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auction collage2


01  JP Cuison’s Eddie Vader, limited edition of 20. This is a mash-up between the legendary Darth Vader helmet on the vintage cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. The first in a series of 20 limited, signed and numbered editions, this art toy made of polymer resin will invade your imagination.

02  Paul Syjuco’s Building Blocks buffalo bone necklace. Two-strand necklace made of buffalo bones and oxidized handmade sterling silver blocks.

03  Roceli Valencia’s Meditation in Red oil and acrylic on canvas. This is one of my favourite paintings in the auction lot. This and Popo’s. It is stunning. I want.

04  Signed copy of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, first edition. This is the stunning follow-up to the global phenomenon The Da Vinci Code. Again, it’s signed… and first edition.

05  Olivia d’Aboville’s Anemone table lamp. This lamp was shown at teh Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Paris for ELLE Decoration’s 25th year anniversary early this year.


Auction for Action ends on Sunday October 27 8pm. You may still view some of the pieces at Yuchengco Museum lobby today and tomorrow.

See all the pieces at



Illustrations of Raine Sarmiento



Illustrated me by Raine Sarmiento


I got a huge surprise this morning in my inbox. Illustrator Raine Sarmiento sent me an email a few months ago, introducing me to her work. I loved her style so much, I asked her to do an illustration of my three daughters. While she’s still working on the drawings, she sent me this lovely illustration of me in my Daphne-fied world.

I. Love. It.


Raine 1
Here are some of the illustrations she’s done. You can view more of Raine’s personal work here.


Raine 2
When I showed my girls the illustrations, Lily shrieked. She said it was just like her Candy  School Diary. Lily wants to be an illustrator when she grows up. And true enough, Raine designed the cover of this Candy diary. She’s also done a lot of illustrations for other magazines.


Raine 3
Cotton. Lead, lumograph, colored pencil and watercolor on vellum board (8.5” x 11” 220 GSM)


Raine 4
Mary HotPot. Oil and graphite on chopping board


Promise to show you her drawings of Sophia, Lily and Stella once its done. Check out Raine Sarmiento’s portfolio and blog.



Auction is live



Auction for Action went live last Monday. The UNICEF team and I have been working on this for many months. These seven days are exciting and nerve wracking. We are hoping to raise P5 million for UNICEF to help fund the Supervised Neighbourhood Play program. We are so grateful for the generous support of almost 100 artists and designers. And thank you to all of you who tweet and share in Facebook links to the UNICEF Auction for Action site, Those using mobile gadgets as opposed to laptops and desktop computers can view the auction site at

Here are more photos from the #AuctionforAction press event at Yuchengco Museum lobby. I wanted to show the items so you can see the scale. Because we are totally an online event, the true beauty of the pieces may not be evident in the online catalog. You can see the pieces at Yuchengco Museum for free.

Where possible, I posted direct links to the auction site for the items I’m showing below. After October 27th, the links won’t be active anymore.


Art Auction 20132013100700 (6)
The Kinks and Curls lamp by Vikki Rodriguez of Accessorias is made of many curled up rattan strips. You put them together by linking the strips into a hanging chain. It sort of reminds me of monkeys in a barrel.


Art Auction 20132013100771 (5)
Some of the jewelry pieces. For a complete listing, click here.


Art Auction 20132013100719
This Amaranthine beaded bag by Nicole Whisenhunt is stunning!


Art Auction 20132013100720
Jewelmer’s Tutti Frutti earrings.


Art Auction 20132013100722
Kristine Dee’s Summer Garden necklace.


Art Auction 20132013100714 (2)
Collectors would love Elmer Borlongan’s Hari Sonik. We actually have this in our living room.


Art Auction 20132013100723
Popo San Pascual’s Botanical I painting. This is so so stunning. Not Popo’s usual colourful mask series. This is


Art Auction 20132013100767 (4)
Stanley Ruiz’ wheelbarrow chair, Sandra Gfeller’s oil painting “My Time Has Infinite Space“, and the Daphne Chair.


Art Auction 20132013100762 (1)
Debbie Palao’s Nimbus and Vito Selma’s UN (One) cocktail table.


I played with a few collage layouts featuring some of the items as a group. I will be posting the rest in other days.


auction collage

1 Ripples 3 wall art by Triboa Bay

2 Tes Pasola’s paper sculpture James Bound

3 Betis Craft’s Hall Chair 1

4 Inigo Elizalde’s Tesoro Pillow

5 UN cocktail table by Vito Selma





Winners of Sandbox





Here are the five winners of one Sandbox each:

Theresa Cruz-Escaros
Au Reyes-Manalo
Joenn Tsen
Ysa Zuniga
Ian Galliquez

Please check your inboxes and reply. Sandbox will be sent to you.

Thank you everyone! Do you want more raffles?



Explore Sandbox



My kids love packaging of all sorts — cardboard boxes, styrofoam, fillers, paper invites, folders, etc. Ever since Sophia was big enough to handle paper (without putting it in her mouth) I let her play with scrap materials. She must have been a bit over one then. And as she grew older, she used scissors, glue, paint and anything she could find in the house to jazz up her cardboard boxes. Naturally, Lily and Stella took after their Ate. Every day I see them working on crafts and experiments.

Enter the new product Sandbox. It encourages imagination and creativity in children. Sandbox is a monthly subscription box filled with activities. Think, beauty/cosmetic boxes sent to your home but filled with arts, crafts and science projects for kids. The target age group is 3-7 years old. When Sandbox wrote to me about their new product, I knew right away that my kids would love them. Stella couldn’t wait to get her projects started.

Jump to the bottom of this post to join the Sandbox raffle.


An enthusiastic young boy surrounded by Sandbox. (Photo from Sandbox Facebook).


This is the November box. The theme is Under the Sea.


photo 2
All activities in the Sandbox help children learn more about the sea and the creatures that live in it. Perfect timing because we had just taken Soph, Lily and Stella to Manila Ocean Park.


photo 4
The first project Stella and I did was this toy aquarium. All materials were given inside the box except for water and glue. I like that the activities encourage the connection between parents & children.


photo 3
Stella couldn’t wait to get started.


photo 5
I let her handle everything except the pouring of oil. I didn’t want tit to mess up the kitchen, haha. Stella loved doing the projects so much, she wanted to take over her Ate Lily’s box.


To sign up for Sandbox monthly membership boxes, go here. You have the option of signing up for just one month, or go for the three or six month subscription.


Stella loved her Sandbox so much, I wanted to share this experience with your children. Please join this giveaway. Sandbox is raffling off five Sandboxes for November. Open to anyone with a Philippine address.

Simply follow the easy steps at Rafflecopter or enter through my Facebook page here.

Giveaway is open now until October 22, 2013. Good luck!