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How is everyone’s holidays coming along? We had a quiet and rustic Christmas getaway. Beautiful. Were home now and like many, we are de-cluttering and preparing for the new year. I had some time to surf the net today. Found some really adorable things – all with alphabets and monograms – in Anthropologie, my site partner. Most of these are marked down on sale.


Homegrown Monogram Mug
I used to not like receiving mugs because for a while they became so boring and thoughtless. But these are so cute. I love how each alphabet has a different print. I would buy a few to give as hostess gifts. Homegrown Monogram Mug $8.


Women's Golden Spike Cuff
I love this! So raw! Women’s Golden Spike Cuff $55.


Pinwale Alphabet
My girls have been asking me to redecorate their room again. I’m giving myself the first quarter of the year to do it. Nothing major. Just a new bunk bed, haha (major!). Soph is also asking for something Cath Kidston-y. These alphabets are neither simple nor Cath Kidstony but they are cute in a global way. Pinwale Alphabet $7.95


Efforlessly Sewn Herb Kit
I’m so thrilled about this. I would hoard if I was still planning my wedding. At ours, we gave out potted herbs. These are so cute! The paper is embedded with basil seeds. All you have to do is rip the paper apart, and “plant” the paper into soil. The hammered fork is adorable. There’s another version of parsley and it’s a spoon. Click this… Effortlessly Sewn Herb Kit $9.95 was $16.00


Sunday Supper Dishtowel
I love pretty dish towels and tea towels. But I have a problem reminding the house helpers that they are different from “trapo” haha. They’re too pretty to get soiled. This one has words from a menu and drawings of lilies. Love! Sunday Supper Dishtowel, Lilies $9.95.


Twig Monogram Charm
That alphabet charm is designed as twig letters. I used to play with twigs and vines and form them into letters when I was a kid. This is so sweet and the price is amazing! Twig Monogram Collector’s Charm $9.95.


Alphabet hooks
These hooks would come in handy for my girls. Except that we have two “S” girls. Hmm. Letter Hooks $14.00



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