleshy went with a vintage circus theme. From the decor, the food, the costumes and entertainment… everything worked well with the theme. Pleshy worked with Planners Plus Events Company (by Chris Borra-Ang & Kenny del Rosario) but she was like the creative director of the event.


This was stunning! Philippe’s name in lit-up giant letters on stage.


The venue really looked like the big top of a circus.


I like the banquet-style kids’ tables.


Hello Mr Tall Man.


I’ve always been fascinated by the unicycle.


The juggler


Not  your ordinary kiddie party. I asked Pleshy why such a grand party for the 10th birthday of Philippe. Her answer, ” I’ve always been non-trad, just decided it would’ve been more meaningful if we do it on the 10th birthday which is between childhood and adolescence.”


Very exciting entertainment. Real circus performers.


There was a huge table in the middle of the hall filled with sweets for the older folks.


Chocolate-dipped marshmallows


Incredible decor on the centre table.


Philippe’s cake


Macaron tree with bold colours.


It was my first time to try takoyaki which is a Japanese snack made of fried octopus shaped into a ball. It tastes sooooo good! I must have had eight of these balls. Haha.


Part of the prizes at the circus games were vintage toys. Here, the girls discovered “plastic balloons”.


Soph especially loved meeting Tita Joey and her cute dog.


Pleshy orchestrated this beautiful celebration for her son Philippe. I asked her why she chose to work on the vintage circus theme, “I’ve always loved anything theatrical & I thought that this would be the perfect avenue to exhaust my talent. Main element is the circus & who doesn’t love the circus?”


Pleshy had a table filled with candies from our childhood. I love Peter’s Butter Ball!


Viva Caramel sweets


Flat Tops


Tootsie Rolls


Even with an art filter, the mood was festive. I used my Olympus EP3 this time.


Thank you, Pleshy Wee. And happy 10th birthday Philippe.



The Olympus campaign



At SM Makati


My friends at Olympus sent me this photo. Apparently these billboards are up on display at SM Makati.

I’m not just saying this because I’m endorsing Olympus. I really love my OM-D. It is such a powerful little camera. I love its size. I love the kit lens. My 12mm prime lens is awesome! I find that I never have to attach the flash because I love shooting in available light. It’s got the fastest auto focus. 99% of the time I’m shooting on automatic mode. I never use a tripod.

Another best thing about this camera … it’s weather-proof. Hence the billboard photo showing me and camera with a wet face.

Check out my recent photos at Sofitel and Rachelle’s penthouse. Those were shot with the Olympus OM-D. All on automatic mode. For more info on Olympus in the Philippines, click here.



Sophia’s toys



And now we pause for some kiddie drama.

Sophia found her box of old stuffed animals safely tucked away in the upper shelves of her closet. She dug out her most favourite toys from when she was still a toddler – Gerty the giraffe, Joey the brother of Gerty, Mr Penguino, Sleepy Bunny, Big Simba, Bambi, Heffalump and others. They were all in good condition. Smelled great. Not dusty. I kept them in a plastic box with silicone beads.

While hugging her long lost friends, she started doing a roll call. Then realized that one significant animal was missing. Chickie! Where is Chickie!



FAO 2005
Folks, meet Chickie. She’s not actually a chick. She’s a duck. Sophia met Chickie at FAO Shwarz in New York back in 2005. It was love at first sight. The only words she could say at the store was – “Bring. Chickie. Home.” Over and over. So we did.


365-46 Bye
Chickie was happy with all the other animals in Sophia’s kingdom. Note that back then there were no sisters yet. So Soph’s world was filled with stuffed animals and dinosaurs. Everyone had a name. Then in 2010, we did a major clean up. We needed more space for the many other toys, including Lily’s and Stella’s. This was one major group that we donated. I thought 10 times before letting go. Soph said good bye to the friends. I remember that I hesitated. And in the end I took back Sleepy Bunny – because it was easier to wash (not furry) and Sleepy Bunny actually slept beside Sophia. So Chickie went to another family.


Sophia last December
This was in 2005. Sophia and her nap with Sleepy Bunny. And another lullaby bunny from Lola. Sleepy Bunny slept with her tonight. But still… she wanted Chickie back. Sigh.


Then of course seeing Big Simba reminded her of Small Simba. She remembered this activity she had in school two years ago. They had to give up a toy they loved so they could share it with another child. I forgot the name of the process. Soph actually really chose a significant toy. She gave up this Small Simba. She learned a lot of real good lessons in this process. But once in a while it still hurts.


Soph shopping at Barneys
Tonight’s box had Mr. Penguino. We bought this at Central Park Zoo after seeing and making a connection with the penguins at the zoo. Soph took Mr. Penguino shopping at Barneys. I tried to console by saying that at least we kept Mr. Penguino even if  Chickie was gone. I don’t think it worked. Haha.


We finally broke into laughter when i brought out that pink hotdog pillow from under the covers. She has had that pillow since she was 18 months. And she still sleeps with it. It has lost 85% of its filling. But she still hugs it every night. We all had a good laugh. This pillow has no name. It doesn’t come from New York or any fancy place. I bought that for 85 pesos at the nearby grocery store. It was meant to be a temporary bumper against the wall. It lasted almost a decade. And is very well loved.


Sophia's favourite toy -- Gerty the Giraffe
Perhaps the bestest friend toy Sophia ever had was Gerty. She got Gerty as a gift from my sister Hanni and BIL Trevor. They took her to Build a Bear when she was around 2 years old. Did the whole shebang including whispering sweet nothings into his heart and stuffing it in his chest. Gerty is a boy. Gerty went everywhere we went. He even got a brother named Joey when Lily was born. It was Lily’s coming home present to her Ate Sophia.


Gerty was there in Soph’s every milestone. Here, she was 7 years old, having her front tooth pulled out. Lots of tears. But Gerty kept her brave.


I tucked her into bed with lots of hugs tonight. Then she says, “Mom, it’s not really about the toys. It’s about my childhood. Don’t give it all away.”

Oh my. She’s 9. My heart hurts.

Where in the world is Chickie??? Haha.