Keeping it real



My online world in 2012 as interpreted by Isabel Gatuslao and photographer Terry Uy.


As new collaborations and projects for DAPHNE® start in 2013, I say goodbye to the one that started it all — DAPHNE Linens. We had a great three years with the collaboration, but now we’ve reached the end of our contract. I will be forever grateful for the trust and support of my wonderful partners Diana and Albryan.


Photo by Terry Uy


Three years ago the idea of retailing products under my name was just a dream I thought of but never actually voiced out. When Diana approached me with the idea of creating a line of bed linen for me, I realized, the universe can read my mind. I had my name registered as a trademark right away but it took a while to get the “®” mark. Now DAPHNE® is legally mine. I had to do it because it’s not everyday that one gets to retail in SM, Our Home, Rustans, Dimensione and Bench. The line of bed linens set the tone for the world I wanted to create — one that’s pretty, comfortable and soft, one that reflects a smile, and that’s tasteful but attainable. Then other collaborations followed.


Daphne Furniture® at Dimensione, photographed by Everywhere We Shoot, styled by Bea Ledesma. I have lost 10 pounds since this photo was taken. I don’t know how. I wasn’t on a diet and I didn’t exercise any different.


I haven’t actually spent too much time mulling over the identity of my brand. I still can’t speak straight about it without going off tangent and sounding like a valley girl. I need a word version of Isabel’s eye to interpret the DAPHNE world and totally “get” what I’m trying to do. I am inspired by the talent and creativity that surrounds me through my team and close friends. 2013 brings a lot of excitement for us. There are new possibilities and projects are already lined up.


Happiness is a rainbow cake! #bridabistro
In this time of social networking and instagramming, I feel I have somehow contributed in the creation of a happy place for us online. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me. You inspire me. You touch me.


This blog was born out of my want to create and chronicle. It was initially just for friends and family. The audience and community came later. Then the industry followed. I don’t know what will happen to this dynamic world of blogs. It is getting crowded and cluttered. But I don’t think of too much of it; like the way I don’t think of numbers and stats. Like I always say, whether I have 5 readers or 50,000 readers a day, I will still write and take photos the same way. So thank you for sticking by me and sharing your stories. This is our happy place. Sure there may be some bad days, but I try hardest to keep it always kind.


To quote the late great Michael Jackson, “It’s about LOVE.” Haha. Sorry for the mush.


In my mind I was writing a year end report. This isn’t it. I think I shall write that tomorrow. My 2012 was full of extremes — major unbelievable highs and a few uninspiring dragging lows. But things happened just like I wished they would when I wrote my 2011 year end review. The bottom line, it was a kick ass year professionally. I’m happy to say that the ups and downs were only in the professional side because my personal life is blessed with a constant stream of love and happiness. I’m not bragging. It’s my real life that keeps me humble.


We spent Christmas in the same rustic beach house just me and my family.


Having this blog is great. Having sponsors and collaborations are even greater! But the most important thing and the one I am most grateful about is the real world I live in. They are the reasons I have things to write about — my three girls, my husband, our rickety old house, the kitchen project that just won’t end, the love of the family I was born into, the love of the family I married into, the good health and comfortable life of my parents, and the very few real, quality friends I have.

I’m hearing fireworks. It’s 10:59pm on New Year’s Eve.

Everyone wishes for good health and prosperity. May your cup runneth over.

For 2013 I wish for all that… plus a kind world. Let’s all be kind to each other. Let’s remind our kids to do the same.

Love to you all!!!



New hair day



The other day I was feeling the itch to get my hair cut. It’s the longest my hair’s ever been. And whenever it gets to this point I always end up seeking other alternatives. Last year, I did the Soft Set curls at Alex Carbonell’s Studio Fix. Now I want something lighter. I even contemplated on having my hair cut chin length again.


That urge to cut my hair short. Yay or nay?
This was while I was on the way to Studio Fix in Greenbelt 5. I asked my Instagram followers if I should have my hair cut short. Majority of the answer said Nay.


Silly selfie in a busy restaurant, all alone. Nay won. I kept the length. Alex Carbonell gave me a new cut and pastel brown colour. Happy.
This is Alex’s magic. He not only gave me a nice trim, he also gave me new colour — pastel brown. He also kept the length. He reminded me of the time I kept saying, “I miss my long hair,” when it was already shoulder length. So for 2013, we keep it long.


How about you? Do you have any hair or beauty makeover plans for the new year?



Organic beef



New Year’s Eve is coming up soon. What are your plans? We always stay home. I think I did the big new year’s eve glamour bash a bit too much too soon. After all those overpriced countdowns, by my mid-20’s all I wanted to do was stay home and do new year’s eve quietly with my family. This year will be the same.

If you’re like me – and you don’t have a real kitchen (that’s a diff story) – and you’re good at sourcing caterers and food sources, you’d appreciate this. The Farm Organics has some good ideas this season. You have til Dec 31st to shop for these at the meat section of The Landmark Supermarket Makati and Trinoma.


For those who want to cook their own roast, we have a Ready-to-Cook Rib Eye Roast also available in our Landmark outlets, which retails at P1300/kilo


The Farm Organics Ready-to-Eat Roast Beef is available the meat section of The Landmark Supermarket Makati and Trinoma until Dec 31. Only P495 per pack, which includes mushroom gravy. Just heat and eat!


Here’s what the ready-to-eat roast beef looks like once it’s heated and plated. The beef remains sooooo tender!


For more info on The Farm Organics, like them on Facebook.



Anthropologie words and letters



How is everyone’s holidays coming along? We had a quiet and rustic Christmas getaway. Beautiful. Were home now and like many, we are de-cluttering and preparing for the new year. I had some time to surf the net today. Found some really adorable things – all with alphabets and monograms – in Anthropologie, my site partner. Most of these are marked down on sale.


Homegrown Monogram Mug
I used to not like receiving mugs because for a while they became so boring and thoughtless. But these are so cute. I love how each alphabet has a different print. I would buy a few to give as hostess gifts. Homegrown Monogram Mug $8.


Women's Golden Spike Cuff
I love this! So raw! Women’s Golden Spike Cuff $55.


Pinwale Alphabet
My girls have been asking me to redecorate their room again. I’m giving myself the first quarter of the year to do it. Nothing major. Just a new bunk bed, haha (major!). Soph is also asking for something Cath Kidston-y. These alphabets are neither simple nor Cath Kidstony but they are cute in a global way. Pinwale Alphabet $7.95


Efforlessly Sewn Herb Kit
I’m so thrilled about this. I would hoard if I was still planning my wedding. At ours, we gave out potted herbs. These are so cute! The paper is embedded with basil seeds. All you have to do is rip the paper apart, and “plant” the paper into soil. The hammered fork is adorable. There’s another version of parsley and it’s a spoon. Click this… Effortlessly Sewn Herb Kit $9.95 was $16.00


Sunday Supper Dishtowel
I love pretty dish towels and tea towels. But I have a problem reminding the house helpers that they are different from “trapo” haha. They’re too pretty to get soiled. This one has words from a menu and drawings of lilies. Love! Sunday Supper Dishtowel, Lilies $9.95.


Twig Monogram Charm
That alphabet charm is designed as twig letters. I used to play with twigs and vines and form them into letters when I was a kid. This is so sweet and the price is amazing! Twig Monogram Collector’s Charm $9.95.


Alphabet hooks
These hooks would come in handy for my girls. Except that we have two “S” girls. Hmm. Letter Hooks $14.00



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Oscar de la Renta sale




Shop any fashion jewelry or fragrance product and receive a complimentary Oscar de la Renta candle with purchase. Use code: ODLRGIFT. Valid until 11:59pm EST on Dec 31, 2012.