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My earlier post about Kate Middleton’s traveling bag – the one Cath Kidston sent to me as a gift – got so many hits and questions. I’ve been using this bag a lot lately because of all my shoots. I am able to put my shoes in the bag without making a big mess inside. The bag has a bit of structure. It stands upright because of the metal studs that act as a stand on the bottom. So I don’t end up dirtying the surface of my bag. But even if it gets scuffed, it’s easy to wipe clean because it’s oilcloth. I still get tweets and emails about Cath Kidston so I will try to answer most questions here.


Does Cath Kidston ship to the Philippines?

Yes. You may order through the official Cath Kidston website. They are sponsoring my blog so you’d find links all over this entry. Or simply click on their ad in the right side bar. The prices are in US Dollars and they easily ship anywhere in the US and around the world, including the Philippines.

Is it safe to have Cath Kidston items shipped to the Philippines?

From the shipper’s side it is. However as you know things get cloudy in the Bureau of Customs in our lovely country. You can have the items sent here by courier and just pay the (I hope) right taxes like everyone does. It gets weird when Customs picks numbers out of a hat. It’s a guessing game. You can always contest it at the post office like I do all the time (once I got charged 120% of the declared value… gasp!). There are other ways – balikbayan box, Johnny Air Cargo, a relative from the U.S.

Are there official stockists of Cath Kidston in the Philippines?

Not that I know of. But there are some resellers. Beware of fakes. I can only vouch for Accessory Lab in Powerplant Mall Rockwell. They have some bags there. Those are original Cath Kidston bags. Also Heima in LRI Makati has some desk accessories and fabric. Other resellers, I don’t know.

How does one know if a Cath Kidston bag is fake or real?

If you buy it through sellers and resellers, there is a high probability that it’s fake. If its in a grocery store or in a tiangge, bazaar or in Greenhills, it’s fake. Classic Cath Kidston bags aren’t even that expensive, so why bother buying fakes? Trust me, the quality of the fakes really suck.

Do I authenticate Cath Kidston bags?

No. If you buy from the official Cath Kidston website then there’s no need to authenticate.

They also sent me the newest catalog for this year. Lots of cute goodies in there. You’ll find it in theCath Kidston site. I took the liberty of posting some interesting finds below. The links will take you to their website, so you can know more about the products.


I could make this Bird Mini Saddle Bag my next travel day bag. I’m a fan of oilcloth because they’re durable. This has leather details, a front pocket and a small internal pocket too. The strap is fully adjustable so it can be worn across the body or as a shoulder bag. This dainty little Bird Design is also available in cream as a matching zip purse too.


This pretty print and practical design of the Tartan Day Bag is a popular choice of bag for every day essentials. The durable oilcloth finish makes it easy to wipe clean and features cotton webbing handles and leather trim. Other handy features include a main zip fastening and internal zipped pocket, so you can be sure your belongings are kept safe. And just to finish it off – there are two handy side pockets – great for housing your brollie! Perfect for our crazy tropical rain now.


I love these desk organizers and home accessories. I use a lot of filing boxes to keep my clutter organized. I’m liking the blue one – Bath Flowers Box File. Oh and that Bubbles Crush Mug on the right is really cute.There are so many adorable things from  the Cath Kidston home line in their site.

If you have other Cath Kidston questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section. I will also give you regular updates on their new products.


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  • besYS

    Try this :
    Pour a small amount of Nail Polish remover or Acetone to a cotton ball and damp it to that stain spot.
    Have you tried using milk? or go to Cath Kidston’s Facebook acct. and ask them.
    Hope it helps.

  • Donna

    Hello. I just purchased online from How will I be informed that the package has arrived? Or should I contact the nearest post office and inquire often if it has arrived? Please help, this is my first time to purchase online internationally.

  • Debra Jason

    hi i have a PEONY BLOSSOM REVERSE COATED TOTE… which recently got coffee spilt in it. It needs a good wash but the instructions say no to washing just wiping. It will be impossible to get the stains and smell out by just wiping. Any advice? thanks Debra

    • Anonymous

      I would just follow the instructions given with the bag.