Viva Glam Nicki Minaj 2



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Nicki Minaj continues her reign as the hip-hop queen of M·A·C VIVA GLAM!
The Lipstick-loving diva is back to serve up a delectable duo of Lipstick
and Lipglass in an all-new shade of pastel lavender pink. Every cent of the
selling price goes toward helping women, men and children living with and
affected by HIV/AIDS. Limited edition.


Press Release – In 1994, with the prevalence of AIDS exponentially spreading across the globe, M·A·C’s co-founders searched for a way to respond to the epidemic. Encouraged by input from employees, they decided to create the M·A·C AIDS Fund and make HIV/AIDS organizations the beneficiaries of the company’s charitable focus. To date, through various fundraising initiatives such as VIVA GLAM, Kids Helping Kids Greeting Cards and with the help of celebrity spokespeople from the entertainment and fashion industries, the M·A·C AIDS Fund has raised over $300 million.

The untimely death of Frank Angelo in 1997 set the stage for a new chapter in M·A·C’s history. In 1998 Estée Lauder Companies acquired the remaining shares of the company, and John Demsey was named president of M·A·C. Under his leadership, the link between fashion, beauty and culture has strengthened, allowing M·A·C to stay on the cutting edge. He has been instrumental in initiating collaborations with celebrities such as Linda Evangelista, Liza Minnelli, Pamela Anderson, Catherine Deneuve and others, and to endorse the M·A·C VIVA GLAM and Beauty Icon programs.

Moving forward, M·A·C continues to satisfy the needs of its customers, constantly developing existing and new categories, each of which grows out of a demand from M·A·C’s ultimate ambassadors – professional makeup artists. Equally important as the growth of its worldwide business is the company’s commitment to the M·A·C AIDS Fund, the heart and soul of the brand.


LIPSTICK VIVA GLAM Nicki 2 Pastel lavender pink (amplified) Php 1,000 and LIPGLASS VIVA GLAM Nicki 2 Pastel lavender pink Php 950. Available since April 2013



Shopbop sale



Shopbop sale
Get your fashion fix! Shopbop Sale – Save 30-70% Now!


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Pandora flash sale



Charm bracelets
A few years ago I got into collecting Pandora charms. I enjoyed the process of acquiring charms slowly because I wanted to value the significance of each charm. They are also so expensive in the Pandora store in the Philippines.


Rose & Sophia Rose. My mom and my daughter.
Then I got Pandoras for my mom and my daughter Sophia. Now Lily wants her own. Oh my.


I am so excited because there is an ongoing event at Rue La La right now. Pandora charms and other pieces of jewelry are on sale from 30% to 80% off. It’s insane! Check out some of the fun pieces. You will never see prices like this in Manila. Some are as low as $19! Just click the links at the bottom to shop Rue La La.


Collage Pandora

01  Amethyst drop earrings in 14k gold $345  $169.90

02  Cabochon rhodolite stacking ring in 14k gold $395 $199.90

03  14k gold posts $155 $79.90

04  Silver cabochon carnelian stacking ring $35 $19.90

05  18k rose gold octa pod ring $770 $379.90

06  Pearl earring charms 14k gold $185 $89.90

07   Silver post hoops $40 $19.90

08  Women’s Leather Wrap Watch $250 $99.90

09  18 0.14 cttw. Diamond Drop Earrings $675 $339.90


Pandora Charms Collage

10  Silver breast cancer charm $55 $29.90

11  14k moonstone charm spacer $235 $119.90

12  14k bead charm $270 $139.90

13  14k heart charm $535 $269.90

14  14k topaz baby carriage $525 $269.90

15  Silver and Murano glass charm $35 $19.90

16  Blue ribbon charm in silver $55 $29.90


The Pandora event ends in 1 day and 9 hours. (Sorry for late posting again. It had been going on for a few days while I was traveling). The pieces are wonderful and the prices are insane.

Click here – Shop Rue La La for 30% to 80% off Pandora. Only a few hours left. You will never see prices like this at the Pandora boutiques in Manila. Some pieces have sold out but there are a few more still available.

If you have a 3rd party shipper in the US or Canada, go for it. Or try having the shipment sent to the Philippines (though I haven’t tried that through Rue La La yet.)



Shop Today!


Wisconsin style



Hello Wisconsin!
I spent a few days in Kohler Village, Wisconsin. It was a work trip as part of my Kohler whirlwind tour of the US for their 140th anniversary. Our first dinner was at Wild River lodge. It reminded me of the chalet we stayed at in Fairmont Kenauk at Montebello, Quebec minus the snow. It was lovely.


Sunset at Kohler, Wisconsin
Life is good when work involves being in a place like this!


Had dinner at a lovely cottage in Kohler town. I really love cottage life. Some of you who've seen our Manila house know that I'm influenced by it.
I also found the perfect comfy boots to wear in the woods (and in the city). Found this at a Cole Haan outlet just at the border of Wisconsin.


So happy about these chukka boots. Found them at Cole Haan in Wisconsin.
They are adorable, as many of you in Instagram mentioned. They come in different colours. It’s called Lunargrand chukka boots. I also got the brogues version.


You can check out your local Cole Haan store for them. Or if you’re in the US or Canada you can also check out my site partner, Rue La La, a membership flash sale site. They currently have a Cole Haan sale. I’m a little late in letting you know. It ends in about 20 hours. Check out some of the styles…


Rue-ColeHaan Skylar Oxford
Cole Haan Skylar Oxford


Rue-ColeHaan Sloan Loafer
Cole Haan Sloan Loafer


Rue-ColeHaan Air MIrella Sandal
Cole Haan Air Mirella Sandals


Check out Shop Rue La La now. Cole Haan sale ends within the day. More Wisconsin stories coming up….



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Every tree matters



Our little piece of heaven
When typhoon Milenyo hit a few years ago, the young tree in our property fell. We don’t live there yet. So we only knew when we came for a visit. I was so sad about it. I wish we could have saved it.


Very old Kalachuchi tree
Some people would go to great lengths to save a tree. Our family’s friend transplanted a fallen (dying) tree onto her property. It lived beautifully after.


A Toronto landmark. Kit Kat restaurant famously has an old tree growing right through the building. It is still alive.


While away, I got a message that my favourite old tree in our neighbourhood at home was cut down. The ones who cut them were given a permit from the DENR. Whatever I say now may be futile. The tree is dead. They had a permit… whatever that meant.

It’s been weeks since I heard that news. I haven’t seen the carnage yet. I feel really sad about it. I know that the kids will cry a lot when they find out.

Yesterday while taking a walk in downtown Chicago, I noticed some trees with tags on them. Very powerful messages.


Every tree matters. Dear Metro Manila, lets do something like this. Because trees are still being cut for no reason. Sad. #mortonarboretum #everytreematters #tree #chicago
With the summer heat in the Philippines, don’t we wish we had more trees in the city?


In memory of my favourite neighbourhood tree. #rip #tree #chicago #nuffsaid
I wish people in my neighbourhood could see this.



Tree tags
A set of tree tags from Morton Arboretum.


The signs came from Morton Arboretum in Chicago. They created this wonderful campaign for the month of April where students and other organizations can get a tree tagging kit. Teachers are also given lesson plans. They also hand out sample press releases so groups and communities can share the news. Very powerful. Know more about the tree tags here.

Can we do something like this in the Philippines? Anyone? I’ll help…