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As I mentioned in this print ad, we will be posting new Urban Zone webisodes in You Tube. Please subscribe to the Urban Zone TV channel here for immediate updates. Here is our first feature on the web. Interior designer Frenjick Quesada shows me this renovation project. Once a bungalow, now split level two storey home with a contemporary tropical look. Lots of ideas here.


Part One


Part Two


I don’t know how frequent we can do new webisodes. I’m sort of just having fun with this together with my friends and former UZ colleagues Manny Segunto, Denmark Alejandro and Maila Cuevas. I asked videographer Paulo Ruiz to shoot. Hope you like it.

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  • rye

    so awesome! welcome back! missed this alot.

  • Jade Manalac

    HOORAY!!! UZ is back!!!

  • MJ Parado

    FInally!:) There seems to be a problem with both videos though. I can’t hear the interview with the interior designer. All I can hear is music and the voice-over. I tried playing it in Youtube, just the same. Or is it meant to be like that?

    • Anonymous

      it’s audible from my computer.

      • MJ Parado

        I tried playing it in another computer, was able to hear the interview.:) thanks

    • Paul

      Make sure your left and right speakers are functioning. The interview part comes out on the left speaker, I think.

  • Markthatspace

    WOOT! keep inspiring PINOYS!

  • Bons

    There’s a problem with the audio. The music is playing in right part of the headset and the interview/discussion in the left? Your voice-over is audible in both. So my settings is fine. You can check it with your videographer or editor?

    Really nice house. =)

    • Anonymous

      Noted. I’m scrapping the music in the next one. Thanks.

  • Xtnalogy

    Hi Daphne! I second MJ Parado. I can hear your VO and the background music very well but the interview itself is almost inaudible. 🙁

  • Hermosamujer

    Thanks for sharing! More power to you Miss Daphne!!!
    God bless.

  • Gianinafaye Alvarez

    I’m so happy to see that Urban Zone is back!!! I miss UZ so much!!!

  • ree

    Where’s the “Good night and sweet dreams”? 😉 Oh my memories of Urban Zone…it aired so late at night that it felt like my personal secret TV show. And it was always bitin like F. Happy now it’s back as webisodes – to watch any time and as many times as we want. Thank you Daphne and UZ team! Looking forward to the next episode na 🙂

    PS – Nice to see the ceramic chrome vases in the kitchen – I purchased one from a museum last year to give to my mother-in-law as a Christmas present

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. I do miss it.

      Good night and sweet dreams…

  • Jetro_camacho

    finally Urban Zone back again on youtube websodes. I always watch UZ way back before it aired at Abs-Cbn. I really love this show because i get some designs of furniture,doors, flooring,wallings , landscaping etc. which i really apply to my work and give new ideas  of designs combination to my clients too. i also really love this show when UZ featured celebrity houses.