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I’m not an expert on bags or luxury goods. I’m sure you’ve noticed via Flickr or Instagram that I own only a few good bags which I hardly rotate. About “it” bags, I just don’t have enough disposable income to spend on big ticket items. Plus, I wear my bags to death. So I can’t be toting around anything too precious. Ever since I had a steady income, I was always committed to more practical and lasting heirlooms like insurance payments, retirement packages, and real estate. Haha. Boring stuff.

But I do love a good bag. Especially those that are well structured, of good leather, and are unrecognizable. Enter Rabeanco, a name that sounds more like a trade name than a luxury brand. Rabeanco is actually an international luxury bag line established in 2004, using the finest quality hides and skins. “Rabeanco has East-meets-West philosophy that combines artisanal leather-craft traditions of Milan with the stark simplicity and innovative silhouettes of Hong Kong.”

The wonderful thing about Rabeanco is you get urban, current designs and great quality leather minus the price tag of a “designer” bag. So from my end, there would be less guilt if I bought a few in different colours. Check out what they have at the moment…


Rabeanco at Shangri-la Plaza East Wing. There is also a Rabeanco in SM Aura and Trinoma.


How cute is this sling bag? I could totally share this with Sophia.


Rabeanco’s most popular bag. This bag has it all – versatility, style, quality, friendly price. The bag can be carried open like a tote. It can be locked with that dangle. And it can be further drawn in with a hook on the opposite seams. This is a good bag.


Look at the leather.


I have been thinking of back packs. On the left is the Cube and the red one is the Tiara. Both so soft and supple!


I am starting to obsess over the Tiara backpack. It has double-faced smooth leather, drawstring closure, zip closure on both sides and adjustable shoulder straps. I’m hoping they have the midnight blue colour. How do you feel about backpacks? I haven’t used one since the early 90s. But I know this would be great for traveling.


Loving the colour and shape.


Various clutches that come with chain straps as well. The Ripple is beautiful. These are the woven leather mini bags. It has a nice unique shell turn-lock.




I told myself I should stop buying hobo bags. I have a few of them. But really, they are the most practical schlepping bags ever.


I got this Cosmos Envelope in black with pink edges. It’s made of Saffiano leather and comes with adjustable and a detachable shoulder strap.


1 Hail hobo; 2 Ripple Woven mini; 3 Coil clutch; 4 Shell small; 5 Trail small shoulder


6 Ripple clutch; 7 Cosmos envelope clutch; 8 Trail


9 Cube;  10 Tiara backpack


11 A group of Seam hobos;  12 Shell large shoulder;  13 Granville.


Rabeanco is available at TriNoma Level 3, SM Aura Mall Level 2, Shangri-la Plaza Level 4 East Wing. Follow Rabeanco in Facebook and Instagram.



Our Sweet Christmas



sweet 2


I know Christmas starts early in the Philippines. I have friends who put up their Christmas trees on September 1st! As they say, Christmas starts during the “-ber” months. But in our home, we’ve always put up our tree on the first or second weekend of December.

Well this year, we are doing things differently in the Paez house. For one, we have a brand new tree. And secondly, we are trying new ornaments. You know how much we love our old ornaments. They all have a story. They all have sentimental value. Some are precious hand-blown glass and brass balls. (Breakage is always part of annual Christmas memories.) We are keeping them and bringing some out. But for the first time we are doing a themed Christmas tree!

A few days before Halloween, I was walking by the SM Store and couldn’t resist the Christmas decorations. So I went inside and found myself in the Christmas wonderland-like setting at SM Home. They had a wide range of Christmas decor, arranged by colour and themes. They had classic and sophisticated ornaments, cute cartoony Santa decor, toy-inspired accessories, and kiddie versions of Christmas trinkets.


I saw this Christmas candy-themed tree at SM Home. I took a mental note (and stole a phone pic) of the cute peppermint candies!! Inspiration can strike anytime and anywhere.


Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.01.47 AM
Then I checked out their Instagram account at @SMhome and found the cutest ornaments. Cupcakes, donuts, ice cream cones! It would go perfectly with the peppermint candies. So I made an executive decision to go with an all-new theme this year. After all, life was extremely sweet for us this year. The kids and Patrick loved it!


I thought that the “Sweet Treats” collection would stand out better on either a white tree or a “snow”-capped tree. Yay for artificial trees. Let it snow!


Look at our new cupcake ornaments!


Soph calls this “dippin’ dots.”


Big fat balls, colourful cupcakes, plastic mini donuts and ice cream cones! All so light!


Stella was my little elf.


She was so good with distributing the ornaments evenly. We had to stop after a few hangings ’til Lily and Sophia could join us.


I only got to hang the ones on top. The girls did everything else. This is the most kid-friendly tree we’ve had. All the ornaments were so light and nothing was breakable.


Our tree is full!


All done!!! But we still need a tree topper. Any suggestions?


Check out the different Christmas ornaments and accessories at SM Home at The SM Store. Follow them Facebook at SM Home, Instagram @smhome, and Twitter @SMHome_PH for more information and inspiration.



Religioso’s Black and White



This season, Religioso’s holiday collection focuses on the stark contrast between black and white. Sisters Choc Religioso-Dayrit and Yvette Religioso-Ilagan designed their signature feminine silhouettes with bold graphics, animal print, and fluid patterns. Also in the collection are a few pieces embroidered with iridescent pearl-like sequins, done in patterns of Tboli weaves.


photo 4


photo 2


photo 5


photo 1


photo 3


Sequined tops made by Tboli groups.


A dark tartan skirt with beaded geometric patterns.



Religioso is at Greenbelt 5, Makati.