Rabeanco bags



I first heard about Rabeanco about five years ago from bag afficionado friends who travel a lot. They said it’s very affordable (compared to designer bags) and the leather quality is pretty good. Rabeanco is in the Philippines, with two branches – Trinoma and Alabang Town Center.


Rabeanco bags come in different types of leather. They are practical, affordable and for lack of a better word, stylish. The current collection is an explosion of colours.


This style is called Sleeky. I was intrigued by the shape.


IMG_6776 copy
I like that it is slouchy.


And look… Rabeanco sent me the red Sleeky.


Made of calf skin.


So soft. And quite affordable, you won’t feel guilty spending on yourself.


Non-baghag me, giddy with a new bag present from Rabeanco. Big, red, leather. This is a sign that I should shop for fashion again. It's been about kitchen sinks & windows too long.
I was so giddy with my new big bag, I took a picture in my bathroom. Haha. I have been a bit fashion-starved lately. It’s been about my kitchen the past few months.


For more info on Rabeanco Philippines, check out their Facebook page.



The auction ends



Stella and sculpture of Don Chino Roces at Casa Roces
We had a wonderful Sunday together as a family. It was a slow day and everything centred on our three daughters – their playtime, drawings and exploring of a new place. It was a beautiful day. But by 3PM I decided to cut the day short and rush home. I sent the kids to play and sat in front of my laptop. I monitored the bids. Sought out potential buyers. Flooded Twitter and Facebook. The last hour was insane. I’d never been so excited and freaked out.




Midweek, I had my doubts and panic attacks. Saturday, I said to myself, I’d be grateful if we broke P2 Million in UNICEF’s Auction for Action. The rest of the team was confident we’d sell at least P2.5 million. Auction for Action closed at 6pm yesterday with P2.85 million!!! I was just P150,000 short of hitting my P3 million target. But we’re not counting what we didn’t make.

Everything was done online. We didn’t host an event. We wanted to keep costs down so all the money raised would go to fund programs for kids. P2.85 M in seven days is a lot of money!


Barefaced with tears. Shot this on the last hour of @unicefphils #auction4action. We raised P2.85 million in 7days all online! That's USD 68,700. Wow!
My Instagram: Barefaced with tears. Shot this on the last hour of @unicefphils #auction4action. We raised P2.85 million in 7days all online! That’s USD 68,700. Wow!


I can’t say it enough — thank you to all the artists and designers who donated their work completely and in part. Thank you to the bidders. Including those who didn’t win, you did a lot to raise this money. And to all my friends who took my DMs, tweets and updates and retweeted, shared and liked them, you made it happen.

This is proof that social media and the internet can easily be used to do good stuff! And further proof that anyone can make a difference! You all made a difference!! Thank you.



Debbie Palao



We have two hours left before Unicef Auction for Action closes. I am at the edge of my seat here. It has been so wonderful! Thank you for being part of this amazing non-event. Haha. We are hitting over P2 million pesos as I type this. And we didn’t even host an event, just a press briefing. This is proof that there are boundaries for art, design and willingness to help children. It’s universal.

I can’t keep still. So I’ll just try to tell stories.

This one is about Debbie Palao, furniture designer from Cebu. Debbie generously gave two pieces again this year. She is an avid supporter of Unicef Auction for Action. Thank you Debbie.


CebuNext Furniture Expo 2011
This was Debbie’s booth at CebuNext furniture expo in 2011. She donated this red chair called Pout.


CebuNext Furniture Expo 2011
I was one of the judges of Mugna Awards then. Loved all her pieces!


CebuNext Furniture Expo 2011
Here is a version of  Pout in off white. Really awesome piece!


Debbie in Elle Decor India.


Showing you Pout at the UNICEF Auction for Action press briefing. Bid here til 6pm (Philippine time) tonight.


This is Pout. Bid here til 6pm (Philippine time) tonight. Isn’t she lovely?


There is also this bench called Crayola in the auction. Don’t let the wooden pegs fool you. This bench is cushioned. So your little tushies will be comfy when you sit. And what better symbolizes childhood play and dreams than crayons?


Bid now. Two hours left. ebay.ph/unicef


Cath Kidston wish list



Oil cloth overnight bags. I often get asked how to care for oil cloth. These are essentially made of fabric coated in plastic. If your bag is stained with something permanent then just live with the battle scars. But for minor cleaning just wipe with a damp cloth.


More oil cloth bags and holiday bags that fold up into small pocket purses that be used as extra luggage on the way home.


One of my most practical bags is the saddle bag. Another version is this cute Mini Dot pocket bag, ideal for carrying your daily essentials, with cross body adjustable strap and zip pocket inside and out.


Purses and wallets make perfect presents. Sophia already inherited my first Cath Kidston wallet. And I love seeing her use it. These things are indestructible, haha. You can search for more patterns here.


Key fobs and coin purses.


Consider these Cath Kidston patterned tiles for your bathroom or other parts of the home. Stone Spot Tiles Cath Kidston has teamed up with harveymaria to offer a brand new range of vinyl floor coverings – they’re a great way to add colour, print and pattern to a space. Durable, easy to wash and affordable they are a practical yet fun solution for kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms and kids bedrooms! To place an order, visit www.harveymaria.co.uk. Alternatively you can call 0845 680 1231 or 1-877-259-8559.



The Cage Terno



Just remembered that I have this Cage Terno sleeves by Joey Samson! Will try to find something to wear with for tonight's ManilART.
I got a lot of compliments and inquiries about the dress I wore at ManilART. This is how Joey Samson’s cage terno sleeves looked like when I took it out of storage.


Gown by Joey Samson
Joey made it for me as part of this gown for the Procter & Gamble 75th Anniversary Gala in 2010.


The first time he showed it was in Metro Wear 2009. Model Joan Bitagcol wore it so beautifully. Source.


This was from a Pinoy Lab show in 2010. Source.


I asked Joey how many cage ternos he has made. He said a bit over 10 and under 15. I feel lucky to be one of the few who has this. I share the honour with Barbie. This was from a Ballet Philippines fundraiser in 2010.