Better, I hope



So PAGASA-DOST has revised the flood warning system. Thank you, Malacanang and DOST! Good to know we’re in the same wavelength.


Revised Pagasa Flood Warning
Finally, green is gone from the warning system. Orange is the the international colour for hazard anyway.


Last night I told my husband I’m afraid of the possible weather disturbance next week. Whether it’s a storm or not isn’t the question. Clouds that big signify rain. Then observe the movement of the Habagat winds in the south west. It could push the clouds to stay above us once it makes landfall. Or it could dissipate all together, I hope.


Aug 9
I’d watch out for the next wave…


The news guy asks me, “Why are you talking this way? And how do you know all this?” So I say, “I monitor the weather through the CNN satellite. It has motion graphics.”  Then he goes, “But how do you know what that means?” Me, “I don’t really know. But I can see the movement in the satellite. Besides, I still remember my high school geography class. We were heavy on climate and weather in Canada. And hello, I was an ABS-CBN weather girl. Remember?”

So everyone is an expert. Don’t listen to me. Get accurate reports.

For CNN satellite monitoring click here.

For flood risks, check the government’s new Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) here. For quick assessments from the head scientist, follow @nababaha on Twitter. He is Majar Lagmay and his twitter says he’s a disaster scientist. Yikes. But glad he’s onboard.

I hope everyone is ok. Our village just lost water supply.

This happens after heavy rains and every major flood (yeah, plural and repetitive). According to Maynilad because of the significantly high turbidity of raw water in Ipo Dam, it was necessary to reduce and shut down production until the quality of water gets better.

Not complaining. Will wait.

Hope you are all ok.




MAC Cosmetics A/W 2012



Here are some photos from the MAC Cosmetics A/W 2012 makeup trends show that I attended a couple of weeks ago at the Mind Museum. James Molloy, MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry was flown in to conduct a few workshops on current looks – sense and sensibility, roam-antique, hone structure and arti-tech.


event wide


James Molloy, Director for Makeup Artistry.


Pauline Prieto, who I discovered is a relative on my father’s side, thanks to Patricia Prieto for telling me.


Isabel Daza hosted.


The models with AW ’12 looks by James Molloy.


With bride-to-be Kelly Misa.


Watch out for Cremesheen Lipstick and Cremesheen Glass created by MAC especially for the Asian market, inspired by Korean women. These are infused with crushed pearl in 15 new Asian-inspired shades. Modern pinks, nudes and corals pop and glow against all skin tones with a light-reflecting finish that leaves lips luminously lacquered. Dying to try these when they come out.


Cremesheen Pearl Lipglass which gives foolproof coverage, gleaming shine and creamy gloss. Available in Sept 2012. P1,200.


And in keeping with the BB Cream trend, MAC has its own version. I have yet to try this Prep+Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35/PA+++ in three semi-transluscent shades covering extra light to medium skin tones. I claims to blend SPF protection, creamy emollients and optical pearl pigments into a face-priming, color-perfecting formula that protects and events the complexion for flawless results. P1,950.


Kelly Misa wears red lipstick so perfectly well! We all got this beautiful makeup trend book with awesome looks. I’ll share the highlights in the next post here.







I hope everyone is safe. I hope this flooding subsides now. It has been a big heart break watching things unfold. It was like a bad nightmare movie in slow motion. As early as last week, we knew this could be bad (based on the CNN weather satelite). And like you I really wish that the worst is over. I don’t know what else can be said.

If you wish to help and donate, please do so through UNICEF. A monthly donation of P700 a month can help provide 17 families with water containers, water purification tablets, and buckets for a month’s supply of safe, drinking water.


P.S. May I suggest to PAGASA DOST to please amend this new flood warning system. The colours just don’t make sense. In my mind, and the minds of many, GREEN is good and go. I think it would make better sense to just do Yellow, Orange and Red. Green is totally misleading. And that’s saying it mildly.


Pagasa flood warning


Be safe everyone.


P.P.S. As of 3:30 this afternoon, we got word from Malacanang. From the Undersecretary of Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office.






Paco Market



Last weekend Maja Olivares Co asked me if I could host their cultural event at Paco Market. Maja is the Project Designer and Head of Culture and Education of the redevelopment of Paco Market. She has told me about the work she’s done here together with ABS-CBN Foundation’s efforts to rehabilitate the Pasig River. I had always wanted to see how they’ve transformed the old market and cleaned up the ‘estero’ but never had the chance. So I thought even though it’s a weekend, this was a good time to give back and have the kids learn a few things about our city and the environment.


Paco Market was built in 1911. Through the years it fell to decay and became one of the main pollutants of the Estero de Paco. When Maja started the restoration plans, some of the beams were structurally unsound. It took a lot of donations from the private sector and government to get this project going.


My kids are not new to markets. We always take them to public markets. This, they say, is one of the prettiest in terms of the “building”.


The event was held at the cultural/multi-purpose wing by the entrance. I love the bleachers and all the big arched windows.


Vice President Binay came early because he had to leave early. But the children of Paco Market held up a sign and chanted, “Vice President, Stay,” so he stayed and watched them perform. Check out how the market was restored. Lots of natural and artificial lighting and cross ventilation.


Cardona Youth Musical Ensemble performed using various instruments. They spent a few months training the Paco Market Youth Ensemble.


This is the Paco Market Youth Ensemble. They were under the guidance of the Cardona group for just a few months. And they were so good with the recorder.


With the children of Paco Market.


With Maja Olivares-Co and her mom, one of the pioneers of professional interior design in the Philippines Sonia Santiago Olivares (in white).


We took the kids to see the estero.


Hard to believe it was once completely filled with garbage. Imagine all this feeding into the Pasig River?! The newly rehabilitated market not only got a physical makeover. The tenants and nearby residents were taught and trained about proper water and waste disposal.


This is how the estero looks like now.


Unfortunately, a few metres away from Paco Market is this informal street market.


Local color, yes. Proper waste disposal, I hope so.


Watch Anna Coren’s report on the rehabilitation of Paco Market  in CNN’s Eye on the Philippines…



Cocktales: Mitos Magsaysay and Xandra Ramos Padilla



I shot Cocktales yesterday. After a whole week of hanging out at home, waiting for the storm to pass and monitoring school cancellations, I had the chance to get all dolled up with fancy hair and makeup. I love that my life is all about being a school mom with a part time job. Haha. Feels great. Especially since my little job gets me to hang out with fascinating people.


Our guest this Sunday (9:30pm on Aksyon TV), is Rep. Mitos Magsaysay. It was interesting seeing her sans-issues and without the “Dragon Lady” persona during hearings. Notice the short skirt and platform wedges!


After asking about her crying over not getting her pork barrel, we moved on to the lighter side. I chose this photo because I want to freak out my Dad. (Dad, look what I’m doing with my lips. Haha. Inside joke.)


In between takes, reviewing lines with Vic Agustin and Cita Revilla. Must mention my fashion choices. This dress is from K&Company. I must admit it took me a while to appreciate it when I first saw it on a hanger at the shop. It turned out to be so cute! I wore them with a black onyx necklace I made seven years ago. The cuff is Marni x H&M. Shoes from CMG. The dress comes in a few colours and prints.


We shot these two episodes at Jill’s at The Fort.


Watch out for next Sunday’s (August 12) episode, featuring Xandra Ramos-Padilla of National Book Store and Crossings Department Store.


We talked about her business of running the biggest bookstore/school supplies chain in the country, on top of managing The Ramp at Crossings. Must thank our executive producer Giselle Ordinario for taking behind the scenes photos with my Olympus OMD.


Xandra’s and my outfit seemed to have complemented each other. She wears The Ramp with Rock Coconut necklace from Missoni. I’m wearing a fluorescent dress (like a highlighter yellow green) from K&Company. It has peekaboo slits on the arms. Fun! My necklace is a simple fabric handicraft from India. Without thinking, I just wore my purple stacked heel shoes. It felt great wearing bright colors during a gloomy day.


Watch Cocktales, Sunday nights 9:30pm on Aksyon TV 41.