The Perks of Being a Wallflower



I am one of those who still buys books. Magazines I can take on the iPad. But books, no. I love getting excited about new paper, fancy covers, the feel and scent of pages. The kids are like us too. They love National Book Store as much as they love the toy store.

I was worried about the movie adaptation of the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Most movie adaptations hardly live up to the original novels. But this one was just perfect. Maybe because the writer Stephen Chbosky was also the screenplay writer, the director and the executive producer. He made everything exactly the way he wrote it. It was perfect.

I didn’t imagine Patrick/Nothing to look like Ezra Miller though. But he grew on me. And he was just amazing. Everyone was. Even the music.


I bought this book in National Book Store not knowing what to expect.


I loved every single word of it. Beautifully written.


If you loved the movie, please read the book. There were so many other parts that were not in the movie. Not that it felt lacking. But you know what I mean…



Weird. I was smiling and sobbing at the same time. Then for some strange reason, I actually clapped my hands in the end. My husband was embarrassed.

I was just so happy that the movie was that good. Compared to the book, I mean. And that’s rare.

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