MAC Glamour Daze





I attended the launch of MAC Glamour Daze at Whitespace in Makati last week. It was, as the invitation said, very vintage glamour. The models were all dressed in identical 1950’s petticoat dresses with fancy helmet hair. It was lovely. This launch happened world-wide with each country having the exact same look. Not only was the event a huge success but also the new collection is something lust-worthy.


MAC Glamour Daze_Venue 7
It was the first time I’d seen Whitespace covered in wall to wall white carpet. The room felt like a vintage boudoir for dolls.


JayR & Hot Legs 1
Jay R and the Hotlegs performed.


MAC Glamour Daze_Venue with Guests 1
There were four major events happening that same night. And MAC was packed!


MAC Cosmetics Senior Stylist Cher Webb did a live demo on model Vanessa Matsunaga.


Lots of live demos in the many makeup stations.


I’m in love with the packaging. I wish I could use it as a clutch. All for Glamour Face Kit in Gorgeous Bronze, P3,800 and All for Glamour Touch up Kit in Medium P3,050


Holiday 2012 Glamour Daze collection


Faboulousness Neutral Eyes, P3,050


Daphne Osena-Paez, Mel Lerma (Business Devt Manager) of ELC Beauty Inc
With Mel Lerma, Business Development Manager of Estee Lauder Beauty Inc.


Kirsten Brito (PR & AR Executive) of MAC, Tessa Prieto and Gay Lao (Brand Manager) of MAC
Kirsten Brito PR & AR Executive of MAC, Tessa Prieto and Gay Lao Brand Manager of MAC


Click “More…” to see who was at the MAC Glamour Daze event



10a Alabama



My friend Alicia Sy recommended this weekend fair at 10a Alabama in Quezon City. It happens seasonally. This was on Nov 10-11. They usually do crafters fairs three times a year. But I gather last weekend was so successful they will have another one before Christmas.

I don’t get excited by bazaars. Except maybe the one in Ayala Alabang. I’m hoping the particular seller of native trays is there again this year. And the seller of white cotton sleepwear. But that’s a different story. It seems these days it’s all about pop-up stores, trunk shows and these one of a kind fairs.

Here, the artists and crafters themselves man their own booths.

It’s lovely. Etsy heaven. I’m thinking Malugay, CubaoX and Williamsburg. And yes, very (female) hipster.


10a Alabama


The house is the permanent showroom of Resurrection.


This cupboard! With working hinges and drawers that slide easily. Side note, I love all the louvres and brise soleil in this old house.


Remember when milk used to come in bottles?


Old computer casing, repurposed.


This side table with drawers looks vintage but is a new design. Made of old wood.


Another side table. This one is vintage. The group had the top and one of the drawers painted. It actually has a matching table painted reverse, but that has been sold.


How cool is that work table?! It’s huge. I would get it and even use it as a kitchen island except that we don’t have space for an island.


Books with pen and ink drawings of Philippine landmarks by architecture grads.


Pardon the sweaty look. The girl in black shorts was the one who drew the books.


Support the hand makers.


Greek and Latin wooden letters. Old wood. I was looking for ? but they didn’t have it. Too bad, ?ß? would have been cool.


Vinyl record bag and book ends, anyone?


The crafts all had an Etsy vibe. Food inspired fashion accessories made of polymer clay.


When Lily saw these hand stitched cat ears hair clips she said, “I need this!” And she really does need it. The kids love doing improv theatre before going to bed. Usually Sophia narrates while Lily and Stella act. They wrote a play about cats. So the cat ears are perfect for them. This is the woman who sewed the ear clips.


Stella had an idea.


She got her ears. Then Soph got hers too. All hand made.


Screen printed cards and fabric. This group offers screen printing workshops in Malugay St. Makati.


Soph bought a hand-stitched Totoro plush toy from these girls.


Decorative washi tapes from Hey Kessy.


Cute bakers twine that I’ll never ever need. But why do I want them?


Erasers turned into hand-carved stamps by mansillianasunday. Very clever.


Packaging ideas from Hey Kessy.


I fell in love with her work. Check out Rubber Ducky Stamp Co.


Beautiful carved and etched rubber stamps. I am reminded of my deep 1 cm cut in my left fore finger from 5th grade, etching class. I stabbed myself with an etching knife while trying to make a rubber stamp. Ugh.


Hand carved stamps in wood, rubber and soap stone. From India, Philippines & China. #stamps #carved #handmade #woodblock #rubberstamps #handicraft #hobby #paper #etsy #etching @heimastore #10aAlabama #craft  #shanghai #china #india #philippines
I bought the bird stamp from Rubber Ducky. And here she is with the rest of her stamp cousins I got from around the world (India and China).


This woman makes miniature rooms out of paper and other materials.


From Junk Studio, book lockets. My daughters loved these. Stella chose “Where The Wild Things Are” and Lily chose “Madeline”.


The book locket artist.


It was a crazy lovely time with my three little kittens. We went home with so many handmade purchases. Even our yayas were inspired. This week they’d been crafting at home.


I was the happiest! Got this 1973 bar cart in very good condition. The top shelf even comes off as a serving tray. OMG! I felt like hopping and skipping.



My Christmas scent



How does Christmas smell like for you?

The most Christmassy scent for me is pine. I can’t have a fresh pine tree here in Manila (I have my fire fears and environmental concerns). I wish I could because whenever I get a whiff of fresh pine, I am immediately transported back to my mother’s cozy living room at Christmastime. So when Bench asked me to come up with one scent for Christmas (I wanted three, haha), it had to be pine for sure.


This is how Christmas smells like. Green Forest Pine. DAPHNE Home Scents for @benchtm @bcbench


Bench did so well in formulating my DAPHNE® HOME SCENTS for Christmas. I’m feeling the holiday spirit even though our Christmas decor hasn’t been put up yet. I love this!

For Christmas we have Fresh Green Pine. Also available are Homemade Lemon Tart, Acres of Lavender and Mint Jasmine in Dimensione and Bench (Philippines and the Middle East) P348 each.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!!!



Rue la la



I just registered to join Rue La La and found some really awesome deals. Rue la la is an online shopping club where members can discover premier-brands and private boutique sales open for just a brief window of time. There’s still some time to do shopping “stateside” and have your goods delivered via third-party shipper before Christmas. Or if you’re like me and you have relatives visiting during the holidays, you may ask them a huge favour and bring some items for you.

Here are some pieces I saw for kids. They are on special sale for 3 more days. Really cool gift ideas. They’re all oversized, so try inquiring with a shipper on how to import these gifts. There are some good selections in fashion and home stuff too. If you live in the US then lucky you, they even have free delivery.


Pacific Play Tents Cowboy Teepee
Cowboy Teepee. My kids love tents. We have all shapes except this teepee. It comes in a few prints, some more feminine. But I really like this cowboy print even for my girls. $197.90 $129.90


Airflow Collectibles "Pink Princess" Pedal Car
Airflow Collectibles “Pink Princess” Pedal Car. This is just so beautiful! Vintage feel, pink, wheels. What’s there not to love? $239.00 $179.90


KidKraft “Under the Sun” Chaise with Umbrella & Table. I can see Lily on this. $160.00 $89.90


KidKraft Deluxe “Lets Cook” Kitchen. My kids have a wooden kidsize kitchen too. And it is the most played-with big toy they have. Stella plays with it every single day. $240.00 $169.90


Join Rue La La



The house surrounded by stars



I imagine this is what a Hollywood party would be like. A ton of gorgeous stars all under one roof. In the Philippines, the biggest stars belong to ABS-CBN, my former home network. I’d spent more than a decade working there as a talent of the news organization. Seeing artistas in the hallways was a normal thing for us. None of us needed introductions, we all just said hi to each other. And the unwritten code of beso beso was normal.

I must have taken those years for granted (pre-instagram and blog) because I don’t remember having ever cared really. Until this night.


Me and Coco Martin. Traffic was horrendous that night. But I figured, it would be worth the drive to ___ if Coco was there. Haha. Kidding. I love fan girling. Though he is a self-confessed UZ fanatic too.


Toni Gonzaga. Stunning girl. So talented and smart.


Sam Milby. Need I say more?


Giselle Tongi. Good to have her back.


Jake Cuenca. So guess what we talked about? “Tayong Dalawa” Haha.


Pretty Karylle who asked me about furniture and design. Another UZ fan.


Xian Lim


Nikki Valdez, Lorna Tolentino, Amy Austria and Coco Martin.


Tirso Cruz III with wife Lyn and Joel Torre


I was invited to this beautiful party with all the super stars. There were more. But my camera wasn’t fast enough. I think I may have been  the only “outsider” but they all made me feel so welcome.

The host was ever so gracious. He met me at the door and personally took me on a tour of his new house. “This is the house that you inspired,” he said to me. “All those years of watching Urban Zone inspired this house.”

OMG can I cry now? Let’s bring Urban Zone back on TV already. There are too many gorgeous homes going up that need their stories told.

He also told me that he had often wondered what it would be like to have me over as a guest touring his house like a UZ feature coverage. So we did just that.

In the end of the little tour he didn’t wait for me to ask. He just said, “This is my dream house.”


The house sits on an elevated property with a stunning view of the ridge and the valley. Perfect setting for someone to be surrounded by stars – literally and figuratively.


The main entrance of the house leads to a huge outdoor balcony.


The main door is flanked by a tree…


… And a giraffe by Ann Pamintuan


Dr Vicki Belo and Cristalle Henares pose for me at the home theatre. They joined our little house tour.


ABS-CBN executive Deo Endrinal


This theatre is equipped with full editing devices. Some of ABS-CBN’s telenovelas and movies were re-edited here while the team previewed it in this comfortable lounge-type stetting.


The dining room is visible from the stair case on different levels. That’s ABS-CBN Head Charo Santos with Pat-P Daza along with Dawn Zulueta and husband Anton Lagdameo.


Here’s what the dining room looks like.


Luisa Robinson’s Dragon Tail lamps. This is the same lamp we auctioned off in UNICEF’s Auction for Action this year. More info here. The owner placed the lamps in the most prominent spot in the front of the house. It is believed to bring more luck.


The illuminated bar downstairs. The ceiling is cladded with wood scaffolding used during construction of the house.


The wall of the bar and the wine cellar (temperature-controlled) are lined with wood from wine crates.


There was more than enough space for a band.


The top floor of the main house. Here the owner can see the entire property and its architecture. The owner wanted a “shabby chic” reading corner and talked to me about an oversized DAPHNE® wing chair. So I’ve got my thinking cap on.


The master of the house lived in a condo for over 25 years. He wanted his bedroom to still feel-condo style — meaning, he’d like to stay and “hibernate” in his bedroom for a week without needing to get out of the room. There is a mini kitchen in the ante-room.


A must for every TV executive — comfortable TV viewing areas.


I love raiding other people’s closets.


The Prada chair in the master bedroom made from the brand’s leather cuttings.


The second bedroom.


View from upstairs


Every piece of furniture was handpicked by the owner.


Victoria Grayson’s chair in Revenge.


The bar in the living room made of back-lit onyx, definitely a UZ inspiration.


Living room. Check out the view beyond the balcony.


Just the right club sofa.


View into the master bedroom’s ante-room just above the onyx bar.


The house has it’s own “sky lounge”


Dr Vicki and I hung out here for a bit. Here she told me that aging doesn’t happen gradually. It occurs in spurts. Like over night. Yeah, look at my reaction. Yikes! Haha.


Lighting is everything.


Layering is everything.


At the guest room with Garlic, Dr Vicki and Cristalle.


The owner was adamant about having a red pool.


After working hard for over 25 years, he finally has his dream house with everything he used to need outside including a home spa and photo studio. Everything is here.


One last parting shot… Coco again.


Big thanks to the host for sharing his dream house. With or without stars, this house is a star in itself. Congratulations! Sooo happy for you!