The Beatles



His happy place. #vinyl
Patrick and his vinyl thing


We’re back to sharing music. For many years we sort of went our separate ways with music. Each listening to his/her own play list. Then when we’re in the car, there’s no music, just DVD movies for the kids. Now Patrick set up his old stereo, speakers and turntable again. I brought out my 90’s CDs. It’s nice. Even the kids stay to listen to his tunes.

Just when we were enjoying our old vinyl and CDs, an even more awesome thing happened. I got a gift package from MJ Juco of MCA Universal. I had met her at her parents’ home during an Urban Zone shoot many years ago. She knew the kind of music my kids loved and sent me all this.


Thank you MJ Juco of MCA Universal. Feels like we won the lottery! My girls are giddy! Thanks for the CDs and merchandise of @taylorswift @katyperry @ladygaga #mileycyrus #justinbieber and more! Even The Beatles! And those adorable paperdoll standees of T
A gazillion CDs including Sting, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, The Beatles, 80’s tunes. And also collectibles and Taylor Swift paraphernalia.


Wow! The #MileyCyrus CD given to me by @mca_music's @melissajuco is autographed! Thank you! Go Miley!
I also got this SIGNED Miley Cyrus CD!! Yes, I like Miley’s music.


I also received a rare sampler of The Beatles – On Air Live at the BBC Volume 2. The actual full album and vinyl includes 2 CDs with 37 previously unreleased tracks from The Beatles’ BBC performance. These are currently being sold in music stores. But apparently MCA Universal Philippines only received 10 copies of the sampler from the UK. And one of them is with me. Yay!







Thank you MJ Juco of MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines)!



Pico de Loro



Pico de Loro Cove
Pico de Loro Cove


A couple of weeks ago we brought our family to Pico Sands Hotel, upon the invitation of the Pico de Loro group. It would have taken us over three hours if we had taken our usual Batangas route via Sta Rosa and Tagaytay. But this time we passed through Cavite. It was a very pleasant drive. And much faster. We got there in less than two hours.

Pico de Loro Cove is a 40-hectare “Residential Resort Village” and is the first development in the “Premier Sustainable Coastal Resort Town” of Hamilo Coast. Hamilo Coast is an expansive 5,900 hectare property located in Nasugbu Batangas with 13 coves, a 31 kilometer coastline, rich marine life and abundant flora and fauna. Pico de Loro Cove is named after Mt. Pico which resembles a parrot’s beak. Parrot is referred to as “Loro” in the Filipino language.


Pico de Loro Cove is 70 kilometers from Manila. It can actually be a 90-minute drive from Mall of Asia via the Cavitex-Ternate-Nasugbu route or 114 kilometers (2.5 hour drive) via the Tagaytay-Nasugbu route — depending on the traffic. The view really is that pretty. I shot this from our moving vehicle using just a Samsung S4.


The Ternate-Nasugbu road is beautiful and scenic. I imagine though that it isn’t really that safe to take this road at night because there are no lights yet. But daytime is a real breeze.


The Kaybiang Tunnel allows us to cut through the mountain and reach Nasugbu. It has become a tourist destination itself.


First time through the Kaybiang Tunnel in CaviTEX. Cut our travel time to Pico de Loro Cove by half. Beautiful scenic road.
The tunnel.


There is a gorgeous look-out point after passing through the tunnel. It’s worth the stop for the sorbetes alone.


We only stayed the weekend. And that Saturday night, we got this gorgeous sunset! This is just my phone camera (Samsung S4).


Pico de Loro Cove 2
Pico de Loro cove and its residential community. Myna, Jacana, Carola and Miranda are the four residential clusters located in Pico de Loro with a total of eight low-impact, mid-rise condominiums. Each cluster has two residential condominiums with  22 residential units.


Pico Sands Hotel Lobby
Pico Sands Hotel lobby.


Premier Room
Premier room.


Corner Deluxe Room
Corner Deluxe Room.


The lovely hotel staff surprised our kids with their mascot, a memento of our beach-side dinner, and a lovely greeting.


Country Club Lobby
Country Club lobby for members and hotel guests. Facilities include Lagoa Restaurant, Grab n Go Convenience Store, Baia Ballroom, Cala Function Room, swimming pools, athletic courts, fitness centre and St Therese of the Child Jesus Chapel.


Swimming Pool at the Beach Club
The beautiful swimming pool at the Beach Club. Members and accompanied guests have access to the facilities located at the Beach Club: Sun Coral Café, Arribada Lounge, Brisa Bar, Reef Bar, Kultura Butik, Swimming Pool and 1.5 km white sand beach.


The kids couldn’t wait to jump into the pool. Beautiful setting.


The Country Club pool had a lovely design. Kids enjoyed the shallow terraces.


My water baby asked me to take her on the kayak.


We had a yummy lunch at the Sun Coral Cafe. This platter of various Filipino dishes was so good!


We really enjoyed this quick weekend getaway while we were surrounded by lush green trees and rolling hills. I appreciated the design of the hotel with its tropical contemporary feel. Service at the hotel and country club were excellent. It was nice to see a thriving scene within the Pico de Loro community.


Directions via the scenic Ternate-Nasugbu route.

Take Roxas Boulevard toward Cavitex toll booth. Go straight until you reach the 2nd toll booth.

Go straight through the towns of Tanza and Naic. You will see a fork on the road with a Petron gas station in the middle. Keep left following the sign that says to Puerto Azul.

This will lead you to the town of Maragondon then keep right at the Petron station going toward Ternate.

Keep going straight until you see the turn left to Hamilo Coast sign. This road will take you through the Kaybiang tunnel with a scenic ocean view drive to Hamilo Coast Pico de Loro main entrance.

*You will see Hamilo Coast directional signage after Cavitex up to Pico de Loro


For membership inquiries, please contact +63 2 945 8000. To make a reservation at Pico Sands Hotel, please call + 63 2 464 7800 or +63 2 464 7888. Stay connected by visiting, and



Garage Sale stories



With my mom


Our garage sale last weekend was a huge success — Not only because we were able to sell our pre-loved things but also because I got to meet so many of you, my dear readers. Thank you for coming by to say Hi and talk a bit. It was my first time to have a public event inviting you all. And I must say, I love it. I can’t want to have another “event” with you all.

I had been preparing for a garage sale for months, and it was a blessing to find out that my friend had been planning a big one. So grateful that I got to join their group. It was a really good exercise in letting go. Cue “Let It Go“. There were some dresses, that I have to admit, were sold accidentally. I was like, “How did that get in to the bin?” But I let them all go. It was very good for my psyche.

Now a week has passed and my closet actually has some white space. The same can’t be said for my daughters’ though. That’s a different story. So, there are still a lot of things in our home… stuff we don’t really need.

I stumbled on Design Sponge’s 30 day Minimalist Challenge inspired by The Minimalists. And I am inspired to keep unloading my excess stuff. This one is easy. You can start today since it’s the first day of February. On the first day, you must get rid of one thing. On the second, two things. Three items on the third. So forth, and so on. They have a hashtag in instagram #minimalistchallenge.

Are you game? Should we do this Minimalist Challenge together? Let me know…

Meanwhile here are some highlights from last week’s Garage Sale @ Tangile.


It was so nice to be out all day… during the cold spell! The night before we opened, we were at the yard and it was 19°C .


The shoe section was a huge hit. About 12 friends consolidated their pre-loved shoes on a long table. Imagine the gazillion choices!


The morning of Day 1 there was a long line at the exit.


We were surrounded by happy smiles! So nice! Bargain basement prices!


At one point we had to control the crowd. We stopped counting at 450 that morning. I am so sorry if anyone was inconvenienced by the lineup outside. Though there were no complaints.


My booth. Fun!


The fashion booth. I had to stop myself from buying from my friends. Internal mantra: “The goal is to unload…”


My friends organized a really efficient way of paying. The line was long but it moved fast.


Ok, I have the sweetest mom. She helped some of the shoppers. Oh it was hard to let this dress go. I loved this so much. But my backless days are over. And it’s made me happy to see my loved clothing go to people who loved them too.


EDIT: Adding the next four photos. My kids “sold” their Rainbow Loom creations for P20 each. Sophia was the creator, Lily was the accountant and Stella was the talker. Haha.


Sophia’s little fundraising project.


The girl upped her service. She now takes custom orders for rainbow loom bracelets. Haha. 10 minute waiting time. Garage Sale at Tangile. #tangilegaragesale
On Day 2, Sophia added a custom service. Haha.


Our team!


My friend Eliza’s baskets were a big hit! Each one was a beauty. And sold for a song!


Thank you, everyone who came to say hi. It was really nice to meet you. Can’t wait ’til the next one!!