Jewelmer S/S 2013



Yesterday morning I hosted the Press Preview for the Jewelmer Gala at the new Glorietta 4 store. I wore a gown by Rhett Eala. Photo from @daniithegirl Instagram.


The models and I wore pieces from the new collection. And I introduced the new brand identity of Jewelmer using white, gold and cobalt blue, the colour of the ocean. Photo from my Instagram, shot by Xander Angeles.


Earrings from the Via Rosa Collection.


Via Rosa cuff


Blue pelagia
The Blue Pelagia ring.


The Tropics collection. I love these rings because they were inspired by the lily. (All my daughters names, coincidentally, are represented in Jewelmer inspirations – Rose, Lily, Stella, Margarita).


Ring from the Dolce Rosa Collection. I wore this during the preview event.


This was just the Press Preview. The Jewelmer Gala happens on Monday night when Rhett Eala, Patrice Ramos Diaz and Randy Ortiz show their work alongside the stunning pieces from Jewelmer’s Spring/Sumer 2013 collection. Photo from Jewelmer Instagram.



The Casual Vacancy



Who has read The Casual Vacancy already? I’m not a Harry Potter fan. I never read any of the Potter books. This one is JK Rowling’s first attempt at adult fiction. I’ve read mixed reviews. I have this book in my reading pile. I hope to get to it soon.


JK Rowling


National Book Store


J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy is about the story of the little town of Pagford, which is left in shock after the death of Barry Fairbrother. Pagford, seemingly an English idyll, is a town at war. And the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council triggers the biggest war the town has yet seen.

J.K. Rowling is the author of the biggest selling young adult series of all-time, Harry Potter, which have sold over 450 million copies worldwide. The Harry Potter books have also been adapted into eight blockbuster movies. The Casual Vacancy is Rowling’s first book in five years and is her first book aimed at an adult readership.

Grab a copy of The Casual Vacancy in National Book Store, Powerbooks and Bestsellers branches. Shop online at Follow National Book Store on Facebook and Twitter for the latest events and exclusive promos and contests.



Oscar de la Renta goes pink



This month Oscar de la Renta will donate 10% of net proceeds of the Pink Shop to the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Check out the beautiful items. Click, click….


Oscar DLR Justine
Justine pump. Scalloped patent leather brings edgy glamour to this so soft rose suede pump.


Medieval Drop Earrings


Bijoux Border Prink Silk Faille 19″ skirt



Kids’ hygiene



Most parents I know are vigilant about kids’ hygiene. Handwashing (not just before meals, but always after entering a washroom), brushing of teeth, using alcohol, arming kids with vitamins and even checking for head lice. Ya, I know it is shocking and dreadful. But it happens. You spend years protecting your precious little toddler then one day you send him off to school… a cesspool of germs, bacteria and lice. Don’t be squeamish. It’s a fact. Yikes.

Yesterday was Global Handwashing Day. UNICEF is one of the lead agencies that promotes handwashing world wide. This very simple practice can save many lives. “Research shows that children living in households exposed to handwashing promotion and soap had half the diarrheal rates of children living in control neighborhoods. Because handwashing can prevent the transmission of a variety of pathogens, it may be more effective than any single vaccine.” (Source GHD).

Unfortunately in many countries, handwashing is not yet a habit. Try observing your office washroom or public comfort rooms in malls. Many people use the toilet and go straight out the door. Some may stop to powder their faces and fix their hair. But not everyone washes her hands with soap and water. Handwashing with soap can help prevent diarrhea, pneumonia, and other disease that prevent many children from reaching their 5th birthday. So let’s all work together and make handwashing with soap and water a habit.


If you think your kid’s school doesn’t have soap and toilet paper in their washrooms, let the school know. Write a letter. And just the same, give your kids their own soap and tissues to bring. I save little dispensers from beauty samples for this purpose. My kids have tissue paper in their school hygiene kit and in their bags, but I know they don’t always make the effort to pick them up before going to the toilet. The best solution for us was to make sure there’s a small pack of tissues in their school uniform pocket. They also carry a small sling bag with liquid soap and baby wipes. This was a tip I got from my friend Christine Juan (Happy birthday Christine!).


This is such a handy product. I give Sophia and Lily Vitapops. They are packets of vitamin C in pop rocks format. I make sure there’s at least one Vitapops in their bag in case they forget to take a dose at home. Vitapops is available at all leading drug stores.


eco kid_brochure1
Here’s an eco-friendly and safe product for kids available at Souq Organics.


Ecokid Lice_Bomb_Combo_Pack


If you think your child has lice, here is a safer option. It’s quite expensive though as the product is imported. But if you are committed to eco-friendly practices, then take a look at Eco.kid. “Lice Bomb uses natural terpenes and hydrocarbons from high grade essential oils that can normally be ingested safely by humans but have higher solvent powers than chemical paint thinners. These natural solvent oils smell nice to us but not nice for lice. Due to its plant derived origins, Lice Bomb is non-toxic and non-aggressive to humans when used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.”



Tory Burch head to toe



As promised, time for the big reveal.


Meet my new shoes. This is Tory Burch’s Tamara High Heel in Natural/Black.


And this beautiful Kathy silk dress in Malachite. I love this colour!


I wore the whole outfit in my Cocktales taping last Monday.


The Dizon sisters were our guests. And coincidentally, both Janina and I had a similar shade of green on.


The dress is so lovely. Because it’s silk, it’s so lightweight. The shoes… very very comfortable. These are now my favourite shoes of the season.


I wore them with my coral and diamond earrings. During the shoot we got to play with bling from Jul B. Dizon.


Right after our taping, I hopped over to the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness event where coincidentally, I was sat beside SSI’s Anton Huang for dinner. What better way to thank him for sending me these presents than to wear them head-to-toe to a dinner event.


Thank you SSI and the Visions & Expressions team. Felt like a princess.

Tory Burch Philippines
Level 1, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center
Makati City
632-501 3690