Perfect 10



It has been a few months since I was launched as Vaseline Perfect 10’s brand ambassador. With dermatologist Dr. Alto Bautista-Ocampo, Uniliver’s Jacqe Yuengtian who very recently just got married and emcee Chal Lontoc, a very in-demand wedding host.


I’m brought back to the wonderful day of the launch, a quaint afternoon tea with a few friends from media. Since the launch, I’ve discovered more of the benefits of Vaseline’s Perfect 10 formulation. It is Vaseline’s first and only product that delivers the two-fold advantage of whitening and anti-aging in one. It reduces fine lines, lightens and nourishes skin, boosts radiance, reduces dark spots and gives UVA/UVB protection through a combination of ingredients known and tested to deliver tangible results.

I wanted to share Vaseline Perfect 10 with some of my friends. And Vaseline made it happen. Here are some Instagrams and Facebook photos from a few of those who received the gift packs. Thank you to my Vaseline family!



I also checked out the Vaseline Facebook Page, and was pleasantly surprised to see the video where Patrick gave me a surprise message. This was the one that made me cry — not because of the things he said, but because of the fact that he actually did this. We don’t normally do public couple things. Haha. The video is in this link for now…



Sorry for the cringe factor. I really did get giddy and emotional with this one. Haha.

Moving on, click here to take your Vaseline skin test. I’m sure you’re all Perfect 10s. And please like the Vaseline Facebook Page for more interesting features in the next few days.