Madrigal Singers



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Watch the Philippine Madrigal Singers on Dec 15-16 and support the programs of Alumni Association of Xavier School such as these charities

Fr. Papilla Scholarship Fund
Mr. Mena Medical Assistance Fund
Mr. Cortina Sports Fund
ERDA technical vocational school

For tickets, please contact Alumni Office at 727-3329, CCP Box Office 832-1125, Ticket World 891-9999 or Chichi 0915-696-3983



P&G Beauty Ambassador



So excited to launch this iconic brand in the Philippines with P&G Beauty.


I know the word “ambassador” is a bit over used these days. But this is one is pretty serious.

I first worked with Procter & Gamble in 2006 as one of the ambassadors of Olay in its launch in the Philippines. This was a long and beautiful relationship. I shot a few commercials for Total Effects and Olay Body Soap. One of my TVCs was aired regionally. This year I take on a different role as ambassador of P&G Beauty.

Just last week I how P&G Beauty works globally at the P&G Vision House in Bangkok. I got to meet Liv Tyler, Pantene Clinicare’s global ambassador.

On Thursday P&G Beauty is launching an iconic brand we’ve all heard about when we were growing up. They’ve asked me to host the event. It’s going to be very beautiful and romantic.



Christmas and pine



I recall when we were growing up, my mother put up the same exact Christmas tree every year. Same decor. No theme. And every year, she would add a new ornament – something one of us made or something she bought on Boxing Day the year before. When we were still living in Manila, we had the same artificial tree year after year. I was influenced by this. In our home, we have the same exact tree every year – same balls, same ornaments, no theme, not designed at all.


Me and my brother
The only time we had a different tree was this year. I don’t really know what the story is behind this twig tree. I used to laugh at it. Now I think it’s hip in a Charlie Brown way. I believe that was the year my dad ordered a tree from Clark Air Base; and it didn’t get to us on time. That’s me and my brother.


Telling Santa that she wants Barbie Diamond Castle
Christmas traditions are funny. The only thing we have consistent is our tree at home. When it comes to Santa Claus, it’s always different. We try to meet him – either in a mall or in a hotel. When Sophia was 6 she asked my why Santa’s beard was short. I told her that he had a shave but wanted the kids in the Philippines to see a bearded Santa like in his pictures, so he wore a fake beard. She believed.


Santa liked my baby's cookie
Soph remembers Santa this way from the year before that – with a glorious white beard. I hope he comes visit this season. Does anyone know which hotel or mall Santa with the full beard will be at?


We’ve been using the same artificial tree since we got married. Our ornaments at home don’t change. I bought these tin toys 10 years ago, before Sophia was born. It was our first Christmas as husband and wife. I wanted generic, vintage-type toys. Or maybe I just didn’t know we were going to have 3 three girls.


I love this ornament from my mom. She gave me two of these. I want more. They’re quite delicate, made of glass.


How did you grow up so fast?
Every year, a daughter does this with our old jingling bells wreath. These were in the house before I got here. My mother in law owned them, making them even more special. Soph started it.


A few years later, Lily’s doing it. I’m sure this year Stella will be putting the bell wreath on her head too.


The tree corner becomes one giant mess. Such is life in a small cottage. This was Stella last year.


Christmas wish
I added a new Christmas thingy last year. Dressed up the DAPHNE chairs with lights and a wreath.


Why am I writing about past Christmases? Well, our tree isn’t fully up yet. And I’m so bitin. Over the weekend we put up the tree but we had to stop after hanging the lights because both older kids have exams this week. Most parents in the Philippines know what that’s like. The world stops. I’m squeezing in this blog entry because by tomorrow, I won’t have time to do anything else.

We’ve been feeling Christmassy though, even without the decorated tree. I popped open a few of the new DAPHNE® Home Scents in Green Forest Pine and the house smells so festive! When Bench asked me about coming out with a Christmas scent, I knew it had to be predominantly pine. This is how I know Christmas in my parents’ house. This is what’s been lacking in our tropical home. The smell of Christmas.


daphne forest pine (1)
Limited Edition DAPHNE® Home Scents in Green Forest Pine, 100ml, P348. Available at select Bench and Dimensione stores.


By the way, here’s a list of Bench stores in the Middle East that carry the regular line of DAPHNE Home Scents (acres of lavender, homemade lemon tart and mint jasmine):

Dubai – Reef Mall, Dubai Festival City Mall, IBN Battutta Mall, and Meena Bazaar Mall

Abu Dhabi – Marina Mall and Dalma Mall

Fujairah – Fujairah City Centre Mall



Oh Lily again



Sorry I neglected the blog this week. It has been a bit hectic. I was away for a couple of days on business. Wow I’ve never really said that before — “on business.” Haha. Well, it’s true. It wasn’t a vacation and it wasn’t a shoot. Please humour me because I rarely get to travel (by choice).

Procter & Gamble Beauty flew me and a small group of journalists to attend P&G Vision House in Bangkok. It was a regional (and global) two-day meeting to present the trends, findings and new developments in Olay, Pantene and Head & Shoulders. Amazing mix of science, beauty and chicness. I was there as one of P&G Beauty’s brand ambassadors. I will write many posts on this because it was such an interesting trip. I got to meet and interview Liv Tyler who was so stunningly beautiful like a goddess that I was in awe and almost teary-eyed the first time I saw her up close. Sigh.

This entry is not about work. It’s been a while since I’ve written about the family even though I’ve been home every single day. This year’s blessing is certainly that I get to pick up the girls from school and spend lots of time with them. I’ve tried to document as much as I can but you know, I get so engrossed with just living life as it happens. So there haven’t been many stories about the kids lately.

This one has to be told… about Lily and her world.


So you all know how I like to encourage my kids to go out and play. Lily has started to resist saying she doesn’t like getting sweaty and dirty. Of course watching TV and playing with little toys are more appealing sometimes. But I always win this battle. And when she gets to the park, she ends up having a good time anyway.


Flowers from Lily everyday
And she always brings home “wildflowers” for me. Even if wildflowers are weeds.


Mood rings are fun. #lily #6
Lily’s world is still always pink. Aurora is still her favourite princess. Lately, like Sophia, Lily’s been into mood rings (this one is borrowed from Sophia)…


Lily's charm necklace. She's "designing" it herself. Chose the photos for her locket then I did the prints and laminates.
… and lockets. She put her own charms together and gave me the assignment of sticking photos in this tiny locket.


Mid morning dance concert at the #Repetto shop. Little girls are love!!!! #dance #ballet #lily #stella
She still loves to dance. It’s the kind of dance that’s from within. She feels music run through her veins. I’m glad, because right now we don’t have time for ballet lessons.


Swan Lake was playing in the store and the two ballerinas did their own interpretation. Haha. #repetto #lily #stella #dance
And even encourages the younger Stella to join this passion. At the Repetto store, she danced to classical music. I asked her if it was The Nutcracker. She said, “No, this is Swan Lake. And this is the part where she dies.” Then she lay on the couch lifeless.


" Tooth Fairy, my tooth is falling for the first time. My name is Lily"
A few days after she turned 6 this year, her permanent teeth in the bottom front broke skin. So we’ve been watching her teeth move and make space for the new ones since July. Last week, we all felt that her first teeth or tooth could fall out any time. She wrote to the Tooth Fairy in advance. “Tooth Fairy, my tooth is falling off for the first time. My name is Lily.” Then she drew an equation. It means, tooth + broken tooth + something round = a pearl! (signified by a man and wife getting married.) Jewelmer would be happy.


So how was your day?
Then I had to fly to Bangkok for a few days. It’s the hardest thing to do… having to leave kids behind. It broke my heart. I talked to them as much as I could. Every time with Lily, I’d ask “Has the Tooth Fairy come for your first tooth?” And she’d show me her two wobbly teeth.


While I was away, Lily lost her first tooth. And nobody noticed. Not even she did. Brave girl. And #ToothFairy still dropped by last night. #lily
I finally get home after a few days of travel. Lily jumps on me. I ask, “Has the Tooth Fairy come?” Her answer, “Not yet.” And then she checks her mouth then yells, “Where’s my tooth? It’s missing!” The little guy was gone! Yayas, Patrick and I searched the dining area. They all swore they’d last seen it in her mouth the day before. Lily doesn’t remember when she last felt her tooth. Sophia starts crying out of worry, “Did you swallow it ? How will the tooth fairy come now?” Lily didn’t budge. She didn’t cry. Wore her blank gums like a medal! (Not so blank because the permanent teeth are almost fully out with little ears/ridges).


Lily lost her first tooth without fanfare. She just lost it. We don't know if she swallowed it. Haha. And Tooth Fairy still came last night. With the shiniest #gold coins!!!
This morning, the two girls screamed and jumped! The Tooth Fairy did come!!! And she gave the shiniest and goldest three coins ever!


Oppa Lily Style - H&M kids dalmatian hoodie and striped #Smurfette onesie shorts, fringed boots from @tartetatin. Bracelet was crafted on a rainy day.
She was so proud of herself, her lost tooth and her gold coins. We celebrated with a quick lunch at Rockwell. She dressed herself up in the new clothes I bought in H&M Bangkok. They’re not meant to be worn together, but she pulled it off well. Even those fringed boots.


Oh Lily.