Auction for Action: It’s official


Today we had our official press briefing for Auction for Action, the design auction I helped put together with our UNICEF team. As I mentioned in my earlier post, this has been in my heart and mind for the past couple of months. The easiest part of doing something like this was asking the donor artists and designers. I have amazing friends who happen to be “ROCKSTARS” of the design world. It was humbling to receive answers like “yes ofcourse”, “for you, anything” and “thank you for giving me the chance to help children through UNICEF.” All of them answered in an instant.

As promised I will be blogging about all the auction pieces leading up to May 25. That’s when our eBay site will go live. Please bookmark: The auction is open to everyone from anywhere in the world. I’ll be sharing stories about the artists, their work and how I know got to know them.

I am very nervous about the auction. This is a first for all of us. First high-profile fundraising event for UNICEF. First auction for all of us. We are relying on friends in media to spread the word. I will need your help — please repost and retweet info about the online auction. Especially when the site is up on May 25.

Here are the official catalog pages of the artists/works I mentioned in last post. I will be doing this in a few batches as some pieces are still trickling in.

u-orlina u-kennethcobonpuelamp u-kennethcobonpue u-debbiepalao u-benji reyes u-vitoselma u-firma u-itokish u-daphnefurniture

Before I end, I’d like to tell my parents (they read my blog regularly and follow me on Twitter)… Mom, Dad I have put my education to good use again. My specialist in Art History finally makes sense. My years in Pi Beta Phi focusing on philanthropy also came in handy. Yay! Look at the salutation of the official event invite…


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