Negros Trade Fair





I have to confess that I have not been going to the shopping and trade fairs the past couple of years. My reason is simple – I am really working hard at simplifying my life. I have way too many things, and I have been buying interesting goods during my recent travels. Plus I am easily tempted by pretty things. There is one trade fair that I cannot resist though – the Negros Trade Fair.

The Negros Trade Fair is the country’s longest-running provincial trade fair held annually in Metro Manila. It was established in 1985 to provide small and medium enterprises of Negros a venue to showcase their trade. This is the 33rd year of the Negros Trade Fair, in collaboration with the Association of Negros Producers.

This year’s theme is SWEET TALK: SUGAR SPICE, & EVERYTHING NICE,   and will take place on September 26-30 at the Glorietta Activity Centre. Negros grew its wealth and heritage from the success of the sugar industry. This resulted in a fascinating lifestyle enjoyed by a few of the Negrenese families who had haciendas. We get a glimpse of that refined way of living in the world that Chef Tonyboy Escalante created his restaurant in Tagaytay, Antonio’s. So it was quite appropriate that this year’s Negros Trade Fair was kicked off with a media lunch preview at Antonio’s.

The 33rd Negros Trade Fair pays tribute to the Negros heritage influenced by the sugar industry by encouraging the exhibitors to make use of sugar, its components, and by-products. The trade fair will feature booths from various sectors such as natural and organic food, garments, fashion accessories, furniture, décor, houseware, agriculture and tourism.


Antonio’s was set-up beautifully in its veranda.


Beautiful setting for our press preview.


Antonio’s was born out of Chef Tonyboy Escalante’s own upbringing in an hacienda in Bacolod, Negros.


The menu by Antonio’s


Burrata from Negros.


The raclette station is always a big hit.


An original cocktail concoction by Chef Tonyboy. Tropical gin infused with sour fruit from Negros, batuan.


That’s my raclette.


Antonio’s reception area was transformed into a showroom by Negros Trade Fair patron and supporter, Nena Tantoco.


A piña blouse by Rubyline


Cotton apliqued blouse by Tilia.


Ruffled wrap skirt by Tilia.


Woven scarves and basket bags.


Salad Fork by Silay Export


Sauces and dips.


With my godmother from our wedding, Mrs. Nena Tantoco, who traces her roots to Negros as well.


Me and good friend, Chef Tonyboy Escalante. There is a section in my book #CHICbyDaphne about him. I’ve known him since the time he was just dreaming about Antonio’s. We have a running joke, he calls me his lucky charm. It’s in the book.

Photo 1
(L-R) 33rd Negros Trade Fair Organizing Committee – Treena Tecson (PR Consultant), Mariel San Agustin (Domesticity), Isabel Lozano (Antonio’s), Banj Claparols (Creative Definitions), Cata Ereñeta-Manaloto (Ereñeta-Manaloto Chorizo), Albert Avellana, Chef Tonyboy Escalante (Antonio’s), Nena Vargas Tantoco, Merry Ann Colmenares (Artisana Island Crafts), Ina Gaston (Hacienda Crafts), Ynez Reyes (Negros Trade Fair), Joey Gaston (Hacienda Crafts) and Mike Claparols (Creative Definitions)


33rd Negros Trade Fair will run from September 26 – 30, 2018 at the Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City.




Here are some more of the things you can find at the Negros Trade Fair. (Click on thumbnail).