How I reduced our electricity bill by at least 40%



It’s been a while since I last blogged. Like many of you, most of my updates have been taking place in Instagram. But I wanted to share this story in detail, and it goes beyond the confines of Instagram and Facebook. So I’ll do it the old fashioned way, by writing an entire blog. It has been a while but this is so worth the comeback: I will tell you how I was able to reduce our electrical bill by at least 40%.

First, a little update about my life. My daughters have grown a lot, and so have their needs and interests. I used to blog about cute mommy things for toddlers and babies. I now have a teenager, soon another teen, and a tween. With all the things I do at my work, my small business, my humanitarian work, volunteer work at school and more, the central and most important thing in my day-to-day life is actually managing our home and our family.

It has been a very blessed life so far; I can’t complain. I am grateful for everything that has happened and continues to unfold, even if sometimes life gets overwhelming and out of control. One thing I know we can all relate to is when the monthly household expenses go haywire. What, I spent that much on coffee? The Skyway? Gas? And our Meralco bill? You all know what I’m talking about. Thankfully, these days, I am now a much better planner, and that barely happens. I use tools and new technology that are efficient and convenient in order to help me become more productive and progressive. I think women who balance career, social obligations, and family life may find this helpful too.


For Celebrity Living Dec 2009
This is our guest room at home as photographed by Celebrity Living in Dec 2009 (Photo by Cyrus Panganiban, makeup by Carmel Villongco). Look at how tiny my girls were! We still like hanging out here because it is the coolest place in the house.


This is the guest room now.  It is where I like to relax in the afternoons during the summer months. This is where I like to nap, read, and catch up on my shows. It is the coolest part of our house because our walls in this room are made of old adobe blocks. So it feels cool like a cave. And since June 2018, we upgraded our old air conditioner here to a Carrier Smart+Cool Window Room Inverter Air Conditioner.


47676910882_755a62d8fd_o 3
That is what the Carrier Smart+Cool Window Room Inverter Aircon looks like in our guest room. Yes, I know I need drapes. Working on that.


We live in a traditional antique-style Filipino house built in the 1960’s. It is constructed like an old “bahay na bato” with the ground floor made of adobe walls and the second floor made entirely of wood. Our windows are like museum-pieces, made of capiz shells intricately framed by lattice-work wood. Despite all the architectural features that make it a very cool tropical home – cross-ventilation, high ceilings, ventanillas on our second floor, our modern lifestyle required us to install an air-conditioner in all parts of the home. Mind you, we barely turn on everything at the same time, except maybe when we have a party.

To give you an idea of our set up, here are the air-condition units we have in our home:

Bedroom 1 – wall-mounted, split-type inverter aircon
Bedroom 2 – wall-mounted, split-type inverter aircon
Study – window-type aircon (not inverter)
Kitchen – wall-mounted, split-type inverter aircon
Living room – standing, split-type inverter aircon
Family room – standing, split-type inverter aircon
Guest room – window-type inverter aircon

The most used aircon units are the ones in the two bedrooms. We use them every night continuously for around 10 to 12 hours long. Then we often use the one in the family room and the guest room. During the school-year the kids use the study room a lot. For that one, I am always on their case about not using the a/c too long because it is not yet an inverter. Our refrigerator is also an inverter. But our washer and dryer are not.

So let me show you our energy consumption in terms of peso cost. The highlighted parts in green indicate the time when we switched our aircon units into Carrier inverter air conditioners. The blank parts mean I lost the bill.


Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.28.04 AM


As you can see, in 2015 and 2016 our Meralco bill would go up as high as P17,000 to P18,000 per month! I could not imagine how on earth we thought that was okay. When we had our two bedroom units switched to Carrier wall-mounted inverter air conditioners (XPower Gold) in February 2017, you can see that our electrical bill went down dramatically to P9,418.

For comparison, I added up all the bills and got a monthly average. In 2016 before we had inverter air conditioners, our average monthly bill was P15,498. But in 2017, it went down to P11,011. And in 2018, even lower at P9,919. So basically in 2017, on average our monthly bill went down 29% from 2016. And by 2018, it went down another 10% from 2017. And if we compare our bill in 2018 to 2016, our average monthly consumption went down 36%. I hope these numbers are not confusing you. Basically, our monthly electrical bills have gone down immensely even though we use our aircons for extended periods, if not even longer than before.

Here is the other chart that tracks our energy consumption for the past three years. It is an expanded version of the chart I posted above. For some reason, our house has always had two Meralco bills. For purposes of keeping things simple, I have indicated one bill as “Up” and the other one as “Down”. The total monthly expense are highlighted in yellow, as are the energy consumption rates shown as “KWH” or kilowatt per hour.


Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 5.12.25 PM
We can compare July 2017 at P9,740 to July 2016 at P17,010. That is a 42.7 decrease in our electrical bill, on a same month comparison.


The process of drafting our monthly expenses in to a chart was really hard. It took me days. I felt like I was in school again. But I did it. Good thing I kept most of our bills.


To show you how meticulous I was, here are the bills for February 2017 on the left, and February 2016 on the right. The total for February 2017 is 6081 + 3337 = P9418. And the total for February 2016 is 12,770 + 2325 = P15,095. That is a 37% decrease on a month-to-month comparison.


Last year, I wrote a blog about how I use the Carrier Smart+Cool system to help me manage and track the energy consumption of the Carrier inverter unit in our guest room. The Carrier Smart+Cool system is a free downloadable app that you pair with the Smart plug that comes with the Carrier Window Room Inverter Air Conditioner unit. By using the Carrier Smart+Cool app on my phone, I am able to control my electricity bill, monitor my aircon’s power consumption, schedule when I want it to turn on, and have the convenience of turning it on and off from anywhere. There is a real time Live Chat that allows me to get help whenever I need technical support. I can even schedule maintenance, like cleaning, for my unit and all our Carrier units.


I can turn on the aircon using the Carrier Smart+Cool app on my phone, even while I’m away or just working outside in the garden. That way when I get inside, the room is already cool.


With the Carrier Smart+Cool, I can set a budget for our aircon consumption, either in peso value or kilowatt measure. And Carrier Smart+Cool system actually lets me know when I’ve reached my limit.


Screenshot_20190221-192311_Smart Cool
When my parents were visiting Manila, they were staying in our guest room. They loved that I had the aircon set on a schedule. I set it to turn on every 8pm and to turn off at 6am the next day.


In addition to tracking my aircon unit’s consumption in real time, I can also set a reminder for maintenance. I have to admit that I sometimes forget to have our aircon units cleaned. With the maintenance reminder of the Carrier Smart+Cool, I can make sure our Carrier inverter aircon units are regularly cleaned. A well-maintained aircon will continue to perform efficiently.


This is how the Carrier Smart+Cool plug looks like. It comes with our Carrier Smart+Cool Window Room Inverter.


Once the Carrier Smart+Cool app and plug are paired, you can also use the remote or manual controls.


It took me a few days to organize my charts based on all our Meralco bill records. It was difficult, but it was a very good exercise. It made me even more aware of our energy consumption. With the Carrier Smart+Cool system, my life has gotten so much easier now. No need to make charts and graphs because the Smart+Cool app does it for me.


Screenshot_20190222-061809_Smart Cool
Here is an example of how I tracked one week’s energy consumption in my Carrier Smart+Cool app.


And here is a conversation with a friend a few days ago. I am confident whenever I recommend this product to my friends.


In our family room, our Klarwind from 2017, a floor mounted inverter aircon from Carrier, continues to give our family comfort without me having to worry about our electrical bills. Since it is also a Carrier inverter, I know that it is energy efficient. The kids love doing their art projects in the family room.


Not only has the Carrier Smart+Cool given me a comfortable and cool home, it has given me the peace of mind knowing that I would not over-spend on our monthly budget. I am confident that my family is comfortable and safe at home.


With the convenience and efficiency of our Carrier Smart+Cool system, I spend less time worrying about our bills and have more time to pursue other aspects of my life. And because we were able to drop our monthly electricity bills to up to 40% less, it is much lighter on our family budget. We are able to travel more and do what we love as a family. I also get to go about my business outside the home without worrying too much.


I have since returned to TV, with a new show called CREATE. It is produced by Cignal network and airs on Colours and ONE News. So even while I am away taping my episodes, I can turn on and off the Carrier Smart+Cool and set budget limits.


I have a travel show produced by an airline, and it takes me around Asia. Sometimes I am able to bring a daughter, which is such a huge gift. In Cambodia, I was able to bring Sophia. She learned so much about their history. I love it when my work gives me a chance to also be hands-on as a mom.


And we have been busy as weekend farmers. This our little place where we get fresh air, and fresh produce right on our land.


Patrick and I are working on our little farm shed. We have a long way to go. Like, we need walls. And as early as now, I am planning to put a Carrier air conditioner in that shed. Haha. Farm life, Daphne-style! So whenever we are on our way home from our little farm, I usually turn on our Carrier Smart+Cool Window Room Inverter Aircon while we are about 15 minutes from our city home. By the time we get in, the room is nice and cool.


And whenever we can, we travel as a family. I especially love our extended summers in our other home in Canada. Grateful for the reduction in our electricity bills!


Many of us women are balancing our roles at work, in school, in our communities, and most of all in our families. Having tools and new technologies that help us perform our roles more efficiently does wonders for our overall frame of mind. For me, the Carrier Smart+Cool Window Room Inverter Aircon has given me less worry, less time planning and making charts and lists, and the confidence in knowing that my aircon is working efficiently and costs less than before. With that, I am able to do more with my time, and I literally can have long and peaceful sleep at night.


If you are looking for an upgrade or a new air conditioner, check out the Carrier products at


Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie



Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie


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As we get older, our body produces less collagen, making our skin lose firmness and elasticity. When collagen is depleted, wrinkles appear. We do not want that, of course. One of the ways to increase of collagen in our body is through food intake, like pork skin and bone broth. Not everyone is okay with that kind of diet. Thankfully there are supplements that can help restore collagen in our body.

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Each sachet of Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie has 5000 mg of collagen.


It is so easy to make. Just mix one packet with 250ml of water. And you get a melon smoothie that is good for your skin.


Here’s to restoring my skin’s elasticity and smooth out lines with the Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie. It’s so yummy and refreshing.


The Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie is available in Lazada. If you like iced coffee or milk tea, this is a good alternative because it’s actually good for the skin. So drink your daily collagen refill.

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