Flash Sale





Thank you to all who have emailed and inquired about the Daphne® Jewelery pieces. As you know they are a bit hard to come by. And those I’ve sent to Accessory Lab have sold out within one weekend. I believe there is still one charm left.

Let me try this out. I’ve posted photos of new medals that are available. I’m offering them at a discounted rate for the next three days. You may check the items here. (EDIT: Flash Sale is now over. Link has expired).

All inquiries (local and international), please send to info@daphne.ph or like my Facebook page and send me message there. I will reply to you all within the day.


EDIT: Nov 1, 2012 – Flash sale is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated. Hoping to be able to make more. I will try to reply as best I can.



Samsung Digital Inverter Refrigerator



I can’t wait to start using my new kitchen. Everything is practically done, but we are still waiting for my sink. The shipping issue is the cause of delay. But my Samsung refrigerator is here! And I can’t tell you enough how gorgeous and amazing it is! I am so grateful to Samsung for choosing me to be their local brand ambassador. And I’m extremely proud to be the one. This refrigerator is THE dream refrigerator of many. Not only is it amazing in design and function but also it is energy efficient!




So it turns out PSY of the Gangnam Style fame is THE Samsung endorser in Korea! Look at his commercial for the new refrigerator. Like mine, it has French doors. His model has little compartments but basically it’s the same as mine! It’s so cool! Haha.



This is our refrigerator. It is HUGE! And we have a tiny kitchen. So it will seem out of scale when I do my big reveal. But we are a growing family. And this is perfect for all my grocery and market requirements. The kids love how organized it is! That separate chiller drawer is so handy for the little ones and because its independent, opening it won’t affect the cooling efficiency of the upper fridge and freezer below.




Here are the models that are available in the Philippines. The suggested retail prices are also noted here, but do watch out for sales and promos. If you are in the market for a new refrigerator or are ready for an upgrade, consider Samsung Digital Appliances. It really makes a difference – in the energy efficiency alone, it’s already worth it.




For more information, www.samsung.com/ph



Jewelmer Gala by Eddie Boy Escudero



It was great to see Eddie Boy Escudero still doing what he does best. No one captures moments the way Eddie Boy does. Ok, I’m biased. He was our wedding photographer in film not digital. And I loved all his rock and roll and concert photography. This was the money shot from our wedding.

Here’s how he saw the Jewelmer Gala. Eddieboy’s eye… wow! Just some highlights.


His view from the photographer’s “pit”.


Director Robbie Carmona


Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, with principal conductor Rodel Colmenar.


Schedule. Proof that I was part of it. Haha.


Makeup was under the direction of Patrick Rosas.



Click “more…” to see south sea pearls, fashion and highlights of the show.


Jewelmer Gala



Last Monday night I hosted the Jewelmer Gala. It was a huge night! Everything was in a grand scale and it all turned out so beautifully. Perfect celebration of the Philippines’ national gem!

The Jewelmer team had been working on this event for almost two months. Robbie Carmona of Saga Events directed the entire production. Rhett Eala, Patrice Ramos Diaz and Randy Ortiz showed their creations in white, cream, cobalt blue and black with top models wearing Jewelmer Joaillerie Spring Summer 2013. What made the night extra special was the live music by Manila Philharmonic Orchestra! It was just magical.

I was asked to go to the NBC Tent at 3PM. The Jewelmer team took care of picking my dress from one of the three designers. I didn’t have time to go for a fitting. They told me Patrick Rosas would do my make up. It was the most relaxed high profile event backstage ever. I loved the whole process of getting ready and rehearsing.

Unfortunately I don’t have many photos – just whatever I could take when I had my iPhone on me. During the show backstage, I held only the microphone. So this is my little diary of me, me, me. I hope I can borrow Eddieboy Escudero’s photos so I can post separately about the actual event. It was really something else!


photo 1
This was my first dress. It’s by Rhett Eala. Gorgeous. I wanted so badly to wear it. Unfortunately it didn’t fit me on the upper torso. Model size. So I waited to see what else they could find.


photo 5
During my blocking I had these huge curlers set on my hair. I met Jewelmer’s president Manuel Cojuangco and managing director Jacques Branellec while I had batteries on my head.


photo 1
Then the team found this gorgeous dress from Randy Ortiz. It was love at first sight. I prayed it would fit my waist.


photo 4
It fit like a glove. Randy’s seamstress just had to adjust the hem.


photo 2
Makeup check. Patrick Rosas is undeniably the Master. He always trips on my eyes and can make them look doll-like. It was perfect for the stage. My face was projected 100x bigger on screen. The thing about Patrick that sets him apart — his strokes are so light and so few, he uses the least amount of makeup and powder, no fancy gadgets, and yet he creates a flawless finish that never needs retouching! How does he do it?


photo 5
At the end of the show, I got to thank Randy Ortiz. He didn’t specifically make the dress for me. And it was a total surprise to both of us that I ended up wearing his work. It was really elegant. I wore the Margherita bracelet and earrings.


Jewelmer Gala 2012
Big me, looking at little me. Photo by another master, Eddieboy Escudero


Glad that I didn’t have to hold a script. Those things are really so hard to manipulate while trying to stand, speak, hold a mike and talk at the same time. Saga provided a tele promptersp; and now I want one for every event I host. Haha! Photo by Exie Razon.


Sorry for all the Me pics. I’m still waiting for the official event photos.

Congratulations Jewelmer! And thank you for making me a part of this.



Bauble Bar



Bauble Bar
Check out new advertiser BaubleBar + Atlantic-Pacific Collection. All very affordable. Visit BaubleBar.com to see blogger Blair Eadie’s jewelry picks.


Bauble 2
The arrow is the symbol of my university women’s fraternity. I used to collect everything arrow. This is so cool. Gold Arrow Ring, $24


Here’s how Blair Eadie wears the gold arrow rings.


Bauble Bar 1
Marie Fruitbowl Bib, $42


use FINAL 4
Butter Bauble Bib, $36


Bauble Bar Nina Garcia
They also have the Bauble Bar + Nina Garcia collaboration in four jewellery trends for fall. Click here to see the Nina Garcia collection.


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