Matte lips and Antonio’s Girls



At last Monday’s YStyle event, my friend and I were both running late for the show. We both said we had nothing to wear and would just come “simple”. She always looks fantastic I don’t think she had a real big problem. I, on the other hand, had gotten used to the professional services of makeup artists from my show. But this time, I knew I had to do my own makeup (which is usually subtle and under-done).

As you know from the last post, I found an old Joey Samson dress. Initially I thought of wearing pants and a diaphanous top. So since I had a lovely dress, I had to take my makeup a notch higher. Good thing I just got a gift package from my friends at MAC Cosmetics. I played with the new stuff.


Happy to be with my girls @thebaghag, @mel_cuevas & fiona. #Repost from @thebaghagph #ystyleturns10 #joeysamsonx
When Ingrid texted asking what I ended up wearing, I said, “An old dress, lashes and pink lipstick.” And there it is, my new matte bright fuchsia lipstick from this season’s Retro Matte collection. It is called All Fired Up.


Scenes from last night #ystyleturns10 #joeysamsonx
When I posted this on Instagram, someone noticed my lipstick. I love it!


This one is Flat Out Fabulous. Looks similar to All Fired Up but it’s more a bright plum matte. I have to say it takes a while to get used to wearing matte lipstick again. I always end up feeling like my lips will crack in the end of the night. The key is to really moisturize your lips way before you apply the lipstick. And always use a brush!


Here she is. Such a beautiful colour – All Fired Up Flat Out Fabulous. I thought it was All Fired Up. It looks similar in pictures. But in real life All Fired Up is more fuchsia and brighter.


Check out the lineup of Retro Matte lipsticks- Steady Going (light pink matte), Runway Hit (light nude matte), Dangerous (orangey red matte), Relentlessly Red (bright pinkish coral matte), All Fired Up (bright fuchsia matte), Flat Out Fabulous (bright plum matte), Ruby Woo (very matte vivid blue red) and Fixed on Drama (rich wine matte). They all come with corresponding Pro Longwear Lip Pencils.


Loving this season's #maccosmetics #indulge. Face palette with illustration by #AntonioLopez. Lipsticks #AllFiredUp, bright fuchsia matte and #SweetSucculence, deep glossy plum. #DeepCravings eyeshadow #macrocksaura
Here are the gifts I got from MAC. The deep plum glossy lipstick is from the Indulge line, called Sweet Succulence.


Indulge 2013 – “Fall Colour is a surreal feast for the senses, where no taste is too extravagant and no behaviour beyond limits. On the menu: Cremeblend Blush flushes skin with buildable glow as Eye Shadow defines eyes for the ultimate in temptation, intensified by Fluidline. Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash darkens and lengthens lashes.”


Check out the incredible colours of the Indulge line. Now in stores.


The beautiful powder blush compact is from a special collaboration featuring Antonio Lopez sketches — “Antonio’s Girls”. Antonio Lopez is the legendary fashion illustrator who rocked fashion in the 60’s and 70’s. Read more about him here.




Y Style and Joey Samson X



Last Monday I went to Y Style’s 10th anniversary at the SMX in SM Aura. The invitation said fun formal. I interpreted that as not formal at all so I wore short cocktail dress. The event’s highlight was Joey Samson’s 10th anniversary show. So it was fitting that my dress was actually made by Joey Samson about 5 years ago.


Joey’s collection presented everything he was good at – the mastery of tailoring, construction and ability to make masculine clothing look feminine and lovely.


Each piece reminded me of something Joey made for me in the past. You can see some here.














Bravo, Joey Samson!!


Joey with Mel Cuevas


I feel very much a part of Joey’s 10 year journey. He has made so many dresses and gowns for me, and has asked me to be his muse several times. He was surprised to see me wearing the old dress. I’d never worn it before (weight and shape issues).


Great time to be with friends, Ingrid, Mel and Fiona. Photo from Ingrid.


Designers Joyce Makitalo and Vania Romoff


Congratulations YStyle and Joey Samson!


Robert Pattinson



Good morning Manila. Rob Pattinson’s Dior ad. Oh my.



And I’m not a fan of Twilight.






I remember when I was a child, I had dolls that I played with everywhere.  But thn there was one doll that was more special than others; I would keep it carefully in its box when I wasn’t using it. It was more precious the others. American Girl Doll is like that to my kids. And to me.

When Soph was 7, we got her one American Girl during a trip to New York. Lily wanted one too but she was only 4. Those dolls cost over $100 each. So we only got Lily a small version and promised her she would get her American Girl Doll when she turns 6 or 7.


American Girl Place
This was taken in the American Girl shop on 5th Avenue in New York in 2010. Just being in this multi-storey store was an experience. It had a historical display, beauty salon (for dolls), and a cafe that you have to book in advance. It is a crazy doll world.


American Girl Place
This was Lily’s American Girl – which was actually just  a doll of the bigger doll. She didn’t mind. And she patiently waited for her turn to buy her doll.


Three years later, while we were in Toronto last Spring, she finally got her own doll. But instead of American Girl, we ordered one from Maplelea Girls, a similar doll concept but Canadian. So it had more relevance to her. Her doll is named Alexi and she lives in Cabbagetown, Toronto – one of favourite districts downtown.


On the left is Sophia’s American Girl and the one with sunglasses is Lily’s Alexi, the Maplelea Girl.


Though one is American and the other is Canadian, they were almost identical in size and shape.


The girls wanted new outfits for their dolls. The ones in American Girl and Maplelea cost like real girls’ clothes. So we wouldn’t have any of that. No way. Luckily we found a great substitute in Target in their own line called Our Generation.


The dolls now have extra shoes.


Lily had to have this lovely party whirl dress is now on sale for $13.99 at Target. My sister gave it as a gift.


My more outdoorsy girl Soph got a tent and camping gear for her doll.


They also have carrying cases and extra clothing. Alexi came with a journal that had all her innermost thoughts and life story in it. There are extra pages in it for Lily to write about herself.


Stella doesn’t have any of these yet. She knows she has to wait a bit before she gets one. It’s not really an issue. Besides, she’s not really into big girl dolls yet. She loves baby dolls. Target has their own doll for a fraction of the cost of American or Canadian dolls. I considered getting her this cheaper version now. But since Lily waited patiently, I figured there’s some value in this waiting thing.

This is just a small part of our daughters’ world. There are smaller toys like My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop. It’s a crazy toy world. Sometimes I think it’s more for me than for them.

What’s it like for those of you with young kids?