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I’ve seen this in countless magazines and design sites, a favourite of interior designers and set designers – using books as decor, art, highlight. I love collecting beautifully bound versions of classics I’ve read in the past. I dig through book sales and antique shops in search of (if you’re lucky) leather-bound and engraved books.

Juniper Books can turn any book into a work of art – from classics to cookbooks. The design and print custom book jackets and covers in different genres. These make the perfect gifts for someone who has everything… or for anyone who loves books.

For a very limited time – like three days – these book collections and services from Juniper Books are on sale at One Kings Lane. All photos and text below, from OKL.


Puffin Classics for Young Readers
This set of 10 books makes a great gift for kids and adults alike. The books are published by Penguin, with bindings designed by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazini. The titles:Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie; The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum; The Secret Garden andThe Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett; The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame; The Adventures of Robin Hood by Richard Green; The Call of the Wild by Jack London; Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery; Black Beauty by Anna Sewell; and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.



Personalized Cookbook Set
Juniper Books’ set of “Cook’s Books” is one of the company’s most popular offerings. This version takes the product to the next level allowing buyers to customize their very own cookbook set by specifying a name to be printed on the jacket spines and the color of the jackets. The five titles in the set include: The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century by Amanda Hesser; James Beard’sAmerican Cookery; Joy of Cooking, 75th Anniversary Edition; Gourmet Today by Ruth Reichl; and The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen. The titles and authors are printed on the jacket spines along with an antique engraving from a French cookbook.


Charles Dickens Penguin Classics
2012 marks the two-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. This box set published by Penguin contains six books by the 19th century master including Great ExpectationsHard TimesOliver TwistA Christmas CarolBleak House and A Tale of Two Cities.


Hemingway Books
A selection of nine brand new Hemingway books, with book jackets that integrate Hemingway’s signature across the spines with a beautiful multi-dimensional design. A true work of art. The titles include: Across the River and Into the TreesA Farewell to ArmsFor Whom the Bell TollsGreen Hills of AfricaIslands in the StreamSun Also RisesDeath in the AfternoonSelected Letters 1917-1961 and The Short Stories.


5-Piece Personalized Book Set
This set of five literary classics makes for the perfect gift as it can be personalized with a name printed across the jacket spines. Each set is also printed in a requested color and the five books in the collection can be custom curated in consultation with the purchaser or gift recipient. The list includes various classics by Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, etc. as well as modern works by Raymond Chandler, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and others.


As seen in Vogue’s 2013 Wedding Guide


Need more inspiration? Watch this from



Yahoo’s Style Factor



Wow. I’m on Style Factor (Yahoo Philippines).

I did this interview a few months ago and I remember being awed by the host, Nikki Muller. She is a Swiss-Filipina TV presenter based in Singapore. She started her TV career when she was 15 with MTV Asia and Disney Channel Asia. Because she fell in love with the medium, she studied Broadcasting and pursued it as a career. She’s very good at what she does.

Here are some screen shots from my feature. This is definitely one of those moments where I feel like they are talking about someone else and not me. Features have that way of showing a much better version of you. So for that, thank you Nikki and Yahoo Style Factor.


Yahoo Style Factor


Yahoo one on one


And here’s the video interview. Click, click.


Yahoo Nikki Muller


Watch Style Factor on Yahoo Philippines here.



The sound of silver



From our friends at Hermes in Greenbelt.

What if silver had a sound?

Chanting…enchanting chains, bracelets, rings; this is the sound of Hermès Silver.

Out of obscurity a series laser strikes a piece of jewellery placed on metallic turntables, then moves over it, caressing its volume, and coaxes from it its own particular voice.

Chaîne d’ancre and its variations, Initiale, Parade, Osmose and Etcaetera – each of Pierre Hardy’s creations find musical expression.

These alien notes then join together to create an experimental symphony.




MaARTe Artisan Fair



MaARTe 2013 D2 landscape


It’s about that time of year when bazaars and sales are being planned and marketed. But those who are ahead of us don’t even look at bazaar schedules anymore. These days it’s about the best trunk shows, private sales, pop up stores and artisanal fairs. The old “bazaar” has been re-branded.

The MaArte Artisan Fair 2013 at Rockwell is several notch above what we’ve been seeing at regular bazaars. MaArte 2013 gathers fifty participants who produce distinct, handcrafted, indigenous, and artisanal products. Over the span of three days, the Museum Foundation will promote these creative industries and cultural entrepreneurs by reaching out to Rockwell residents, their families and friends, residents of the neighboring communities, and the Museum Foundation’s enthusiastic supporters for arts and culture.

Mark the dates August 23-25, 2013, Friday to Sunday at Rockwell Tent. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to see at MaArte Fair.


Ann Ong Virginia Clutch Bag
Virginia clutch by Ann Ong, a two-time Katha award winner as best product design for fashion at Manila Fame.


Throw Pillows
Beautiful handpainted throw pillows by Art of Gold Enterprises, Inc. — a company engaged in the creation of world-class hand painted interior accents.  It was initially established in 1995 by Raffy and Jackie Caballero to manufacture original art on hand painted throw pillows and bedspreads.


Silk scarves
BALAY NI ATONG weaves. The first time I saw Balay ni Atong was in a Manila FAME a couple of years ago. It is based in La Union but is actually a Study Center for Hand woven textiles of the Ilocos Region. The center aims to collect, document and if possible reproduce the different traditional weaving techniques by working with weaving communities from the Ilocos region. It isn’t always easy to travel to La Union. So take advantage of Balay ni Atong’s presence at MaArte Fair.


Anna serving tray by Creative Definitions. All their items are locally made by the finest Fillipino craftsmen


Fan by Monchet Y Cia, a bespoke abanico line of Casa Mercedes Incorporated, which celebrated 60 years of fan making in the Philippines. Each hand made abanico is done in the traditional Hispanic style, learned from master fan makers in Madrid over 60 years ago.


Studion Bohemia resin rings & pendants
Studio Bohemia handmade resin rings.


I love this beautiful kaftan by Two Chic – relaxed, bohemian, easy luxury. “It’s made for women who are not afraid to be looked at.  Or to be looked up to.” Two Chic is managed by sisters TC Alvarez-Sibal and Ana Alvarez-Laygo.  TC  has been designing for 12 years including her design work for The Natori Company in New York.



MaARTe 2013: Exhibition and Sale of Museum-Quality Philippine Arts & Crafts
A Project of the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.
Friday-Sunday, August 23-25, 2013 / Rockwell Tent, Rockwell Center, Makati City / 10am–10pm



Buwan ng Wika



This week is Filipino Week (Linggo ng Wika) at school. Love that our culture is so diverse and it is reflected in our dialects, food and regional costumes. Soph chose to be a Muslim/Sulu princess from Mindanao while Lily chose Baro't Saya (Blouse & Skirt)


Like most schools in the Philippines, my daughters’ school is celebrating Buwan ng Wika. They were asked to wear Filipiniana this week. Sophia chose to wear Muslim/Sulu princess and Lily got a Tagalog Maria Clara (or is this Baro’t Saya?).

A day before the event, Sophia told me that when the teacher suggested that some may choose to wear Muslim costume, a few of the classmates snickered and some even said “yuck”. My girl was very disturbed and upset. She was even more adamant about wearing Muslim dress.

I asked her if she’d be ok knowing some of the girls didn’t like the idea. She said, “Of course. The Muslims are Filipinos too. And I want to have peace in our country.” She knew about the bombing in Cotabato early this week. She knows that I go to Mindanao for my UNICEF work. I was in Cotabato and Maguindanao last year.

I don’t know why I’m sharing this story. When I posted it in my personal Facebook account, I didn’t realize my friends from all over the world would be so touched by it.

We often joke about “world peace” as the typical beauty queen answer. I think now more than ever, we all really just have to believe it and live it.

Peace to all. Love. Light.