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I’ve been finding a lot of inspiration and ideas from my site partners both for the home and for my closet. I hope you enjoy these collages I’ll be doing on a regular basis. Feel free to let me know what type of things you’d like to see in this site – for the home, kitchen, fashion, kids, travel, food, whatever…


Pink Blush collage



01 Serena & Lily Senegalese Storage Baskets Created by African artisans, this is a fun way to store toys, towels and laundry. Strips of recycled plastic are wrapped around coils of natural fiber to create bold zigzag patterns.

02 One Kings Lane Provencal tea towels. I love buying tea towels. Raise your hand if, like me, there’s an issue in your home about distinguishing between tea towels and trapo. It’s my biggest pet peeve. Haha.

03 Gwen Loafers from Anthropologie. I love that G.H. Bass got its mojo back this season. I grew up with Bass Weejuns. This is a beautiful loafer with gold tassels.

04 Kelly Wearstler Souffle Cocktail Chair This vintage inspired cocktail chaise, is based on an iconic Wearstler design, the Souffle Chair. The bold lines of this occasional chair are created by ruching the leather before stitching it to the frame.

05 Trina Turk Shanghai Links Pillow, Embroidered.

06 Kelly Wearstler Double Hands Sculpture. I love the vintage vibe of this brass sculpture but what makes it stand out is the surrealism it suggests. Sure to be a conversation piece.



The World of The Gruffalo



I’ve been getting a few calls from friends asking about The Gruffalo – the show and the book. It is a great story written by Julia Donaldson and was first published in 1999. It tells the story of a little mouse and his adventure in the “deep dark wood”. Julia wrote it for kids aged 3 to 7. And like I said, all my kids continue to enjoy it. This book has encouraged my kids to read out loud and try improv theatre.

At the Hong Kong Kids Fest last weekend, I got to see the live show, the same one coming to Manila next week. It is fun and cute and engaging. I think kids of all ages will enjoy the production. The show runs from Feb 15 to 17 at the Rockwell Tent. Tickets are onsale online. For more info please check their Facebook page.


Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts


This was the venue for Kidsfest where they showed a number of theatre productions for kids.


Of all the Kidsfest productions, only The Gruffalo is coming to Manila next week.


The 2009 animated film version of The Gruffalo received an Academy Award® nomination for Best Animated Short Film. The cast included Helena Bonham Carter. It is the cutest thing! Try to watch this with your kids.


In the “deep dark wood”, ABA Productions’ executive producer Matthew Gregory.


Julia Donaldson‘s other works were being sold outside the theatre. I took advantage of this availability and stocked up for my kids, especially Stella who’s only 3.


I couldn’t resist the other merchandise – like plasters, mugs, lunch boxes and stationery. Because The Gruffalo isn’t as huge in the US (and therefore, The Philippines), these products aren’t readily sold locally… yet.


Got this puppet for Stella. A few of the books and audio CDs are available in National Book Store.


Gruffalo merch heaven. Look at the official Gruffalo Shop.


Merch heaven.


The weekend shows were sold out. It was nice to see parents taking their small children to the theatre. I saw little kids as young as 2 there. Really adorable.




To know more about The Gruffalo and the show in Manila, here is a short interview I did with Matthew Gregory, the executive producer.


And a special invite by the cast…


The Gruffalo in Manila
February 15 to 17, 2013
Rockwell Tent, Makati

Tickets available at There are promos and discounts for bulk orders.



One Kings Lane




One Kings Lane. This is where I go for ideas, shopping, inspiration, vintage finds and for a community with the same interests. Think a well-curated eBay or Craigslist for accessories, gifts, furniture and unique vintage items.

I check this site daily for 72-hour flash sales curated by some of the best tastemakers like Vicente Wolf, John Robshaw, Lulu DK and Kelly Wearstler among others. I’m so happy to be working with One Kings Lane as site partner. This means I’ll be sharing with you some of the items I find fabulous – like a mini curator myself (one can aspire!).


OKL Collage


01 Vintage Botanical Study IV

02 Hermes Kelly Retourne Croc Bag 32cm

03 Finch Table Lamp, a dreamy ombre table lamp with a cream shade.

04 Talavera Snack Tray w/ Bowl, Blue/White

05 Acanthus Fabric, Blue

06 Lynn Sofa by Massoud. This slim sofa is upholstered in stunning misty blue leather. Its button-tufted detailing highlights the smooth leather’s beauty.


Hope you enjoy the world of One Kings Lane as much as I do! You can also be a member and get direct updates. Sign up today for a $15 credit for purchases of $30 or more.



My baby is 10



Morning sunshine


10 years ago today, I gave birth to my first child, our beautiful Sophia Rose.

I still remember her scent, her tiny fingers, her soft little head. She came earlier than expected. We weren’t ready. I didn’t know how to bathe her or swaddle her. But every day, I learned something new from her – the one who taught me how to be a mom. And I’m still learning.

From infancy to a precocious toddler, a big sister, and now a little girl with a two-digit age, Sophia is an amazing little person with a big heart. And I thank God for this miracle child who continues to be curious about the world and excited about what she can do.

Please don’t grow up too fast, Little One. I love you forever.



Hong Kong via Instagram



I was in Hong Kong over the weekend. I was invited by ABA Productions to see The Gruffalo in Kidsfest. This is the same West End production that’s coming to Manila on February 15 to 17 at Rockwell Tent. If you have small kids, take them to see The Gruffalo – a wonderful book turned into an animated film and now a stage production.

I love Hong Kong. It’s one of my favourite cities. And I love how it’s just a bit over an hour away from us. I feel like the whole world is there – at least shopping-wise. It always takes me a few days to recover from a Hong Kong trip because of all the walking. I didn’t bring my micro 4/3 camera except the morning we watched the show. Like most, I just used my iPhone and instagrammed my way through.
Red taxis. #hongkong #hk #taxi #cab #red
This scene. Never gets old. Hong Kong cab drivers go really fast.


In a really fast cab. Done w errand. @aliciasy see you in a bit.
So yes, I wear seat belts always. I was alone a lot. Do cabbies really like small talking people who are alone? One cab driver sang Chinese opera to me (I’m serious!). One showed me photos of his daughter and says he’s never taken a day off his whole life to pay for her education (Me: She’s so cute! Driver: That’s when she was 8, now she’s 18 and sexy.) And another one asked if I was Italian, French or Russian. Small talk is an art.


All that glass and steel.


Somewhere, #HK. #art #streetart
Street art.


Was alone for a bit. Got lost. Ended up in a wet market. #hk #hongkong.
One minute I was in Lane Crawford, the next I’m walking through a wet market at night.


Big truck squeezing its way into a tiny street. It worked. No one was crushed. #hk #hongkong
A huge garbage truck tries to squeeze its way in to a tiny street with people, vendors and things. No one moved. No one panicked. No one was hurt. Not even one little grape.


With Bambi & Alicia. Thank you Therese, for the pic. #hk #hongkong #cos
I was with Bambi Sy and Alicia Sy. It was their idea to bring in The Gruffalo to Manila. In between conversations on The Gruffalo and food, most of our time was spent in COS. We were also with Philippine Star journalist Therese Garceau.


COS is love. I need rehab.


Rush hour and couldn't get a cab. So we walked up three huge city blocks on a path called Ladder Street. My thighs are mush. Operation Tight Buns now in effect. #thingsidoforyakitori #hk #hongkong #ladderstreet #stairs #yardbird
Alicia told us about Yardbird, a yakitori restaurant that was mentioned in Town & Country‘s February issue. We had to meet there at 6pm to beat the line. Therese and I weren’t lucky with cabs during rush hour so we walked. We ended up climbing three city blocks up this path called Ladder Street. Painful. Three-day pain.


Yardbird. Enjoyed this place a lot. (photo inspired by @aliciasy shot). #hongkong #hk #yardbird #yakitori
We got to Yardbird 15 minutes late. We got the last table. There was a line after us. The food was great. Worth the thousand steps we walked.


Really good #yakitori at #yardbird in #hk. #food #hongkong #instagood #chicken #yum #nomnom
This stick is called “Oyster” but it’s all chicken, as that’s what yakitori is – skewered chicken. This was succulent, moist, perfectly seasoned. OMG. So good.


OMG @aliciasy thank your friend who recommended this! #estrella #damm #inedit #beer #yardbird #hk
We shared a bottle of this beer. Apparently it was c0-developed by Ferran Adria of El Bulli to accompany food and is to be served in white wine glasses. It was perfect.


Recovery day. Thinking of this yummy tempura corn ball from #yardbirdhk #hongkong
Cornball. Tempura corn. Whatever it’s called. This was another highlight.


Funny I got asked a lot about HK weather by people who plan to go next week. Today was nice. Aircon weather.
Buildings everywhere. Behind me is just a reflection of what’s in front of me. The weather was pleasant. Wish it was cooler, but it was good enough at 20 degrees. Just like air con. I finally got to wear my Martin Margiela x H&M blazer. I love it so much. Unforch I don’t have a full shot.


Similar to what I'm working on. At #Homeless #hongkong. #furniture #chair #seat #tufted #homelesshk #homeless #store #shopping #hk #window #shopwindow
Lots of goodies in Homeless. My team at DAPHNE Furniture® is developing a seat almost like that. I saw the prototype last December.


Cute "kitchen" at a children's store called #petitbazaar in #hk #hongkong
Cute little kitchen at a children’s store called Petit Bazaar.


Spotted at a store in HK, an H lamp. It says "Yes you are right. I am the H in H&M" #hk #hongkong #hm #light #lamp #font #H
At another shop (didn’t take note of the name), the sign on this lamp says “Yes, you are right. I am the H of H&M.”


Year of the Snake. Pink bus. Chinese New Year in HK. #snake #cny #pink #city #hk #hongkong #bus
Chinese New Year this weekend. I don’t like horoscopes. They scare me. Nevertheless, I hope everyone is lucky in the Year of the Snake.


The Gruffalo merchandise heaven!!! #thegruffalo #thegruffaloMNL #gruffalo
Other than COS, this is where I went nuts. All this Gruffalo merchandise. I got mugs, sippy cups and lunch boxes.


Watching The Gruffalo at KidsFest in HK. Soon in Manila Feb 15-17 Rockwell Tent #thegruffaloMNL #thegruffalo #gruffalo
And this little guy. For Stella.


For more information on The Gruffalo, Live in Manila visit their Facebook page. Click here for tickets.