What the fox?


It’s Friday and I’m having a crazy frustrating day. I asked my staff to do an easy task at the bank but she was given trouble, forcing me to use the word “chechebureche.” Then my friend Tim Jimenez created a new definition for me:

Chechebureche” : (n.) Filipino /tse’-tse’ ‘boo-re’ tse’/ (def.) Unecessary hindrance to simple tasks. SYN: red tape, inefficiency, stumbling block, impediment, foot-dragging, monkey-wrench.

So now I’m laughing.

So I started working on a nice design post on the theme of foxes. Then Flickr, my photo host, goes offline for a scheduled maintenance check. Oh my. So this is all I have… Haha.


You can check out this cute Fox pillow cover at my site partner Serena & Lily.


Since this post is so incomplete, I’m posting this silly Fox song that my sister sent. It’s so dumb that I am actually laughing. No more chechebureche.


Happy Friday everyone! Smile.


Cartier’s Baiser Volé



New perfume sent to me by @Cartier. #BaiserVolé. It means Stolen Kiss. How lovely. Fresh, floral and powdery based on one of my favourite flowers, the #lily. Thanks Rustan Marketing Corp.
Got this present from Rustan Marketing Corporation.


I received this bottle of Baiser Volé at home yesterday and decided to wear it right away. I am smitten. Such a lovely feminine scent that’s all floral. I usually find floral fragrances a bit too literal but this one ends up more fresh and powdery after a while. I am raving about it. Seriously.

Here’s the blurb –

It’s a story of pure passion told through a strikingly feminine and rare flower: the lily. It is a pure floral fragrance, reflecting all its perfection for the first time: fresh, floral and powdery.

With the first drop of fragrance, we encounter the scented pistils of the lily. The heart beats with refined and elegant lily petals, while the base notes offer green leaves of lily.

The scent – dewy, crystalline, and deep—is spontaneous and direct, as if the flower has been captured through a photographer’s lens at daybreak.


Baiser Volé is dreamed up by Cartier’s in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent. It means ‘Stolen Kiss’ — the expression of love according to Cartier.

Speaking of love, that’s next on my list. Not the real love, I already have plenty. Just something from here.



Cartier Baiser Volé EDP is available in 30ml (PhP 3,700), 50ml (PhP 5,200) and 100ml (PhP 7,400) bottles and the EDT is available in 50ml (PhP 4,500) and 100ml (PhP 6,500).

Cartier Fragrances are exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation and are available in Rustan’s Shangri-la, Rustan’s Alabang, Rustan’s Gateway, SM Aura and the Perfumerie kiosk in Power Plant Mall.



BABY Magazine September 2013



Stella and I are on the cover of BABY magazine August-September 2013. Many thanks to Juana Manahan-Yupangco, Jacqui Salonga, Ana Gloria and the rest of the BABY team for this amazing cover story.

The cover was shot in our home. Stella has gotten used to “photoshoots” that the last time we needed to get her some ID photos she asked, “How do I smile, mom? Photoshoot smile?” So then I had to teach her how to do the passport smile (no teeth and no expression). I think she got confused and gave us a “passport smile” here. Haha. Seriously, the lipgloss made her freeze.

The spreads inside are so lovely. It made me wonder if that was really me in the photos and article. It’s surreal to be reading about one’s self and work. Thank you, Ana for helping me spread the messages of UNICEF and for allowing me to share stories of my journey with UNICEF.


Baby 2 scan


Photos were by Paolo Feliciano. My makeup was by Ria Aquino and hair by Avril, both my stylists the TV show.

BABY magazine is available at all leading bookstores and magazine shops.



Why do women lie about their age?



Have I ever lied about my age? When I was 17 or 18 and wanted to get in to bars in Toronto, maybe . (Sorry, mom and dad). Back then the age of majority was 19 (now 18). I always got carded — by nature of my genes and ethnicity, I looked younger than my age.

Olay Philippines has an interesting campaign about age. My take on this – and it sounds cliche – is that age really is just a number. I’m 43 and I love being 43. I enjoy seeing the shock on people’s faces when they learn my age… especially in North America.

There is one downside to aging — the feeling that time is going by so fast. Too fast. Especially when you have little children, special people, and work that you love. That’s the only issue for me. Aging and health issues scare me.

But on the physical side, I’m not really worried. Have you seen my mother? She’s turning 70. Most people think she’s lying. She looks 20 years younger.



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Yahoo logo



I’m so glad Ghost Month is over. I never even knew it existed. But because of the new things I’m doing, I was made aware of it. I was told not to start anything new, sign contracts, or build anything during Ghost Month. Well, I broke all the rules and did all that. And I’m still alive. And hopefully my projects are all successful.

Yahoo! did the same thing. Is it just a coincidence, or did Yahoo! purposely use Ghost Month to tease and try out 30 different logos every day? Those were cringe worthy days, I tell ya. Then on the last day of the dreadful Ghost Month, September 4th – they unveiled the new Yahoo! logo.




It’s a bit more precise, without looking the quirk. There’s still a yodel in the end, so the playfulness is still there. I like that there are no real straight lines. As Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer puts it – “straight lines don’t exist in the human form and are extremely rare in nature,” explaining all the slight curves.

It’s the first time Yahoo! updated it’s look in 18 years. I guess change was inevitable. I will miss the serifs and chubbiness of the old Yahoo! but I think this one isn’t so bad. It could have been worse, if you remember those 30 days. I don’t know if I like this, but I don’t hate it.

Be like Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer and geek out on every detail of the logo here.