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Secret Fresh x Elmer Borlongan





I’m dying here. Secret Fresh is about to launch Elmer Borlongan’s first art toy.  Hari Sonik encapsulates Borlongan’s distinct “Pinoy everyman” that we see in his paintings. Borlongan likes to paint snippets of Philippine life; and one aspect of this, the Pinoy’s love of music is the focus of the toy Hari Sonik. I’m dying because it’ll only be released in limited edition of 40 pieces! Gasp.




Secret Fresh bridges anew starting collectors with established artists as they collaborate on producing limited edition art toys such as with Christian Tamondong, Lynyrd Paras, Charlie Co, Luis Lorenzana and now with Thirteen Artist awardee Elmer Borlongan who has also represented the Philippines in various international art festivals. His works are also in the collection of the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and the Singapore Art Museum. He has also illustrated a number of children’s books published by CANVAS. — Press Release, Secret Fresh.


Elmer’s donation to UNICEF at the 2012 Auction for Action was one of the most coveted pieces. You can read about it here and here.

For more info on Hari Sonik, check out Secret Fresh in Facebook.





Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 LIVE



I’m still drooling over Oscar de la Renta spring stuff, the fall collection is about to be revealed. The spring dresses and shoes are still on pre-order. Check them out at the links I posted. Drool. The shoes!


More Oscar de la Renta spring dresses on pre-order here.
These shoes are gorgeous. Mix of naughty and nice. Charlotte shoes, handmade lace leather.


Oscar de la Renta
Watch Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2013 fashion show LIVE Oscar de la Renta, 6:30PM EST on Tuesday, February 12th (like, now Manila Time). Or follow in Twitter with hashtag #ODLRLIVE.



The new Camay girl



We first announced the new Camay Scents of Attraction last December, where, as P&G Beauty Ambassador I walked the guests through the three scents – Romantique Rose, Creme Vanilla and Dynamique Grapefruit. A couple of weeks ago, fellow P&G Beauty Ambassador Tim Yap hosted an amazing party at the Sky Garden in the beautiful new Zuellig Building. Angelica Panganiban is the new Camay Girl.

Here are some highlights from the event. Photos courtesty of P&G Beauty.


Co-hosts Victor Basa, Bianca Gonzales and Tim Yap, with Camay Girl Angelica Panganiban.




Doing my P&G Beauty Ambassador duties with P&G Country Marketing Communication Manager Clint Navales and Tessa Prieto Valdes


Karylle, event host Tim Yap, Iza Calzado and Kate Torralba.


Julia Sniegowski and Patti Grandidge of ETC.


Phoemela Baranda


Rajo Laurel, Tessa, and Divine Lee


Miriam Quiambao


Joey Mead with The Kitchen Musical co-stars and real life sweethearts Carla Dunareanu and Christian Bautista


Vintage dishes



I haven’t mentioned anything much about my kitchen renovations. We are done. Completely! And it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to show you. The only problem is, when we tried to turn on the appliances, something went wrong. So we are dealing with these details again. Patience truly is a virtue.

The kitchen is inspired by a farm house – or rather, a farm house sink specifically. It went well with our house because truthfully our house is like a real wooden cottage. It’s your Lola’s house in the province. So having some vintage-inspired treatments wasn’t too far out. Besides, I love vintage cookware and stuff.


My parents sent a box full of goodies on the slow boat to the East. By the time it got here after Christmas, we were so delighted to receive surprises. This is a vintage Pyrex mixing bowl that originally came in a set with green, blue and red bowls. Just beautiful.


It belonged to my brother-in-law’s grand mother. They lived in Toronto. And I’m so honoured to be the keeper of the vintage Pyrex bowl. These were first made in the 1940’s. And apparently the ones from the 1950’s onwards are numbered at the bottom. I don’t see any number in this yellow bowl, so maybe this is really old from the 1940’s.


Vintage Pyrex ad
Check out this classic ad for Pyrex. These bowls were made from 1940 to 1970’s.


There are more lovely vintage finds in our old kitchen storage – cake plates, milk glass, carnival glass. This little pitcher is from my mom. She sent it to me knowing how much I love old things. They just don’t make things like they used to. The jar of Choco Mallows is new. I just placed it there for size reference.


Our everyday dish gets a lot of reaction every time it makes an appearance in Instagram. It’s got a lovely relief pattern of flowers on its rim. The glass is hefty. It hardly ever chips. But sadly, many pieces have been broken. (I don’t want to get into that… sigh).


I don’t know much about Vitrock. After googling I found out it dates back to 1934 – 1937. OMG. They’re called Depression Glass. I’ve found some resellers online. I don’t really know if I’ll acquire more pieces of this. My mother-in-law had a lot – we have the sugar bowls, serving dishes etc. Plus I’m actually looking forward to using my own set of china from our wedding.


So yes, I’ve turned into a little old lady talking about china and bakeware. But like I said, it’s the quality of these old products that I love so much. Back then everything was built to last. And design was full of integrity.

Here are some vintage-inspired items I’m loving on the net.


Collage Vintage


01 Bar cart from Serena and Lily. Bar carts are the new black. This design is inspired by a mid-century antique and pays homage to the textural beauty of handwoven rattan.

02 Trina Turk ice bucket. The decorative palm design and gold hardware bring me back to backyard barbecues and the imaginary Palm Beach parties in the 60’s.

03 Reiss Lunata poppy dress. There’s something about the cut and print of this dress that evokes classic glamour even though it’s such a casual dress.

04 Sweater Pup Cookie Jar from Anthropologie. This doesn’t necessarily give a vintage vibe but because I grew up with a couple of dachshunds, I tend to equate these little dogs with the past. Plus, the idea of a cookie jar isn’t really too common these days with everyone eating everything on the go. That, or buying instant cookies wherever and whenever we feel snacky.

05 Kelly Wearstler sugar pot. Inspired by nature and organic lines evocative of marine florals from the 1920s, this Hillcrest sugar pot is quite the splurge at $300. It is part of a complete set.

06 Patisserie Baking Set from Anthropologie. This is so adorable, it comes with everything a little gourmand needs for “baking”. Each kit has an oven mitt, rolling pin, whisk, pastry cutter, cake tin, muffin tin, biscuit cutters, apron and French-language recipe book.