Magniflex Launch



Wish I could stay in bed all day. #daphnelinens #magniflex
We’ve been sleeping on our Magniflex mattress for over a month now. And I have to say, it has been more than wonderful. This photo only shows one of my old styles of Daphne Linens but what you don’t see is the mattress underneath. It is a Magniflex Naturest bamboo mattress. I chose it not just for its comfort but also because also because of its green/eco aspect. Read more here. I love it.


Hosted #Magniflex launch in Tagaytay, beautiful setting with #Taal #Volcano as backdrop.
Last month I hosted the launch of Magniflex in Discovery Suites Tagaytay overlooking Taal Volcano. We wanted the feel of Tuscany, where Magniflex comes from. It is the only mattress brand that is still totally made in Italy.


I co-hosted the event with the managing director of Home Studio, Grant Lim. Home Studio is the exclusive distributor of Magniflex in the Philippines. Check out their beautiful store at 63 Connecticut Street, Ortigas.


My Magniflex family. Enrico Ceni, Director of Far East Import, my fellow sleep ambassador Kenneth Cobonpue, Marco Magni the CEO, me, Home Studio’s Grant Lim, Dr Michael Sarte (sleep doctor) and Chat Guillermo.


The brand is named after Marco Magni’s father, hence, Magniflex. Here he Marco shows us that each mattress comes rolled up vacuum packed, meaning reduced volume during transport and less carbon footprint. The mattress covers can be removed and washed. There are so many different kinds of Magniflex mattresses – from the Geoethic and Classic lines – you’re going to have to try them at the show room to see which one suits you. Check out the entire range of mattresses here.


At dinner, Kenneth and I talked about our natural and ecofriendly bamboo mattresses. There are other models from Magniflex that use corn, linen or wood fibre, as well as silver and gold threads.


Magazine and newspaper editors and writers stayed overnight at Discovery Country Suites after dinner. The beds at the inn were fitted with Magniflex mattresses that night. So all the press guests got to try sleeping on a Magniflex mattress.


And in keeping with the Italian theme, I wore head to toe Italian by fluke. My dress is by D&G, coral and diamond earrings from Rovian, shoes were from the recent Massimo Dutti sale and even my perfume.. haha, Bulgari. The ring is black onyx and diamonds, okay maybe this one is not Italian.  Had to strike everything out because my shoes aren’t from an Italian brand. It’s Spanish. LOL. So there goes the theory of wearing head to toe Italian. Haha. Thank you Cath for correcting me.



As promised… Urban Zone®



Daphne Print Ad Good


As I mentioned in this print ad, we will be posting new Urban Zone webisodes in You Tube. Please subscribe to the Urban Zone TV channel here for immediate updates. Here is our first feature on the web. Interior designer Frenjick Quesada shows me this renovation project. Once a bungalow, now split level two storey home with a contemporary tropical look. Lots of ideas here.


Part One


Part Two


I don’t know how frequent we can do new webisodes. I’m sort of just having fun with this together with my friends and former UZ colleagues Manny Segunto, Denmark Alejandro and Maila Cuevas. I asked videographer Paulo Ruiz to shoot. Hope you like it.

Urbanistas, please spread the word. Retweet, repost, like, share and embed in your blogs. Thanks!!!



Daphne® chairs at a doctor’s office



I got an email from one of my readers, Dr Jocelyn Bondoc. She practices Pediatrics and Breastfeeding Medicine at St Lukes Global City and Medical City Ortigas. She sent me photos of her clinic at St Lukes Global MAB 1121.


She’s using Daphne® chairs in her clinic! How cute is that?


Before buying my chair, she had a Mademoiselle by Kartell.


Dr Bondoc wrote, “I might add that whenever a patient realizes its a Daphne chair, they will try to check pa the back if it has your logo!” Awww. Thank you! And yes, please check the back to see the brand’s logo. There’s a mean faker out there.


And she evennused an Olympus OMD EM-5 with Lumix 7-14mm F4.0 lens to take the pictures. Olympus is love.


There will be more Daphne® chairs and colours coming to Dimensione soon. Almost about to deliver new stock. All Daphne Furniture® available exclusively at Dimensione High Street, Eastwood, Rockwell and Greenbelt. Photo from my press kit by Everywhere We Shoot.


Thanks for sharing photos of your clinic Dr Jocelyn Bondoc. I love them! And thanks for liking my products. If anyone would like to share photos of their Daphne pieces, feel free to send them to me and share with the readers.



Tea Tree Oil and more BB Cream



fb post teatree
That’s a lot of tea tree oil sold. Remember this? This got me through university. Zapped any pimple that came my way.


Press Release 4
Here is the complete Tea Tree Oil line including the newest product, Tea Tree Pore Minimizer.


Tea Tree
I love Lily Cole.


Press Release 6
My sister Johanna was very curious about the Korean brands of BB Cream since that’s where it originated. Now it seems, every beauty company has its version of BB Cream. All-in-one is good, especially if it evens your skin tone appearance-wise and skin-deep.


Please share your experiences with BB Creams. I prefer to keep my face bare so I’m not really sure I want to use BB Creams. I mean, I spend so much time and resources doing my regular facials at Belo to have good skin. And as for anti-aging, I have my Olay of course. I don’t like to cover my skin unless necessary (i.e. taping and shoots).

But I am very curious about BB Creams. Please share how it’s been for you.



Makeup Trends by MAC



As promised, here are the highlights from the MAC AW2012 Makeup Trends from New York, Milan, Paris and London fashion weeks. One of my makeup artists saw the book at home and she freaked. So I figured some of you makeup pros and fanatics who didn’t make it to the MAC show would appreciate this. Words aren’t mine; they’re from the book recap.


Sense and Sensibility

Healthy, sensible, honed, balanced, understated, elegant, effortless and groomed. It’s somewhat a rural approach to city makeup: while the inspiration takes an equestrian, aristocratic, ‘country’ angle, the impeccable application is definitely ‘town’. “I’m calling it Sense and Sensibility makeup,” explains Lyne Desnoyers. “It’s about timeless classics done in a modern way – these are elements of makeup that never go out of fashion but simply get reinvented,” agrees Terry Barber.

The perfect cleansing focus of a lip (make it nothing but a Russian red). The mastery of a gentle outdoors flush (must be seamless). Studies in what constitutes a modern bare face (p.s., it’s a fuller brow). These looks ultimately carry a sophistication that elevates them beyond trend, becoming instead a new set of modern Classics.


Nicole Farhi




Monique Lhuillier



Roam Antique

A globally influenced independent woman is channeled this season, but think less ‘boho-festival goer’ and more ‘grown up gypsy’. There’s a certain eccentricism, but this world traveller is honed, not haphazared. From a stained soulful tints through to mesmerizing jewel-like metallics, it’s a trend that focuses on playing with the proportion and depth of an eye (perhaps bringin in a rustically tinted lip for balance). Call it a contemporary rethink on how to do ‘smoky’.

“Fashion wants to revisit a smoldery eye, but the issue is in devising one that isn’t trashy or retro,” ponders Terry Barber. Hence the focus on a mascara-less lash, and colours with a more antiquated patina and diffuse application than those dripping in jetsetting-luxuriousness.




Cushnie et Ochs




While a black liquid liner can be inextricably linked with the past (a Twenties flapper, Forties feline, Fifties wings, Sixties flicks, Seventies punk, Eighties New Wave…), makeup artists this season have shrugged off the liners’ retro connotations and are considering the contemporary graphicism of a black line interpreted in an unconventional manner. “This season isn’t about liner being classic,” explains Gordon Espinet. “It’s about liner as an etching, about it creating a geometry on the face. Beauty is very much in this detail, though. For while these lines are fragmented in their structure, by respecting the architecture of the eye shape, they tailor and still very much enhance the face.







Hone Structure

Exploring the construction and contour sof ao face isn’t a brand new idea in beauty, yet for AW2012 the concept of sculpting continues in an increasingly cerebral direction. In its purest form, this look is about a nude sculptural face as a canvas for a brow (straighter, stronger and more purposefully groomed, from which the other features seem to hang) — indeed, a brow is the axis of what makes these honed, nude looks contemporary.

“It’s a highly technical form of beauty,” adds Terry Barber, of the myriad manners and devices employed to create it. This trend is absolutely about proper placement of a highlight and a contour. “To put in bone structure is a very knowing art form and the real mastery of being a makeup artist,” adds Terry.




Alexander Wang