I am a TV host and producer by profession. I am a mother to three young daughters. My husband, children and I live in a 60-year old home in the style of traditional Philippine architecture. In my previous life, a.k.a. pre-marriage and pre-TV, I lived and studied in Toronto, Canada with my family.

A few years ago, I started a small enterprise under my own brand DAPHNE®. This has allowed me to do design collaborations and licensing projects with some of the Philippines’ largest retailers. You may see my product line on the headers of this blog. It includes luxury bed linen, handcrafted fine furniture, home scents, and fine jewellery.

I have been appointed a UNICEF Special Advocate for Children. My work with UNICEF takes me around the Philippines to bring out stories on health, breastfeeding, early childhood education and safety of children. This is very important to me, as a mother, to see that every child is protected. I was also an ambassador for National Geographic Live Curious campaign, a position I cherish because I do live my life asking a lot of questions.

I started this blog in 2007 as an extension of the work I do on TV. Every second and every word costs money in TV production, but in blogs, “airtime is free.” That was the subheading of my original blog titled “Daphne’s Diary.” My blog was just a hobby then. Now it is part of the DAPHNE® roster of products and belongs to the big and growing industry of blogging. I have advertisers and site partners from global brands to local initiatives. The content of my blog are all products and experiences I genuinely like. I will only work with partners and affiliates that fit my aesthetic and brand. Posts that are sponsored or that involve gifted items are all identified.

I tell a lot of stories here. I also shoot a lot of photos. This blog has evolved to include my inspirations, thoughts, activities and advocacies. But it is mainly a design blog focusing on homes and how people live. I also share my personal style diary and snippets of my family life.

Welcome to the DAPHNE world. Hope you enjoy it here.





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