Moleskine 2014



It’s that time of year when I get to choose my Moleskine planner in National Book Store. Despite having so many gadgets and apps, I still love writing my lists and reminders on paper – plus all the sketches, ideas, quotes from the kids. Nothing replaces good old-fashioned pen and paper. I loved my 2013 planner – It was the Yoda “Do or Do Not, There is No Try”.


Moleskine Limited Editions Planners 2014
Old favorites from the Limited Edition range also return with brand new 12-month planner designs featuring pop culture icons Lego, Le Petit Prince, Peanuts and Star Wars.


Intro Le Petit Prince LE
Le Petit Prince. This is the planner I chose for myself. I LOVE IT!


Intro Peanuts LE
New to the limited edition range is the 18-month planner featuring Star Wars and Peanuts which were created with students and academics in mind.


Intro star wars LE
Star Wars. Last year’s was cuter.


Intro Lego LE




Moleskine Professional Planners 2014
The range of Professional Diaries introduces the Dashboard Diary—a vertical format diary large enough to accommodate a packed schedule with lists that can be detached when complete. They also added the Turntable Diary, a unique format designed to be used either horizontally or vertically for greater flexibility when planning the week. Professional Diaries are ideal for business people or for those with busy careers that need extra help in organizing their schedules.



And because I am now a real “cooking mama” I got myself a Recipe Journal. I found myself bookmarking tried recipes online, but I still need a one-stop thingy to read and refer to when I’m cooking.


Here’s the whole range of Passion Diaries.


The 2014 collection of Moleskine diaries and planners are available in selected National Book Store and Powerbooks branches. Shop for Moleskine online at Follow National Book Store on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @nbsalert for the latest events, promos and contests.



This week’s inspiration




collage dg
Here are some lovelies from my site partners. It’s wishlist time of year.

01  DOLCE & GABBANA Cross Clip Earrings from the same collection of ecclesiastical art, these exaggeratedly big drop earrings are so fabulous. I love the intricate metal work.

02  OLYMPIA LE TAN Heidi Cotton Book Clutch. I’ve always been wanting a cute book clutch. Olympia Le Tan has a few different titles this season.

03  LANVIN Gloria “You” Brooch Necklace Pin. This is far from cute, it’s huge! Loving Lanvin’s large and slightly humorous cartoony collection this season.

04  16×12 Patchwork Tray with Horn Handles. This is included in a current One Kings Lane flash sale. In case you miss it, I’ve seen variations of this in our local stores.


Here’s what I’m loving from the current Anthropologie look book…

Cholet Hollow Vase  from Anthropologie.


Elysian top from Anthropologie.


Rhapsodie Pencil Dress from Anthropologie



ManilART 2013



I was invited to cut the ribbon again for the opening of ManilART 2013 Wednesday night by my artist friends Michael Cacnio and Danny Rayos del Sol. This year, in addition to lectures there is a film screening and an art walk. The gala opening night was wonderful – a great mix of collectors, fans, artists and gallery owners. Seriously, the local art scene has been in this explosive high the past decade and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Yay for Philippine art.


This year, ManilART is at SM Aura’s SMX on the top floor of the mall.


The show goes on until Sunday October 13, 2013.


I didn’t quite make it to the actual ribbon cutting, but glad I was able to present a prize to one of the guests with emcee Angel Jacob.


It was a very well attended opening night.


Danny Rayos del Sol is an old friend from Canada. He is creative in all aspects and has now found his calling as a sculptor focusing on carved ostrich eggs.


Danny’s beautiful and delicate work. He donated one egg lamp to this year’s UNICEF Auction.


Another UNICEF Auction for Action donor artist Jinggoy Buensuceso.


Pete Jimenez showed this large standing sculpture made from repurposed metal. His piece in UNICEF is smaller than this.


Loving these Daniel de la Cruz sculptures in the foreground.


With one of my favourite art couples, sculptor Michael Cacnio and wife Tess. They always support my Unicef auction. Look out for his piece at Auction for Action, it’s totally different from what he normally does.


Michael Cacnio’s new works have the water and light themes.


With Mr and Mrs Romulo Olazo. Can I say, I am a huge fan of Olazo. I cannot afford his works now; but I am a proud owner of a sketch portrait he did of me about eight years ago. I’m still hoping to own a painting one day.


With sculptor Ramon Orlina who always supports my UNICEF Auctions. Can’t wait to visit his new museum and gallery in Tagaytay.


Orlina and Olazo.


Paseo Gallery carries three of our greatest contemporary artists – Orlina, Olazo and Cacnio.


Finally met artist Dominic Rubio, a regular contributor to Unicef’s Auction for Action.


Sarimanok sculpture by National Artist Abdulmari Asia Imao.


Romeo Lee’s new muse, John Lloyd Cruz. He recently painted JLC’s portrait. And he jokingly/seriously told me that he is teaching JLC how to paint.


So then Romeo Lee shot this photo of me and John Lloyd, my “brother” in a movie. This is Romeo’s photo (from Facebook “Leetrato”).


And then he asked John Lloyed to take this photo of us. We met over a decade ago in Magnet Gallery’s events. He remembers everything! Amazed. Photo courtesy “Leetrato”


Met a longtime reader, Marsha. Thanks for saying hi!


OK, I love this. By RM de Leon


And this by RM de Leon.


But the one that took my breath away was Francesca “Keka” Enriquez.


I love this. Old Keka Enriquez from 1994.


This Keka Enriquez early work. Double sided. Sigh…


For more info on ManilART, visit their



Juice Jab



I tried doing a 3day detox with Juice Jab. Tried is the operative word. I failed.

But let me tell you all about it. Juice Jab is a local company that makes wonderful fresh juices and delivers them to you for purposes of detox or cleansing. They use a special grind and press method using a triturator-hydraulic press juicer. From their website – “Our juicing process slowly and gently extracts the natural vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements found in the fruits and vegetables – this gives an extremely fine quality and flavor which is unequaled by any other method of juice extraction.” True enough, all the juices taste amazing.

You have choice between Mild (replacing one meal with 2 bottles of juice for 3 days), Moderate (replace 2 meals with 4 bottles of juice for 3 days) and Strong (replacing all 3 meals with 6 bottles of juice for 3 days). The kind people of Juice Jab suggested I start with Mild or Medium. But since I’m not new to detox – I’ve tried half a day at The Farm and a 24 hour gall stone flush detox – I figured what’s 3 days of just juice and no solids. So I went for it.


The 18 bottles were delivered to my home with one insulated carrying case packed with ice bags.


Before delivering they asked if I had enough room in my refrigerator. Have I told you enough about my amazing Samsung Inverter Refrigerator? I have enough room.


I started my juicing program yesterday.


Skipping breakfast was tough. But it was really just a psychological battle. I hardly eat big breakfasts. But the thing I can’t live without is coffee – my one cup of espresso in the morning. So that alone caused mental anguish. Haha.


I didn’t experience hunger but I missed eating. The juices fill you up enough. It got tough when I had to let Stella eat her lunch without me while I had my third and fourth bottles at my desk. By mid afternoon I started to feel cold and a bit of tingling in my skin. Then I dozed off for a complete hour. I figured it was my body’s reaction to missing caffeine. I only woke up because I had to pee. (You pee all day). And then I had a cracking headache.

Here’s the breaking point. I had to cut the ribbon at ManilART last night. I had my 5th and 6th bottles before going to the event. While I was there, I kept seeing cocktail food being passed around. I broke at the site of baby sandwiches. So that ended my juice fast. Haha.

I just decided that at this point in my life, detox is not what I need. I really need to exercise and sweat more. I live a pretty healthy life food-wise – I eat everything in moderation. I hardly eat junk food and desserts. I don’t smoke and I avoid smoky places. I drink very little – red wine and an occasional good beer. What I need is to relax, clear my mind, breathe better, sweat and release whatever stress is stuck in me. So this means going back to the treadmill and finding a good yoga place.

As for juicing, I love the idea. I’d like to keep it as part of my regular diet. I’ve owned a juicer for over a decade, but only used it twice because of the mess. But I think I’d like to get back into it. I love the service of Juice Jab. I’m thinking perhaps Mild or Moderate is what I should be doing. Strong is for the ones who really want to do it for a reason. The only way I would have survived Strong is if Patrick did it with me too. It’s hard doing it alone. It’s best done with a partner so you can encourage each other. He actually tempted me with Terry’s Paella by afternoon. OMG. Bad.

So today is Day 2. I ended my suffering. I had a cappucino and full breakfast this morning. But the thing is, I still have 12 bottles in my fridge. So I decided to continue the process using the Moderate system. Since I already had my much deserved and wanted breakfast, I’m skipping lunch and dinner and replacing them with 4 juices instead. Then the other 2 bottles a day, Patrick will drink for fun.

Again, great juices! Amazing flavours. I recommend trying the Moderate jab first. Do this if you feel you need to detox – like after a long period of eating too much too well (after a vacation) or a weekend of partying hard. It’s good for the body.


Visit or like them in Juice Jab Facebook.



Petals pendant lamp



The last thing I need is another pendant lamp. But these are just too beautiful.

Glass, brass, iron. By Robert Ogden. Online exclusives at Anthropologie.








Purchase them here: Iron Petals Pendant Lamp.